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Last day in Bogotá

Today is my last day in Bogotá. I visited neighborhoods that are not commonly reviewed because those who visit this city write about Downtown or La Candelaria. 342 palabras más


First Stop ,Bogotá

We arrived at night. After some help from the locals we were able to figure out the buses and get to The Candelaria District. This is old town. 324 palabras más

Quinta Camacho, a magical neighborhood in Bogotá with European style

In the heart of Chapinero, between 67th and 72nd streets and from Carrera Septima to Caracas Avenue, it appears among the architectural treasures of Bogotá, one of the most emblematic and beautiful places in Chapinero: Quinta Camacho, magical neighborhood that evokes the old Europe and has a nostalgic air that transports to another time. 1.025 palabras más


Abogados San Victorino, Bogotá

Odebrecht impugnará las sanciones impuestas por el Gobierno mexicano: La filial mexicana asegura que las medidas anunciadas por la Función Pública son injustas y desproporcionadas… 29 palabras más


Villa Adelaida, a beautiful and mysterious mansion in Chapinero

Bogotá is a city with architectural contrasts: it is a mysterious, aggressive and sensitive city at the same time. In some of its corners, in some of its streets and in some of the old houses that still survive, you can know part of the history of the city and its people. 899 palabras más


Discovering Joy in Bogotá’s Historic La Candelaria

Bogotá, noontime. I’m here in the Chorro de Quevedo, a sun-splashed plaza abuzz with college kids in the city’s downtown. One peladito with an accordion is coaxing out a… 2.298 palabras más



I was so excited to visit the capital of Colombia, Bogota. I think I was most excited not to be in hot and humid weather. Bogota has an elevation of 2,640 m (8,660 ft), therefore, the weather is a lot cooler than in Barranquilla. 1.105 palabras más

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