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Settling In

Hola friends, family, and random person in Russia who reads my blog!

Sorry I haven’t written a full blog post in a while. The past few weeks have been pretty full with new classes, University visits, boliches, and elections. 493 palabras más

Eu Já entendi

Finalmente entendí  porque aquí salgo tanto…

Es algo muy simple…. es parte de mis cambios de rutinas que estuve vivenciando en estos meses…los horarios!! 409 palabras más


O que vestir pra a balada no frio? - Sharks

Oi gente!
Hoje vou falar de um assunto que me intrigou muito na sexta passada… Queríamos comemorar a vinda para Montreal e também a minha passagem na UFSC, mas qual roupa eu deveria usar nesse frio? 301 palabras más


The Next Great Thing

Traditional boliche, yellow rice, black beans, and toasts of good cheer with great wine made the silence so frequently practiced here by Conservatives quite tolerable when what’s the next great thing Obama can do now that he has ended the embargo of most American trade with, and restriction of most American travel in, Cuba was Christmas dinner conversation in Boston. 1.421 palabras más


FOTOGALERIA: Naranja Fest (15/11/2014)

La noche del sábado culmino con toda la diversión en la carpa boliche Naranja Fest, en el predio del Complejo Polideportivo Municipal, luego de finalizar la tercera luna festivalera de la fiesta mayor de la ciudad.

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  • 3-4 lb beef eye round roast  (have butcher make a hole in the middle of the roast about the size of a 50 cent piece.  Do not go all the way through to the other end, see note*)
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