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Bolivia Guarantees Free Health Care to Counteract Medical Strike

Bolivia”s Ministry of Health installed this Wednesday two mobile hospitals in the departments of La Paz and Santa Cruz to provide free care to the population in response to the indefinite strike called by the Medical College. 230 palabras más

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Bolivia también arde desde hace una semana

Los incendios incontrolables que se registran en la Chiquitanía, en Santa Cruz, han arrasado con más de 500 mil hectáreas de bosques, cultivos, pastizales y habitat de animales que han sido victima de las llamas durante una semana. 744 palabras más


Chile Airbnb: What You Need to Know Coming From Bolivia

Bolivia borders Chile in the North-Eastern region. Beyond a border, these two countries share beautiful landscapes and the natural design that beckons exploration. Coming from a smaller, land-locked country like Bolivia to the world’s longest coastline, it may be hard to know where to begin. 472 palabras más

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Getting Ready to Go

Orientations are an important part of the RYE readiness process.* They are a great time to learn about what to expect, what the requirements are for you and your family, and also to get to know your fellow outbound RYE students. 1.046 palabras más


The national parks of Torotoro and Amboró

In the centre of Bolivia are located three exceptional parks: next to Santa Cruz de la Sierra you’ll have Amboró and Carrasco, two beautiful green jungles, and if you go more on the west side you’ll find the more discreet park… 456 palabras más


From Tupiza to Sucre

The main highlight in Bolivia: the salar de Uyuni!

Only a few hours from it, you can visit the famous silver mines next to… 425 palabras más