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Here are all the great things you need to do in Bolivia

Does swimming with pink dolphins in the Amazon or dreamlike cloud forests plucked out of Jurassic Park sound like your thing? I’m pretty sure that sounds like your thing. 1.176 palabras más


The echoes between the beats

Today I went to my ballroom class like usual, and I kept getting frustrated because I felt like I was always behind the beat. Perhaps it’s not noticeable to someone watching, but I could feel slightly off from the music. 491 palabras más

Margaret Atwood

Bolivia moves to decriminalize some early-term abortions, sparking misogynist outbursts

Bolivia is on the verge of a mild liberalization of its abortion laws after the Plurinational Legislative Assembly approved changes this week. On Wednesday, December 6, the… 1.209 palabras más


Chinese Restaurant in La Paz

I started off traveling with 2 girls, and they didn’t like going out really. After one girl left back for the states, I kept on traveling with the other. 687 palabras más


Bolivia & Peru - Day 5, Part 2: Lake Titicaca - Copacabana & Isla del Sol

Around 10 am on Monday, September 14, we arrived in the small town of Copacabana, on the shores of Lake Titicaca, where we had lunch and embark at 13:30 for a boat trip of about 1,5 hour to the north of Isla del Sol, one of the most awaited destinations of our trip. 310 palabras más


Parque Cretacico

The rains

The rains have arrived. To celebrate a national day of holiday has been called. Cars are banned from the city and a man in a zebra costume dances in the streets to ward them away. 552 palabras más