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Bon O Bon Mix

Yaokin‘s Bon O Bons are probably my favourite winter chocolate. They’re smallish and cheap, delicious, and available at nearly all convenience stores during the colder months. 113 palabras más


Bon o Bon Blanco


Bon o Bon Blanco

Packaging Markings/Explanations: “Apple Filling 16.67%”
Purchased for and from: Log in Convenience Store, Banpo-dong
Company, Country of Origin: Bon o Bon Mundo Dulce S.A.D. 107 palabras más


a happy wife is a happy life! :)

We were able to buy a box bon o bon chocolates (box of 30) and maltesers (150g) for Php 149.50 (about $3.74) only! 78 palabras más

That sweet connection

The Tango groove is born in the close embrace – a place where two dance partners meet and become “one heart and four legs”. That meeting place in the body is the diaphragm, which is held suspended so as to be a separate entity from the second space. 97 palabras más