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Floyd Hamilton, Public Enemy No. 1

(Book cover: pictured are Chaplain Ray Hoekstra and Floyd Hamilton)

Floyd Garland Hamilton was born June 13, 1908 in Henrietta, Oklahoma to John Henry and Sarah Alice Bullock Hamilton and died July 24, 1984 in Grand Prairie, Texas at the age of 76.   1.143 palabras más


Wild Kids

Decided to post one of my songs…scary! I wrote this a few years back about two historical figures that fascinate me: Bonnie and Clyde. My lyrics include a couple of lines from the poem that the real Bonnie wrote about her and Clyde. 8 palabras más


If you're Catholic and voting for Clinton - you've been hoodwinked by a con-artist!

“At this point she owns it,” he said. “This is Hillary’s issue. This is her albatross. She has said absolutely nothing about John Podesta working for mutiny to sabotage the Catholic Church, a revolution from within.” 92 palabras más


Remember The Time When The Republican Party Were The Best Con Men In Town?

I’ll take you there. It was during the Bill Clinton Administration, 1992 through 2000. Back then, the Republican Party coupled with FOXNEWS were the Judge, Jury, and Executioners. 287 palabras más

Book 4

Glamourizing the beret

Berets are classics and for good reason.  Everyone can wear a beret but the trick is getting the angle right.  Just experiment with it: is it better dipping to right or left (very few people’s faces are symmetrical so the effect will be quite different). 64 palabras más


Clyde Barrow, Jailbreak in McLennan County

While living in Waco, I would occasionally drive past the old McLennan County courthouse.  I had first seen the feature film Bonnie and Clyde while living there.   732 palabras más


Actress of the Month: Holliday Grainger

Holliday Grainger has done a ton of period pieces so I won’t be able to focus on all of them.  But, a few do stand out and they’re the ones she’s best known for.  571 palabras más