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The Best of the Best Pictures: Part 3

It shouldn’t be a surprise that Entertainment Weekly labeled the years 1967 to 1986 as the Age of Revolution when it put together its special Oscar edition this year. 508 palabras más

Academy Awards

A Mess o' Flowers

Was talking to my first year students about editing. Showed them a robbery scene from BONNIE AND CLYDE. Probably didn’t say as much as I could’ve, but the clip was well received, and the first question, from two separate sources at once, was “What’s the name of that film again?” because they immediately wanted to SEE the whole thing. 414 palabras más


Vignette: In search of an idea

My left shoe’s heel is worn down to the nail. Now when I take a step just the wrong way, the even click-clack-click-clack that usually accompanies my gait turns into a click-clack-tonk-clack-click-clack-plink-clack, and I’m reminded how much tile is in this office every time I walk down the hall to an uneven backbeat. 334 palabras más


Bonnie&Clyde Death Set Up? By Clyde?

So okay I know that Bonnie and Clyde has been a historical story for the longest. Even the younger kids know about them. But do they know everything? 602 palabras más

Let's, ​Humble Shakespeare.

To be mine

until the end of time

you will need to be

my partner in crime.

Through it all

by each other’s side

locals will call us… 72 palabras más


Movie Quote of the Day!

“We rob banks.”

– Clyde Barrow, Bonnie and Clyde (1967)

It takes two to tango!

Movie Quote Of The Day!