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Quick Cut

In Robert Altman’s Thieves Like Us (1974), he shows off his propensity for breaking the rules of genre in updating Nicholas Ray’s noir, … 2.690 palabras más


6 Film Joys at TCM FEST 2017

The TCM Film Festival 2017 is a wrap.  By the end of the weekend after seeing 15 films I admit to being a bit blurry eyed.  94 palabras más


Actors That Should Come Out of Retirement Part 2: Gene Hackman

by Jason F. Koenigsberg

Gene Hackman, like Sir Sean Connery, is one of the greatest living actors and easily one of the best actors of all time. 679 palabras más



Earlier this week, mid-swim, thoughts of Gene Hackman descended.  Unbidden, but not unwelcome.  Far from it.  (In a previous post, I noted how I often do some of my best/most rewarding thinking while swimming laps.) After initially wondering what had prompted this visitation, I remembered that he’d surfaced about six weeks ago, when Warren Beatty and Faye Dunaway made their eventful appearance at the Academy Award ceremony.  337 palabras más

Beauty In Art

Arthur Penn

I thought that if were going to show this violence, we should show it. We should show what it looks like when somebody gets shot. 674 palabras más

Director Page

Shoplifting as a Couple?

Cody’s fiancee has stole his heart, but that’s not the only thing she steals…

But “lucky” for Cody she wants him to join!

Would you commit theft for your significant other? 29 palabras más


Bonnie and Clyde Relics are Going Up for Auction

Ever wanted to own a piece of history?

Well now you can,  A pair of eyeglasses, stained with what appears to be blood,  Dallas County’s original arrest warrants for the outlaw couple, a button from the shirt Clyde Barrow was wearing when he was killed, and a ring that he made for Bonnie. 46 palabras más