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Clyde Barrow, Jailbreak in McLennan County

While living in Waco, I would occasionally drive past the old McLennan County courthouse.  I had first seen the feature film Bonnie and Clyde while living there.   732 palabras más


Actress of the Month: Holliday Grainger

Holliday Grainger has done a ton of period pieces so I won’t be able to focus on all of them.  But, a few do stand out and they’re the ones she’s best known for.  571 palabras más


Post Script: The Love of A Bad Man - Laura Elizabeth Woollett

The Love of a Bad Man

Laura Elizabeth Woollett

Scribe Publications

ISBN: 9781925321555



A schoolgirl catches the eye of the future leader of Nazi Germany. 228 palabras más

Post Script: Book Reviews

Hell or High Water

What do you get when you combine No Country for Old Men, the newer True Grit, The Last Picture Show, Bonnie and Clyde… 579 palabras más

Film Reviews

ARLIN REPORT THOUGHT OF THE DAY: Both gangs have stolen and both have left a trail of bodies.

Lets not put Bonnie and Clyde back in the White House, they’ve been there once and took (stole) what they could carry with them when they left the first time. 12 palabras más

Gene Wilder’s Brilliant Movie Debut! Real-Life “Bonnie & Clyde” Undertaker! – johnrieber

RIP Gene Wilder… There has been an outpouring of love for Gene Wilder as news of his death spread across social media. Fans have posted scenes from some of his great film work, and at the end… 13 palabras más


An Appreciation for the Wilder Things

Come with me, and you’ll be, in a world of pure imagination.

Last Monday, August, 29, 2016, we lost Gene Wilder, one of the cleverest comedic minds to grace the big screen and share so much to make the world laugh.  1.400 palabras más