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Game of Thrones: Thoughts & Theories regarding the 7th Season!

Hello wonderful people of Westeros and of every corner of the world in general!

Winter is here, at last! Or so it is in Australia, New Zealand, Solomon Islands… Actually, how cold is it there right now anyway? 911 palabras más


The "I DARE YOU" Book Tag!

Hello, hello awesome folks and welcome back to my bookish blog!

First of all… OH MY! 100 subscribers in only four months! You guys are the best! 1.719 palabras más


Game Review - Dr. Eureka

I haven’t posted anything in a while, but I haven’t been sitting around eating bon-bons either.  It’s been a busy summer.  (As summer winds down and the girls go back to school, I’ll write more about our other summer adventures.)  One of our many activities has been the local library’s summer reading program. 624 palabras más

#tbt Review of "Twilight"

The post-grad life is fun because I have found myself making lists, panicking about finding a job, and venting to my parents about anything and everything. 762 palabras más

Books And Movies

La La Land: Old-School Movie Magic

La La Land (2016)

My Rating: Three and a half stars

Age Suggestion: 14+

The Movie

Two proper L.A. dreamers, a suavely charming soft-spoken jazz pianist and a brilliant vivacious playwright, while waiting for their big break, attempt to reconcile aspirations and relationship in a magical old-school romance. 737 palabras más

Books And Movies

Anticipating YA Book Releases Till the End of 2017!

Hello, hello awesome people and welcome back to another Saturday in the Victorious Blog-Land!

Things have gotten pretty hot around here, with my participation in Camp NaNo (about which you’ll get more details two weeks from now), the deadline for the completion of my first draft, the changes I’m planning to do on the blog later this year, and the dozens of posts I have to schedule, write and edit! 2.497 palabras más


Spiderman Homecoming: The New Teen Comedy

Let me just preface this blog post to let you know that I’m not familiar with the comic book storyline of Spiderman. I only know the basics and I know a little bit from the cartoon. 918 palabras más