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Bordados y apliques

¡Esta temporada ya nos sorprende por la cantidad de bordados que podemos ver en los jeans, camperas, carteras e incluso botas!

Creo que esta tendencia agrega un toque de color y frescura a prendas tan simples como un jean o una campera de gabardina. 189 palabras más

Coin purse for big brother

Since my eldest son studied at boarding school starting this year. I used to keep a lot of coins for him to use it to call me. 105 palabras más

Embroidery Design

Pencil topper & keyfob snap tab Project


Yesterday tried to stitch out the pencil topper that i design using Embird and also some keyfob snaptab using border tools in Sew What Pro. 49 palabras más

Embroidery Design

Hello peeps!

Today I am trying digitizing cat face (but my son called it mouse…ermmm)

I am just using paint to draw the cat face and copy paste to my embroidery software to digitize to stitch. 54 palabras más

Embroidery Design

Designing In the hoop Zippered purse using Sew What Pro

Hello there!

I love to create or giving something functional. I found in the hoop project is doing a great job in this. It super simple, easy and and fast to create yet, it is function. 140 palabras más

Embroidery Design

My first post giveaway

Hello there!

Today is my first post..and for sure there will be a little something waiting for you

I have just owned an Embird digitizing software besides Sew What Pro and just play around with it yesterday. 56 palabras más

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