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Getz/Gilberto - Stan Getz and Joao Gilberto (1963)

Album no. 41/1001

Latin music returns to the list and given our reactions to the last one, we don’t have high hopes. 437 palabras más


Video 2x1: Samba de Orfeu

The classic-style Bossa | Charlie Rouse – Samba de Orfeu

The original film version, unplugged, so to speak | Orfeu Negro – Samba de Orfeu


MondayMusic: When English Isn't Enough

Here are some songs that I love despite the language barrier. If you haven’t checked out my Spotify playlist yet, you should.

  1. Stan Getz – Saudade Vem Correndo ft. 

  2. 431 palabras más

Jazz Samba - Stan Getz and Charlie Byrd (1962)

Album no. 33/1001

I feel pretty confident in suggesting that this was the album that inspired muzak. 437 palabras más


Russ Hewitt - Cielo Nocturno

Guitar virtuoso Russ Hewitt describes his style as smooth jazz, Nuevo Flamenco and Latin World music. He counts the albums Bajo el Sol (2008) and… 87 palabras más

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What's Your Favorite Background Music?

Notice: this post comes with background music ☺️

I’ve recently discovered Jazz/Bossa Nova a.k.a.Cafe Music and boy, what a difference it makes! I put it on every morning and it continues to play well until early afternoon-ish. 183 palabras más