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The Wheel Turns

Chad scrunched his brow, tapping the turntable with a desultory forefinger. The sculpture rotated slowly, displaying all its sides, seeming to delight in its own ineffable shimmer and elegance. 135 palabras más

Carrot Ranch

James Blogs About His Own Blog

Though unintentionally, I appear to have started the previous two months with a kind of ‘blog update’. I suppose it’s an inevitable consequence of posting something everyday that occasionally my muse will lead me to ponder my own blog and indeed the concept of blogging as a whole. 1.148 palabras más


Use Amazon Sumerian Hosts To Make Your Amazon Lex Bots More Approachable


Chatbots are great. They help alleviate long customer support queues by enabling customers to self-service common issues. This increases customer satisfaction and reduces the businesses expenditure in staffing customer support centres. 2.359 palabras más


The Need to Share What Matters

Four years ago, during the last election season, strangers would suddenly appear and comment on my public Facebook posts and they would say things with weird phrasing and syntax – stuff like “you are a big banana butt” and “you are a person brainless” – and sometimes their names were spelled with characters that are not used in the English language (μονοσε πουλι). 280 palabras más

Christian Science