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Los dramas que estoy viendo

Ustedes saben que yo, generalmente, veo dramas que ya están completos. Se me hace muy difícil esperar una semana completa para saber qué pasa después. El único drama que, hasta ahora había visto mientras lo estaban transmitiendo fue… 749 palabras más

Mis Kdramas

K-Culture: Lesson 2 - Korean Kinship Terms

The infamous Korean term ‘oppa’ has been used by so many fangirls that a rookie K-Drama fan is probably confuse of the word’s proper usage. 715 palabras más

Park Hae-jin

Kdrama Recommendation

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Master Devil Do Not Kiss Me

For the bishounen shouja fanatic in me, how could I resist this quick and cute little drama and it’s sequel? Think of it as a cross between Hana Yori Dango and Playful Kiss. 343 palabras más

First Impressions

Lee Min Ho Sketch

I had liked Lee Min Ho in “Boys over flowers” and “personal taste”.. But I became a huge fan after watching him in “Faith” … I was in love the character of the Wu-dal-Chi.. 54 palabras más


Top 5 Korean Dramas for Beginners

Korea is famous for more than just its food. In more recent years, the Korean drama has become a popular pastime for those interested in the region. 689 palabras más


The Young Podawans Ep. 38 - Ouran High School Host Club


We’ve got a wonderful new episode for you this week – something actually fun and upbeat instead of the usual grim shows/books/movies we chat about. 304 palabras más