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So… let me start off by saying that I am a HUGE couch potato. I could spend days on end staring at my 55″ 4K tv. 1.263 palabras más


Late 'Boys Over Flowers' actress Jang Ja-yeon's sexual abuse case reopened

On June 4, the Seoul Central District Prosecutors’ Office announced, “Yesterday, we have received all records regarding Jang Ja-yeon’s case and the investigation has started.” 93 palabras más


top 4 kdramas on netflix (in my opinion)

  1. hello my twenties. this show literally has something for everyone i suggest you go watch it on netflix. its about 5 college girls who live together and go through a lot of crazy things together.
  2. 157 palabras más

The Meteor Garden 2018 Trailer is Giving Us So Much Life

If you grew up in the Philippines in the early 2000s, it is practically impossible for you not to know who F4 is or what Meteor Garden is. 167 palabras más

Top 5 Worst K-Drama Mamas

Hopefully, you spent Mother’s Day honoring some of the awesome women in your life. I spent mine with my mom (the incomparable Debbie), talking about one of our favorite topics: K-dramas! 932 palabras más


My Introduction into Korean Entertainment

For a few years now I have wanted to start a series of blogs based off my experiences with K-pop and Korean Dramas So to start this off I wanted to talk about how I first found out about the Korean Entertainment Industry. 608 palabras más

[Review] Jdrama Hana Nochi Hare : Hanadan Next Season

Siapa yang kangen sama F4, kisah cinta Domyouji Tsukasa dan Tsukushi Makino?

Well, mungkin Hana Nochi Hare bisa membawa kita nostalgia dengan plot klasiknya yang sukses bikin kita jatuh cinta walau cheesy abis. 690 palabras más