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Chaebols and the Korean Economy

The power of chaebols is a popular theme in K-Drama, but it’s difficult for those of us outside of Korea to understand just how much these corporations control. 50 palabras más

Secret Garden Review

I have to say Secret Garden in no Boys Over Flowers, despite it being regarded as one of best dramas in Korea. I don’t even know if it is in my top ten; however, I did enjoy it to a certain extent despite the male main character (Joo won) was a total jerk to the female main character (Ram im) . 275 palabras más

Happy Birthday, Kim Bum!!! :)

In celebration of my favorite k-actor, Kim Bum’s 27th (Korean age) birthday on July 7th, here’s some of my favorite GIFs of him! :D (I actually like every single GIF I’ve made of him, so it was difficult for me to pick them. 166 palabras más

Go ahead and gorge

Happy Independence Day. In honor of this day instead of a hot-dog eating contest, I’m holding a ramyun-eating contest. Here’s your chance to pick a winner — the person who can pig out the most. 30 palabras más


HELP, I've been sucked into the vortex known as KPop

I first heard about Korean music (K-Pop) and dramas in high school, but I wasn’t very interested because I had so much school work. Fast forward to today and I’ve been sucked into the K-Pop world and I can’t get out! 217 palabras más


My K-Fever

It all started with Boys over flowers….
My best friend got this drama from some senior and she watched it….  then she got all crazy about it and made me watch it… 719 palabras más

Boys Over Flowers Korean Drama Review

Boys Over Flowers is a classic that is practically required viewing for any kdrama fan.  It tells the story of Geum Jan Di (Goo Hye Sun) as she attends a prestigious high school and gets involved with F4, the most popular guys at school.  314 palabras más