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5 Korean Dramas To Get You Started

Korean dramas have been taking over the world recently! Here are 5 korean dramas to get you started on this craze! 830 palabras más


Abuse in Shoujo by the Numbers: Week 6


It’s only really assault if he’s a bad guy

This week, Black Bird and Black Rose Alice have a common thread, other than the word “black” in their titles: the presence of a villain. 1.917 palabras más


The K-Drama Hype Train #1🚅: Boys Over Flowers

So today I want to talk about the Kdrama Hyp Train and start a series of posts about the over-hyped dramas and actors. Now for those who may be new to Kdramas, you may not know this but the hype train is real. 1.725 palabras más


Drama Recommendations

Recently, I found myself watching a crap ton of dramas so I thought I’d tell you guys what I’m watching and about some of my beloved dramas  926 palabras más

Kpop Amino

Abuse in Shoujo by the Numbers: Week 5


This week:
Black Bird vol. 5
Black Rose Alice vol. 4
Boys Over Flowers vol. 3
Cactus’s Secret vol. 2
Blank Slate vol. 1… 2.248 palabras más


Music to my ears. 

Hey hey.

I’ve been wanting to eat good noodles, momos and wonton soup since past couple of weeks. When I’m meeting my friends for lunch we always end up choosing some other cuisine instead. 399 palabras más

Take the Plunge

I’m starting this blog because I had this kdrama community where re-watching an oldie was a challenge. A couple of girls agreed to buddy-watch Boys over Flowers… 329 palabras más

Boys Over Flowers