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New Event Furry Fest Starting March 1st.

Furry Fest is a new shopping event that starts on March 1st.
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Low oil prices are hitting the UK where it hurts: the North Sea

The UK’s North Sea oil story can be told in one line: a steep climb, a dip, a jolt to a new peak, and a long, steady decline. 361 palabras más

Where to find opportunity in energy slump: Pros

For analyst Carl Larry, that means looking at companies that store oil, since there is an oil supply problem.

Specifically, he thinks Enterprise Products Partners is a good play right now. 415 palabras más

Short Sellers Betting the Farm Against Big Oil Stocks

Oil prices made a slight recovery on the last short interest report, but it seems that the industry has slid back, and common sense would say that short sellers have made huge bets and boatloads of money as the stocks and commodities around the oil patch have suffered. 430 palabras más

Energy Business

Hypertension or Silent Killer?

Hypertension has grown to become a global health crisis with WHO estimating that one in 3 people worldwide are affected by the condition. In Zimbabwe Hypertension has more than quadrupled with a prevalence of 27% last year. 209 palabras más


Enterprise Partners accused of trying to muscle out competitors

Houston-based Enterprise Products Partners (NYSE: EPD) is facing complaints from several oil businesses, claiming the company is trying to dominate the exporting of US oil. 292 palabras más


Those in favor of the Keystone XL Pipeline have been arguing that the extension of the pipeline from Canada through the US to transport tar sand (bitumen) would create thousands of necessary well paying jobs; that a number of research papers verify that the pipeline will not add significantly to the carbon pollution in the air; that this added energy resource would reduce the North America’s dependency on foreign supplies of energy and then the cost of gas at the pumps would become less expensive for the consumer.  2.075 palabras más