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Outfit of the day #001

I love that beautiful shawl. It is definitely the center of attention….

Greetings from New Zealand,


Outfit of the day #001 by mindeja


Preparing for Paris - our double action one week before the UN climate talks open…

We were in Huddersfield on Saturday 21st November to raise awareness of the Paris UN Climate talks, ten days before they begin.

The Paris Climate Talks are the most important talks on climate change since the failed Copenhagen talks in 2009. 279 palabras más


A wish, and a pill.

My typical workday.

My alarm sets off at around 7 am. I get up from bed, go down the stairs and straight to the kitchen for breakfast. 444 palabras más


Scott Porter - The BP oil disaster - Current studies and observations of the animal and coral species in the Gulf

“…Its now turned into the dustbowl of the 1930`s …. Its literaly dead .. contaminated by marine snow…”

Scott said when referring to what he was seeing while diving in the Gulf of Mexico in recent years.

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