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এই অ্যাপ এর সমস্থ তথ্য বিভিন্ন পরিচিত ও বিশ্বাসযোগ্য মেডিকেল পত্রিকা থেকে নেয়া । আশা করি এই অ্যাপ আমাদের রক্তচাপ সংক্রান্ত বিভিন্ন তথ্য ও সমাধান দিবে বলে মনে হয় । আশা করি এটা আপনাদের সবার ভাল লাগবে ।

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Major Oil Has Short Sellers Running for Cover

The short interest data have been released for the May 13 settlement date. With oil prices seemingly on the path to recovery and global markets slowly getting stronger, short interest is now more important than ever to follow. 218 palabras más

Energy Business

Africa Oil & Gas: Angola LNG production re-started

The Chevron-led $10 billion Angola LNG project has started producing chilled gas with first cargoes to be available soon on a tender, the project’s spokeswoman told LNG World News on Tuesday. 163 palabras más
Mozambique Oil And Gas Industry

BP's exploration strategy shrinks with budget cuts

The surprise departure of BP’s exploration boss has turned the spotlight on an oil search strategy that, after years of spending cuts, is focusing mainly on expanding existing fields rather than venturing expensively into the unknown. 795 palabras más

I Do Want To

So the consensus is that binge and purge for me is stuffing down my “feelings” and then “expressing” them all. I’ve been doing it a little recently, which is why I’ve made sure to blog more so that I’m expressing things in a healthy way – talking about my feelings. 920 palabras más


High potato intake linked to high blood pressure - Medical News Today

High potato intake linked to high blood pressure

New research links regular potato intake to hypertension. If the results are confirmed, should potatoes remain part of U.S. 29 palabras más

Stop BP polluters' British Museum artwashing

This video from Britain says about itself:

Profit, Pollution and Deception. BP and the Oil Spill, BBC Documentary

1 November 2013

The Deepwater Horizon oil spill…

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