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BP's Stunning Warning: "Every Oil Storage Tank Will Be Full In A Few Months"

…once the entire US shale space goes bankrupt, it will emerge debtless only to start drilling and pumping anew prompting the Saudis to continue to ratchet up the pressure in an endless deflationary merry-go-round. 522 palabras más

The International Reporter

Major Oil Short Interest Backs Off

The short interest data have been released for the January 29 settlement date. It just so happens that some of the latest short interest readings for major oil companies are backing off of highs, while others are attempting to push new highs. 223 palabras más

Energy Business

Neural network classification of late gamma band EEG features

It has been a while since my last post. I guess job hunting has an higher priority, at the moment but, today, I was able to go through another paper. 207 palabras más


BP: Spilling Their Guts

The illuminating green, yellow, and white Helios is something we all recognize. British Petroleum (BP) is a global brand recognized for their refineries, facilities, corporate offices, wind farms, and even gas stations. 559 palabras más

Blog 3- Truth Hunting

Bye Felicia

Today’s quote brought to you by The Lion King. Not really because I’m sure that Rafiki never even thought about saying the quote above but I just love that damn monkey! 904 palabras más

Find Your Second Home at B&P All-Day Breakfast

Quick Bite: The new B&P All-Day Breakfast café is located in Ortigas – Pasic City. Serving quality coffee and hefty servings of breakfast that fills all sizes of hunger!

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BP just had its worst year since it destroyed the Gulf of Mexico

BP just reported earnings (pdf), and they weren’t good.

The company announced its worst-ever annual loss (£4.5 billion, or $6.5 billion), sending its stock down around 9% in London trading. 141 palabras más