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Porn Sites Sending DMCA Letters Through RIGHTS ENFORCEMENT

In June, 2014, I exposed the list of porn companies that were working with CEG-TEK.  This upset a lot of adult film companies, who turned around and started having CEG-TEK send letters using a variation on their name (which made no sense to me *IF* the reason they were having CEG-TEK send out DMCA notices was to “encourage ‘pirates’ to sign into their websites legitimately and pay an annual fee”).   2.704 palabras más

Copyright Trolls

Brazzers Set To Make Porn Parody Of The WWE Montreal Screw Job

The Brazzers porn company will be producing an adult themed parody of The Montreal Screwjob.

Mia Malkova will play the role of WWE Hall of Famer Shawn Michaels, while Romi Rain will play WWE Hall of Famer Bret Hart and Johnny Castle will play Vince McMahon. 48 palabras más

Wrestling News And Events

Brazzers Is Filming A Porn Parody Of WWE's Infamous 'Montreal Screwjob'

“Man, I’ve gotta think of a good lede for this story about the Montreal Screwjob porn parody” is definitely not a thought I could have predicted having today, but yet here we are because 2017 is determined to be… 254 palabras más


Entry 632:...and an Evil-Looking Alien with Sharp Teeth Bursts from His Chest

Let me begin this post by saying that I am totally sympathetic to the challenges faced by physically disadvantaged people. I believe that society should do as much as is feasible to help these folks go about their days, whether that means handicapped parking spaces, wheelchair ramps, or those annoying voices in elevators that announce what floor you’re on. 859 palabras más


Brazzers Most Bizarre Adult Search Terms Of 2016 Seriously Puts The 'Freak' In Freaky

You may think the weird stuff you look at on the internet is between you and your god, but websites — particularly adult entertainment websites — are constantly tracking and recording and logging data, so when it comes down it it nothing is safe from prying eyes. 245 palabras más