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Junk mail bricolage II

On the far side of an intense burst of poem making. For a few weeks there I could do no wrong. Now though most of what I do is a strained imitation of what came full-throatedly before. 390 palabras más


Inuring the Postmodern Quest in Bruce Chatwin's 'In Patagonia'

In Patagonia by Bruce Chatwin effectuates an unconventional form of writing, called ‘bricolage’ in efforts to reenact an impartial and unprejudiced version of the traditional quest, ultimately recreating a postmodern quest while challenging the structures of traditionalism altogether. 627 palabras más


Junk mail bricolage

A few weeks ago I took Dumuzi — a manuscript I had thought pretty much done — back into the shop for an overhaul. Started incorporating handwritten bits, pages of journal writing, fragments of the myth stroked out on scraps torn from junk mail envelopes, and’ve been pretty pumped about where it seems to be headed. 289 palabras más


J'entends déjà l'école m'appeler.

Bien qu’il soit très artistique, le dessin n’est pas la force de l’Enfant. Ce matin, à ma grande joie, il a dessiné son premier chat. 70 palabras más


Petit bricolage

Notre service de bricolage vous accompagne au quotidien, dans tout vos tache tels que:
Changer une ampoule
Reboucher un trou
Couper du bois
Petit travaux de peintures… 23 palabras más

Literary Theory- Deconstruction

Deconstruction is a post-structuralist perspective in literary theory that is not a theory per se but rather a set of strategies or ways of reading a text. 838 palabras más