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Les navets ont levé. Je peux les surveiller depuis la fenêtre de la salle de bain, au cas où, dans un élan mandragorien, ils décideraient de se lever pour de bon et de s’enfuir dans les potagers voisins. 1.744 palabras más


re: DIY

To be honest the idea to use this as a DIY in class came to me after after I completely forgot to bring something else.  But thus is the benefit of having a homemade tattoo – it kinda comes with you wherever you go.   388 palabras más

Glowing / Rayonnante

I was about to proudly explain why there was no post last week and how I made all the baby’s 1st birthday for less than $20. 696 palabras más

Mood / Humeur

It's a question of rigor...

This week I presented at the School of Education and Social Work Research Student Forum. I decided to give an update on my PhD progress. I think it went well: I was told I was ‘disarmingly honest’ and ‘highly critical of my own work’ which I think is a good thing… 682 palabras más


Qualitative or Quantitative?

So today I visited one of the schools that is supporting me with my research to see if I could speak to parents; unfortunately I was only able to meet with one lovely family.  414 palabras más