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Inspired by Kurt Vonnegut’s The Sirens of Titan.


The Duxbury Merchant, 2004 - 2016, (A Detail)

Wood, metal, mosaic, ceramic, seashells, sea detritus, plastic, resin, found objects, cloth, paper, thread, copper wire, paint, metallic powder and adhesives over sculptor’s foam

13′ x 8′ x 5′


Beta Mode: Not Quite Ready to Go Live

This is just a placeholder post until we’re ready to start generating content. Eventually, we’ll develop a welcome post and start lining up content (would love for us to aim for the beginning of August). 167 palabras más

Doctoral Studies

Autism: poetry makes sense

I’ve tried a lot of art forms*, but poetry is one of the few that enhances my perceptions of the World. Poetry, especially writing poetry, clarifies things I didn’t know I knew. 1.903 palabras más


Il pleut, il pleut encore, bergère!

Mise en contexte: il pleut. Vraiment, il pleut, pas genre la p’tite pluie cute genre “on va sortir avec nos parapluies pis nos bottes pour s’amuser pareil. 1.489 palabras más



Created this bricolage from lines on pages 187, 310, and 225 (in that order) from The Sirens of Titan, as well as all the neat junk I keep around for things like this. 45 palabras más

Kurt Vonnegut