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Fleurs pour la St-Valentin / Valentine's day flowers

Parce que la St-Valentin n’est pas que la fête des amoureux, nous décorons et faisons des bricolages dans le jours précédant la St-Valentin. L’amour et l’amitié est partout, je vous propose de faire des fleurs à l’aide de nos mains. 561 palabras más





yr the cat
I’ll take my
cheese, thank
you, gruyère

Khiatons Monthly/Update Newsletter-February 2016-Preventative Maintenance

TLC makes the best preventative care for a Spacefarer in this month’s #scifi #flashfic for my monthly newsletter.

Science Fiction


First visual poem in a while. Feels good. Made out of a scrap from an old cut-up poem, a 35mm film print I took  with the flash off in my parents’ house when I was 7ish, and a little help from my friends Scanner and Photoshop. 16 palabras más


The Bricoleur versus BIG Data, AI, and other looming Giants …

Background & Context

Almost a decade ago, a friend of mine, Atul Sapre, invited me to read Karl Weick’s brilliant work on ‘Sense Making in Organizations… 1.374 palabras más

On Leadership And Management

Tête de lit

Après avoir investi dans un nouveau lit de compétition, il lui fallait bien une tête de lit digne de ce nom!

Les prix étant très élevés j’ai décidé de la fabriquer moi même. 87 palabras más


WHITE REX Calculation of Chances 2

He played at chess? What string of his soul was not touched by this idle and childish game? I hate and avoid it, because it is not play enough, that it is too grave and serious a diversion, and I am ashamed to lay out as much thought and study upon it as would serve to much better uses. 744 palabras más