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T.S. Eliot and the Anthropology of the Primitive (Public lecture, 9th September)

Come and join us at the next lecture in our Late Summer Lectures series, at which Dugyu Senocak will peer behind the scenes of T.S. Eliot’s groundbreaking modernist poem, … 270 palabras más


Bricolage -vs- Counter-Bricolage

Bricolage: a mode of adaptation in which things (mostly commodities) are put to uses for which they were not intended and in ways that dislocate them from their normal or expected context. 42 palabras más

Global Cultures





Solidarita Feminista / Solidarité Féministe

Voici enfin le retour des tableaux féministes. Ce nouveau est le premier d’une série de trois sur lesquels je vais travailler ces prochaines semaines. :)

Voici enfinci enfin


Jugaad, Siqizai, Bricolage

New article about jugaad, which we’ve discussed here a bit, by Pankaj Sekhsaria (a graduate student at Maastricht’s Department of Technology and Society) is available on… 29 palabras más


Vendredi Geek

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Donc de temps en temps, comme vous le savez, je me permets un peu de bricolage geek.
J’ai deux projets en cours que je ferai ce week-end, mais en attendant voici un tableau en papiers découpés… 23 palabras más


Neptune, 1999

Wood, metal, seashells, sea detritus, cloth, paper, thread, copper wire, paint, adhesives

48″ x 48″ x 14″

Collection: Corona Del Mar, California