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La montre pour les Kids [tuto]

C’est assez paradoxal mais à partir du moment où j’ai un boulot très prenant, je redouble d’idées pour des coutures, des tricots, des bricolages en tout genre. 538 palabras más


The Preamp Problem

The Alesis Multimix 12 FireWire console I use has only four preamps. This happens to work for the moment, considering that I only have four functioning microphones. 497 palabras más


|Absolute| Chaos and The Pink Menace

So if you read the previous article, you’ll see me gawking over bizarre guitar effects by the infamous Death by Audio. I want to learn how to do that. 324 palabras más


Trip A Projects

Trip A is an experimental music project led by Jacob Davis, developer of other projects such as Dr. Unk and Disorder Lee’s All Around Good Time Band… 543 palabras más


Bricolage One (Starting Over)

 Text: Matthew 7: 1-6

Bricolage has become a wide term that was originally and more narrowly applied in architectural, building and design trades.  The big idea is this; you often don’t have access or can’t afford the materials you wish you had to design or build something.  2.771 palabras más

Rev. Shane L. Bishop

It's Alive! (Delayed post from like a month ago)

It works! It works! It works! It works! It works!

After months of frustrated troubleshooting, the ADC/DAC on my Alesis Multimix FireWire 12 finally seems to be working.