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RC Exploitation

Corporate Image for a company that provides services in Real Estate Cleaning, Gardening, Painting and Bricolage.

Bricolage de vacances (Suite)

Voici ce que les petites mains de chez moi ont réalisées pendant les vacances :

On était bien aidé par le mode d’emploi et le résultat est sympathique ! 10 palabras más

Les Oubliés

Art and Sold!

A(rt) decade ago

a love of place


Sold at Arteye, Johannesburg.


"DODO" at Bricolage Production Company

What is lost when something disappears, as the dodo did just around three centuries ago?

The National Self Preservation Society wants you to be thinking about that question, on both the macro and the micro level. 342 palabras más

Theatre Review


04/10/17 with Anna Powell

In this lecture, we looked into the exploration of ideas around the prequel and sequel. Our aim was to, from this point on, realize how to interpret and explore ideas creatively and approach things from a more creative angle. 564 palabras más

Graphic Design