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The Evil Dead (1981) - Gruesome Cabin Horror

The Evil Dead is one of the best-known movies in the cabin horror genre and an absolute cult classic. With a tiny budget, Sam Raimi managed to create extremely gruesome gore which had me sitting disgusted in front of the screen for the last 15 minutes (mostly because of its content and partly because of its cheap look) and sometimes I even had to look away. 661 palabras más


A Call to Chainsaw Arms: Ash vs Evil Dead

People, let’s see a little effort here.  No, Mr. Raimi, I’m not referring to you.  Nor to you Bruce (El Jefe) or you Ray Santiago, Ms. 646 palabras más


Ash Vs. Evil Dead Season 2 Review Episode 9 Home Again

Gary Buechler and Dennis Bithoulkas are back after two week layoff of the best show on earth. Don’t EVER do that again STARZ!  It’s Back to the Cabin in the Woods! 48 palabras más


Man With The Screaming Brain (2005)

Our mini-season of SyFy reviews concludes with Bruce Campbell’s directorial debut. It’s as unlike a normal one of their efforts as it’s possible to get, and after the hyper-generic… 965 palabras más


Evil Dead

How many times has the remake versus original conversation taken place over the last few decades, whether over the net with like-minded bloggers or over beers and Scampi Fries with friends? 560 palabras más


Ash from Evil Dead 2 by NECA Toys (Sponsored by KillerToyz)

Hot on the heels of my look at the newest Ultimate Jason Voorhees figure from Friday the 13th Part 3, I’m going to look at another newly released figure from NECA Toys, Ash from… 1.059 palabras más