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Lucien's Retro Review: Bubba Ho-Tep

Man, there are so many days when I am feeling like I’m so old.  Why?  Because the year 2003 doesn’t feel like it should be so long ago.  703 palabras más


Ash Vs Evil Dead Season One Review

I finally got round to watching Ash Vs Evil Dead, I had seen the first two episodes when it first aired but enjoyed them so much I decided to wait until I could binge watch it. 1.136 palabras más

Ash vs Evil Dead: Bruce Campbell Is Making an Ash of Himself, October 2015

Bruce Campbell filled us in on playing Ash again, his hatred of sex scenes, and his love of marijuana.


Bruce Campbell

Bruce Campbell, Graphite on paper and goldleaf,
8″ x 10″, 2016

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REAL HORROR: an EVIL DEAD "super fan" is rebuilding THE CABIN!

Good morning boys and ghouls, there is someone I absolutely need to introduce you to. Someone, who apparently is a bigger Evil Dead fan than I am!  1.115 palabras más


Retrospective Reviews #12: Does Whatever A Spider-Man Does

This summer’s Captain America: Civil War will feature a great many characters. Captain America and Iron Man will face off directly, with Ant-Man, Black Widow, War Machine, Vision, Black Panther, and Scarlet Witch caught up in the heated battle. 1.418 palabras más

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CFL negotiation-list information should be public knowledge

Ever so topical, we open today by asking: Canadian beef or American beef?

Actually, the meaty issue at hand is one cranky Canadian columnist’s beef about how Americans — whomever they happen to be — can be rendered anonymous by their CFL rights-holders. 722 palabras más

Saskatchewan Roughriders