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Plot: Five friends are stranded in a remote cabin when a storm hits. They find a book of the dead and summon up a demon which then takes possession of them. 301 palabras más


Bruce Campbell Is Seeking A Few Horror Freak Fans

Bruce Campbell Is Seeking A Few Horror Freak Fans

Comic-Con royalty Bruce Campbell is making a call. Are you prepared to answer? Last month Mr. Campbell posted a teaser about his new competition reality show centered on the horror movie genre. 343 palabras más

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The movies of Fede Alvarez – Evil Dead (2013)

Premise – Fede Alvarez is a Uruguayan filmmaker who directed four shorts, one TV series and two feature length horror movies – Evil Dead (2013) and… 613 palabras más

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Watch Sam Raimi’s ‘Evil Dead’ prequel ‘Within the Woods’ Now!

You may not know this, but before Sam Raimi directed Evil Dead, he shot a short, ugly but ambitious little feature about a group of youngsters who head for a remote cabin to get away from the crap of everyday life. 127 palabras más

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Episode 63 - Best of the 90s: Army of Darkness vs Mystery Men

The Return of the Best of the 90s Tournament.

Jarf and New Friend Ryan battle it out to decide which is superior: Mystery Men or Army of Darkness. 130 palabras más


TV Review: Ash vs. Evil Dead (2015- )

Original Run: October 31st, 2015 – ????
Created by: Sam Raimi
Directed by: various
Written by: various
Based on: The Evil Dead film series by Sam Raimi… 412 palabras más