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ASH VS EVIL DEAD Season One, Episode 4: "Brujo" Review

Just when you thought Amanda Fisher [Jill Marie Jones] was a goner…

Having been hand-cuffed within Books from Beyond and left to the mercy of Deadite Lionel Hawkins [ 1.536 palabras más


ASH VS EVIL DEAD Season 3 Official Featurette "Overview"

We’re about to take Ash vs Evil Dead to another level. Get the inside scoop on Season 3.

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ASH VS EVIL DEAD Season One, Episode 3: "Book from Beyond" Review

Ash Williams [Bruce Campbell] continues his journey towards uncovering how to undo the affects of his idiotic Marijuana-induced “poetry read” in order to return the Evil that he released from the  1.987 palabras más


SCHMOEDOWN: Innergeekdom and Sneider vs Ellis

The Movie Trivia Schmoedown is Collider’s hugely popular film trivia competition. Heavily influenced by pro-wrestling, the Schmoedown features huge characters, shocking storylines, and twists galore. Check it out  2.212 palabras más

ASH VS EVIL DEAD Season One, Episode 2: "Bait" Review

Following straight-on from “El Jefe” we see Ash Williams [Bruce Campbell] pretty much back in the game, accompanied with his iconic chainsaw and boomstick, and ready to kick Deadite arse. 1.523 palabras más


Bruce Campbell on How Stephen King Saved Evil Dead 2, Riding Horses, and Imitating Dino De Laurentiis

Bruce Campbell is a goddamn legend. He’s conquered the dead, fended off maniacal cops, locked up Billy Drago, lorded over thieves, sailed the East Indies, impersonated Elvis, brought back Ronald Reagan, and slept with Miami cougars on a nightly basis. 4.134 palabras más


Ash vs Evil Dead Conjures Up Deadites, Daughters, and Semen for its Wild Third Season

Remember Ash vs Evil Dead? After its season two finale roughly 7,000 Sumerian years ago, it was second only to Outlander for mainstream relevance via the STARZ network. 1.290 palabras más