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Catching Up With Ash Vs Evil Dead

Just after Halloween I reviewed the first episode of Ash Vs Evil Dead.  And then…nothing.  That’s mostly because I hadn’t watched any episodes since.  It’s pretty par for the course for me to be behind on any shows I am currently watching.   675 palabras más

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TV Review: Ash vs. Evil Dead, 1.04, "Brujo"

“Good news for Amanda Fisher: Ruby is her new best friend. That only seems fair, doesn’t it? Ash has already gained two new best friends himself. 112 palabras más


TV Review: Ash vs. Evil Dead, 1.03, "Books from Beyond"

“What do you really know about Ash? That’s the fundamental question of Ash vs. Evil Dead’s latest episode, “Books From Beyond,” which a handcuffed Amanda Fisher poses to a gun-toting Kelly in a decidedly lopsided conversation about Ash’s dubious morality. 85 palabras más


Evil Dead II (1987) Review

A direct sequel to the original The Evil Dead, this movie stars Bruce Campbell as Ash, trying his best to survive after he and his friends unleashed demons in the forests surrounding the remote cabin they decided to spend a night on. 307 palabras más


Cloudy With A Chance of Meatballs and the Raining Hamburgers Moment

The One-Line Summary: Flint Lockwood (Bill Hader), a young eccentric inventor living in a small town called Swallow Falls on a tiny island in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean, has had a string of mishaps and failed attempts at inventing something that truly works, but when he creates the “Flint Lockwood Diatonic Super Mutating Dynamic Food Replicator” (FLDSMDFR) to supplement the mostly sardine diet of the island and hooks it up to the city’s power supply, it breaks free and rockets through town wrecking havoc before zipping up to the sky, seemingly another outrageous failure until something marvelous happens with it begins to rain.  419 palabras más

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Movie Review: Evil Dead II

Unlike the original, Evil Dead II almost immediately struck a chord with me 599 palabras más


Army Of Darkness

I think the fact that I watched all four of the different versions of Army Of Darkness contained in the amazing Scream Factory Army Of Darkness… 1.852 palabras más