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Management: motivación de las Relaciones Humanas. «Fíat ars, pereat mundus».

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La creatividad, en las décadas de los 30-40, se comprende en la teoría del arte.

Los planteamientos teóricos que vimos en el post de las… 3.970 palabras más


Who is Susan Buck-Morss?

Susan Buck-Morss earned her Artium Baccalaureatus (A.B.) (the same as a Bachelor’s in Arts B.A.) from Vassar College, a Masters from Yale and a PhD from Georgetown University. 288 palabras más


Miserable Method: flâneur & clochard in the study of the social

In Susan Buck-Morss’ article on the sandwichman (Buck-Morss 1986) there is this comment on the flaneur:

The flaneur records the merely apparent reality of the market place behind which the social relations of class remained concealed.

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Jacques Rancière - The Politics of Aesthetics

Jacques Rancière, The Politics of Aesthetics: The Distribution of the Sensible, Continuum, 2004.

For Rancière, aesthetics means “a specific regime for identifying and reflecting on the arts: a mode of articulation between ways of doing and making, their corresponding forms of visibility, and possible ways of thinking about their relationships”(10). 873 palabras más