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Thank you.

Let’s talk about something people rather talk around it than talk about it. Bulling, and I hear you thinking, oh no Froukje here we go again, but this is not about me, this is about something a lot of you guys will help just like it helped me. 1.430 palabras más


Rock band supports bullied girl's dreams

LOS ANGELES — It’s another example of how one person’s story can make a big impact.

Nanae Munemasa, 17, spoke to CNN in September about the rising teen suicide rates in her home country of Japan. 302 palabras más


Heartbreaking Every Time

When I read that article…the gas-lighting kind, that retells my past in the worst of ways in order to paint the writer as the most burdened most fragile but simultaneously most strong survivor ever…we readers are all supposed to get all hushed and quiet and be in awe that somehow the writer survived such horrors…such horrors… 249 palabras más

Charissa Grace

Ant-Bullying hasn't proven to be very effective

People are not going to like to hear my opinion but I think everyone needs to shut the hell up about bullying. This is America. Our VERY FIRST AMENDMENT is all about free speech. 282 palabras más


SO WHAT!!!!!

Well now,
everything you got is in excess
and it goes without sayin’s got to be the best
from your swimming pool to your daddy’s racing car… 99 palabras más

Charissa Grace

To My Children, Thanksgiving 2015

I won’t take clothes that are hand me downs,
I won’t smile cus I wear a frown
Once I get going, you can’t hold me down… 338 palabras más

Charissa Grace

'Big Three' revamp is 'bullying': BCCI chief

Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) President and International Cricket Council (ICC) Chairman Shashank Manohar Thursday criticised the imbalance of power in the ICC,  852 palabras más