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Sometimes just being one’s true self
means walking alone in the dark
seeing the backs of so called friends
when ya tell it like it really is… 128 palabras más

The Headphones Girl.

This world is full of dark and twisty, confounded occurrences. Every trial and tribulation wears the most mesmerizing disguise and walks up to us in the most soothing way possible. 673 palabras más


LOCAL NEWS: If My Parents Only Knew What It's Like To Be Bullied In 2017

A group of 10 to 16-year-olds agreed to sit down for an honest discussion about bullying. The kids were eager to share their stories and when asked who had experienced bullying, all nine hands shot up in the air. 270 palabras más

- Local News

Do i really wish i was Young Again

Remember when you were a kid and a year felt like a really long time? Now we are adults and we are so run off our feet, a year feels like two months.. 490 palabras más


being mean isn’t funny

I was appalled by two recent reports in the news of women treating other women appallingly. Women in very professional roles behaving very badly!

Mother ‘told to prove lactation’ at Frankfurt airport… 403 palabras más

Eunice Lawton


by Graham Wynd

It was a ritual, she realised. All the little things you do to start the day, all the little steps you take that make everything normal. 578 palabras más

Flash Fiction

Book review: Lottery Boy, by Michael Byrne

Bryne, Michael. Lottery Boy. Candlewick Press, 2015. 290 pgs. $16.99. ISBN:978-0-7636-7996-5. Gr. 7+. P8 Q8

After his mother dies, twelve year old Bully runs away from home and lives on the streets of London, England with his dog Jack for 5 days. 117 palabras más

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