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10 Terrible Ways Women Experience Violence On The Internet

I tend to write from the worldview I have: I’m a white queer cis woman. I experience the world based on the perceptions I have of myself as this person, as well as how others treat me as a result of what they see. 1.089 palabras más

Everyone's Fighting A Battle Invisible To You, Stop Judging.

I’m not much of a talker, nor am I much of a share my troubles and feelings kind of girl. Unless I’m writing them down in a song, but even then those feelings and emotions in my songs are not truly mine, the songs that you guys may have heard any way. 1.222 palabras más


The Fat Man


Author – Maurice Gee

Age – 8+

Set in tough times (1930-40’s) Colin Potter is on his way to his grandmother’s. He takes a shortcut down the river and comes across a fat man washing in the creek. 110 palabras más

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Missouri teen meets Ronda Rousey, credits UFC star in dealing with bullies

KANSAS CITY, MO (KCTV) – A Johnson County girl who says she was bullied had the amazing opportunity to meet the woman she says helped pull her out of the situation. 233 palabras más


Daily Reminder:

Remember, you are never above or below asking for help. If you realize that you have any sort of problem, especially with an eating disorder, always ask for help. 20 palabras más


Wonder: Humorous children's book about acceptance, kindness

Author Sarah Lynn Scheerger talks about the book Wonder in this week’s Friday reads. Scheerger is the author of The Opposite of Love (hardcover 2014; paperback Fall 2015), and… 575 palabras más

Children's Books

Fort, by Cynthia DeFelice

Summary: A middle-grade summer adventure about two boys who build an awesome fort and tangle with two older bullies.

Farrar Straus Giroux

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