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KiVa, a successful anti-bullying program focuses on bystanders

on February 1, a UCLA news release described a study about KiVa, the national anti-bullying program  offered in Finnish schools. The new release titled Anti-bullying Program Focused on Bystanders Helps the Students who Need it the Most… 125 palabras más

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Social Media: Stop The Hate

I’ve discussed this subject before and for one reason or another I still can’t seem to get it out of my head. Maybe it’s because I see it so often or possibly because it gets me so worked up. 729 palabras más

The Shocking Truth About Adult Bullying By A Parent

Adult bullying?

By a parent?


The problem is far more common than you might think. I’ve helped several Confidence Coaching clients face their bullying parent, as an adult, but it’s daunting to do. 607 palabras más


Facebook's 'teen dating' groups are every parent's nightmare come to life

Even before the page has fully loaded, the popular Facebook group “Teen Dating and Flirting” looks like a something straight out of some parental nightmare. It has the full teen trifecta — sexting, cyberbullying and strangers — in one unmoderated public forum that anyone, of any age, can access. 609 palabras más


Monica Lewinsky Says 'Cyberbullying Is 24-7' -- But Can Emojis Help Stop It? (Q&A)

Monica Lewinsky knows plenty about online harassment, which is why she has been speaking out on the issue for the past two years. Now, she thinks she knows how to fight back — with emojis. 998 palabras más


My Friday Book: "The Fourth Reich" by Maria Nygren

Have you ever heard of a book, which you just know that you ought to read, but you drag your heels because you know it is not going to be a pleasant read? 7.569 palabras más

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Symptoms of Being Human by Jeff Garvin

Symptoms of Being Human by Jeff Garvin (InfoSoup)

Riley carefully chooses the right clothes for the first day of public school, probably more carefully than another other teen ever has. 411 palabras más

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