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Bullying Update #1

My bully, let’s call him C, came up to me and said he was sorry for calling me names earlier today. And here’s why that pisses me off; 198 palabras más


Tips to Survive Bullying; 1

Tip One; Don’t Encourage Them

This my sounds like a very obvious one, but what I mean is try your best to not show how hurt you are. 242 palabras más

Bullying and Abuse

Hi again loves, so I have decided to also document my bullying. I have been bullied for ten years, (maybe more), and it is still increasingly hard to deal with. 101 palabras más


It’s Not Ok

My name is Lizzie Dupnik. I am 26 year old single mother, small business owner, and model/actress. I always list “model/actress” last when people ask me what I do. 785 palabras más

Women's Rights

Insecurities (Previously on Life's Moments Blog--Which I transitioned to this blog)

Do my pants fit okay? Do I look fat? Can you see dimples on my legs? What are they thinking about me? Do they like me? 453 palabras más

You Say You Want a Revolution: Bernie’s Pathway to Destruction and Fall as a Revolutionary Leader

When Bernie Sanders burst onto the scene I don’t think anyone knew what to expect.  Certainly we never envisioned what we have today.  Shortly after his rise in the national media, this obscure “Democratic-Socialist” pivoted his tone to that of a revolutionary leader.  1.047 palabras más

Civil Rights

It Burns Me Like Prey

I sit in a dark classroom, alone, with the rain on the window
and the colorless and brooding sky my sole comfort today.
I eat a ham sandwich soggy with mayonaise and pickle juice. 198 palabras más