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Subtle Manipulation Tactics

Narcissists are very manipulative.  They project their faults onto their victims when confronted about their bad behavior.  They criticize anything & everything about the victim, destroying their self esteem, until only an empty shell of a person exists.   472 palabras más

Abuse And The Healing Journey

Why We See Teens Bullying & Acting Out?

October is dedicated to preventing bullying and domestic violence. However, as a psychotherapist who treats teenagers these two issues are related to a number of other teen issues. 1.008 palabras más

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Sleepless in Seattle

I have never been a terribly political animal. Something about the whole business of politics and politicians just seemed to be unwholesome, so duplicitous and self-serving. 1.277 palabras más



You know what I’m genuinely over. Is people who turn around and tell you how to live your life and set certain boundaries for you. … 112 palabras más

Locked in

I had not been to the cinema in decades really, until Peter Jackson came along with Lord of the Rings. The TV remote was, for a long time, in hands other than mine. 938 palabras más


4 Things Amir Diamond Taught Girls At Beauty Mentoring's Conference!

At first, I was hesitant about this #LoveYourSELFie event, because I didn’t know what I could bring to the table to an all girl’s conference. What’s interesting is that this was the first time some of the girls heard positive reinforcement from a young black man. 151 palabras más

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Health as non-numeric

For a long time, I thought all women were born to hate themselves. I saw our collective process of life and growing up and journeying was ultimately defined by our level of acceptance of our bodies. 718 palabras más