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Excerpt from Manuscript, Charlotte #7

Charlotte, the 12-year-old protagonist of my manuscript ‘The Disintegrating Girl,’ bonds with her Aunt’s lesbian lover and confides in her about the loss of her mother. 1.658 palabras más

Writing Excerpt, Charlotte #5

Charlotte, a 12-year-old girl nervous about getting her first period deals with a number of issues in her life, including bullying, an alcoholic father, a volatile brother, and the suicide of her mother, an artist who suffered from Bipolar Disorder and whose body was discovered by her daughter. 1.546 palabras más


So, I’ll explain it. I’ll put it into words.

When you’re bullied – you learn to live inside your head. You can’t express your emotions. Well, because the emotions you feel are the two most difficult emotions to describe: hurt and shame. 169 palabras más

Personal Reflection

12-year-old's death prompts new legislation against bullying

SOUTHAVEN, Miss. —12-year-old’s death prompts community and local leaders to push for new legislation against bullying.

Singing through tears but this vigil is more than just lit candles and sobbing loved ones wiping their its a united front to make sure this is the last… 392 palabras más


Excerpt from Manuscript, Martin #1

I decided to take a break from “The Forgotten Sisters” for a while, and I decided to start writing an epistolary novel, told through journal entries from the point of view of a 15-year-old boy who’s father died in a drunken car accident he caused. 1.573 palabras más

It's okay to shut up

Why be, if you cannot just be?

why look, if you cannot see?

why bother, if you do not care?

keep your foot in your mouth, 76 palabras más


Of Wounds and Scars

For the past 4 years I have been angry. Raising a child who is disabled has forced me to confront a lot of the traumas I faced growing up while disabled, and then if that wasn’t enough, the 2016 elections happened, which were triggering for me on a whole different level. 380 palabras más