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How To Deal With Rumors

Spreading rumors about others is one of the cruelest forms of bullying there is, and yet, it is probably the most common, especially during adolescence. 530 palabras más


Skin Deep

So I was doing my daily scroll through social media today. I was getting more and more anxious about the turmoil happening in my country. It was bad enough feeling angry myself because my daughter is already coming home crying because of a bully on the bus. 466 palabras más

Signs of an Emotional Bully 

By Eric Perry, PhD-c

“Sticks and stones will break my bones but words will never hurt me.” ~Anonymous

I wish the above quote was true. Unless we are machine or lack human emotions, words and actions have a profound effect on the way we feel about ourselves and the world around us. 626 palabras más


Free Verse: Bullying, Words Bled From Heart

In this free verse poetry, “Words Bled From Heart.”

I despise bullying. You will find me writing about bullying quite often. As a single parent of my 9 1/2-year-old Bianca, she sees this quite often. 715 palabras más



Heroes speak of battle scars,

Knives and bullets that seared their skin,

The blood they spilled,

And the lives they lost.

Little do they know about… 40 palabras más


DONALD TRUMP, A SUPERHERO GONE BAD, by Art Smukler, author & psychiatrist

Donald Trump was elected on the premise that he would “clean the swamp” and have the leverage to be a new force in Washington with no political ties — a true new-age superhero. 154 palabras más

Self Examination

Outsiders and poetry contests

Throughout my junior year of high school I continued to write poetry. It was a way of getting out all these thoughts that were bouncing around my head. 1.169 palabras más