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Bullying Reviewers

The internet is filled with reports of Fractal Audio using its forum to bully negative reviews.  Rather than let their product speak for itself, the moderators for the site post lies in the forum and cause massive internet mobbing incidents, against anyone who has the slightest negative opinion of their products.


Living my truth: Self-righteous Bully

I spent hours going in on this guy who had the nerve to tell me and other black people that he cares more about black people than we do, but felt justified in saying that 99% of police shootings were justified and continued to go on and on about what threat did Dylan Roof pose that he should have been shot? 664 palabras más

Let Me Reflect For A Second

Dear Leslie Jones

I just want to apologize on behalf of all the good people in this world. I’m sorry you had to be a part of people who think doing things like this is okay, or funny. 50 palabras más


Why you should't go to an elite school

Almost all the not so rich loner kids in elite schools can relate to this (maybe?). I didn’t actually go to a school where you had to pay to study there or anything. 350 palabras más



I often find that when I am debating with people online, it tends to get out of hand.

For example there was a person who declared walking dogs in this heat (30) was criminal, they didn’t own a dog. 328 palabras más


Trigger Warning: Fuck your feelings! Chicago University shits on Social Justice. (Not literally)

You remember the good old days? The good old days were if you were white and male, you could go to campus and not have to deal with Self Proclaimed Social Justice Warriors pissing and whining about you oppressing other people with your words and about you just existing in general? 530 palabras más


Karate kids; building self-esteem through martial arts

WEST HAVEN, Conn. (WTNH) – Kids at the Assembly of Martial Arts Academy are learning how to build self-confidence and stand up to a bully at school. 459 palabras más

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