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I have lots of questions.

Throwing a tantrum when we were young was frowned upon, but also understandable. A child may feel misunderstood and confused, and verbalizing needs or wants can be difficult. 628 palabras más

Learn to laugh on yourself! 

Whenever you are bullied by someone, or you become a part of someone’s joke. I know that is difficult to digest for many. Our ego is also important. 378 palabras más

Manitoba family suing school division over handling of bullying speaks out

WINNIPEG — A Manitoba man at the centre of a unique bullying lawsuit says he’s still recovering from years of physical, verbal and online abuse. 586 palabras más


My personal experience with bullies

This is a very interesting topic because it happens quiet a lot in many areas of life & not just for kids, either. I have become very aware lately just how often it happens to adults, which is, kind of scary. 1.532 palabras más


What Some People Do

People do many different things in life. They have different interests and things they would like to do while here in this realm of existence. I always find it interesting to observe the things that people like to do. 920 palabras más

Mental Health

Hate is a Strong Word

When you can’t afford therapy, why not start a blog?

In an effort to sort out my negative feelings about people, events, and myself, I have started this blog to reflect on my past while remaining positive and optimistic about the future. 1.660 palabras más