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The past's portrait of today's problems ... My human's new book is almost here!

WOOF, WOOF, WOOFITY, WOOF! In humanese that’s Hooray, hooray, awesome hooray! The Geezer’s new book will be released in just ten more days. I put the cover in my blog so you could see what it looks like. 300 palabras más



Over the past few days, Munchkin has asked a few questions about bullying. As he’s on his school holiday, I can only assume he’s seen something on the television that has prompted these questions. 416 palabras más

High School - Bad start

My first year in high school , that I was so exited for , lead me to pain , stress and sadness. I never knew that just little things like staring at somebody , been from a differnt country , having a different accent and just by been a differnt person could lead to my reputation been ruined , loss of friends , bullying , disapointments , racism and a lot more. 203 palabras más


Fantasia Festival: Socialphobia [Review]

Socialphobia is the debut feature from Hong Seok-jae who tackles the increasingly disturbing knock-on effects of social media abuse and cyberbullying in South Korea.

In the early hours of the morning, the news for the day piles onto the social media feeds, with the top story being that of a soldier from the army having taken his own life. 145 palabras más

Movie Review

Discrimination vs. Bullying

This is the last time (hopefully) I’m going post about the Adam Goodes booing controversy. A part of the debate has been about whether it was discrimination and how it was handled by the AFL and the media. 318 palabras más

Experiences Of Me And Others

Social Media's Affect on Mental Health

Hi. My name’s Alex Newton and I am a phone addict. You probably think that’s a strong statement – which, don’t get me wrong, it is. 650 palabras más

Defying Shadows

Cyberbullying on the Rise

Cyberbulling is on the rise, especially for teen girls.  According to a study of more than 16,000 Boston-area high school students by the nonprofit Education Development Center, cyberbullying has increased from 14.6 percent to 21.2 percent over a six-year period. 83 palabras más