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Autism, Empathy and Me

 It’s a myth that autistic people don’t feel empathy.

Some autistic people may appear to lack empathy but it’s generally the case that they feel it but don’t know how to respond appropriately. 1.219 palabras más


The UnSlut Project: Redefining the S-word

 The UnSlut Project addresses the stigma around the word ‘slut’ and makes it hard for ignorance to turn a blind eye to the traumatising effects of slut-shaming. 1.546 palabras más


Don't Feed the Trolls: A Writer's Advice on Dealing With Online Bullies

By De Elizabeth

I’ve been a writer all my life, I suppose. If you were to go back in time to my elementary school days, you’d find me creating picture books about cats and dinosaurs. 880 palabras más


"Don’t Let This Defeat You," Says Former Bully Victim Who Shares Her Story

Interview by Brittany Weekley.

Barbara Slenski was bullied from elementary school through high school. This is her story.

What happened the first time you got bullied? 551 palabras más

The Mask you Live In, Documentary Summary

Here’s the trailer:

Not only was this documentary informative, it was also entertaining. I highly suggest it!

It really made me think about my childhood and adolescence and how I’ve been shaped into someone who holds my personal masculinity in high regard. 379 palabras más


"Hi": An Introduction


Honestly I hadn’t really thought I would get this far. Ive spent the last 45 minutes reading how the hell to start a freaking blog and I got more confused than when I began. 136 palabras más


Why Everyone Needs To Shut The F*** Up

Well hey there! Did the strong title catch your eye? Or maybe you’re like hmm I’ve had a lot of shit talked about to me or I’ve actually talked a lot of shit, let’s see what she has to say. 613 palabras más

Caitlin Pilgrim