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Growing Up Intersex: Embracing Teens Who Are Different

“Instead of tormenting those who are different from us, we should be embracing them, and be thankful for their presence.” Mary

As Double Exposure finds it’s way in the world, many readers have shared their own stories with me. 1.239 palabras más

Double Exposure

Bullying In the workplace.

Signs You’re a Bully or Being Bullied In The Workplace

~ Spreading malicious rumours, gossip, or innuendo that is not true.
~ Excluding or isolating someone socially. 202 palabras más


#WCW...on a Friday!

Dear Daughter,

An interruption. ..

Been listening to ‘Valerie Mason John’s Ted Talk over and over and over…

The message is Real…

Don’t Ever Allow ‘Stinking Thinking’ to stay in u… 49 palabras más

Red card for red card?

Heard recently… An employer requiring middle management to monitor specific parts of an employees work and in the event it was not completed satisfactorily required to issue a “red card”. 80 palabras más

Love, Friendship & Bullying - The toughest six months of my life...

This is definitely not easy for me…

It was new year’s eve and I was surrounded my the most important people in my life, celebrating what is one of the most special events of the year for me. 555 palabras más


The Backpack

Once there was girl who always wore a backpack.

The girl was quiet. She had very few friends, but she didn’t seem to mind. She didn’t seem to mind anything. 130 palabras más


Listen by Laurie Halse Anderson

***Trigger Warning***

—With the exception of the first and last stanzas, all the words in this poem come from letters or emails from Laurie’s readers… 425 palabras más