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School was hard for me

Growing up I remember school was hard I was better at drawing than anything. To make it worse I was teased which did not in any way help my self-esteem. 821 palabras más


A Note to Society

Words. Words are used to communicate, to explain, to interpret. Words. They can be long, short, abbreviations. Words. Words are powerful, useful, meaningful. Words make up languages, dialect, songs, poetry, writing. 342 palabras más


If bullying is bad; what is abortion?

If you think that bullying is bad; what, then, is abortion?


Were you ever bullied?

“During my sophomore year at Tom Bean High School I was labeled as a wanna be black person. I was on the basketball team and had multiple black friends from different summer teams I had played on. 79 palabras más

A Voice For Others

Being an advocate often comes at a price.  For some, being an advocate is what they were born to be, for others, it just happens. 217 palabras más

Family And Friends

Victim's Lament

‘Tell your Mum I’m asking after her and I’ll see you tomorrow’.

Nan kissed Julie’s cheek as she was opening the back door. Julie hugged her and stepped outside. 917 palabras más

Pamela Scott

Laura Marie Clark reblogueó esto en Let it come from the heart y comentado:

A lot of people can relate to being bullied in their youth and this reminded me of how hard it was to know the best way to respond. I enjoyed the story even more when I got to the end and read that it had been based on a real incident.

Radical Feminism

Ben, from Meerkat Musings, wrote a great post about Radical Feminism. In it, it sums up my views perfectly on another blogger’s claims, and why I think they’re dangerous (and misguided) towards feminism. 66 palabras más