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13 Reasons Why

I highly recommend the Netflix series, 13 Reasons Why.

It is centred around a group of students at an American High School, two in particular. As is often the way, as the show goes on the characters really come into their own and I think the acting generally is outstanding. 161 palabras más

Mental Health

Bullied For Her Dark Skin & We'll Talk About it on "Conversations Of A Sistah"

She Was Bullied For Her Dark Skin and had a tough time navigating through her elementary school years. The bullying effected her self-esteem so much so, that her mother transferred her to another school. 125 palabras más

Conversations Of A Sistah

A Little Bit of Reflection

Two images of a blonde person, on the left the person is younger with black lettering at the top that says “start of 2013”, the person in this image has long blonde hair, what is visible is falling just slightly over their face on the left side, and continues over their shoulders out of view, they have black boxy glasses on, and a slightly chubby face, they are white, and have a red tint to their skin, they are wearing a grey sweatshirt. 811 palabras más

For My Bully (Collaborated with Sidharth)

Hello my cruel tyrant “friend”,
I wonder when your hate towards me would end.
You laugh, when my pride, you crucify,
I wonder why you smile when I cry? 403 palabras más


Th1rt3en Reasons Why

If you’ve not heard of 13 Reasons Why then you’re not on social media much.

I came across it when I logged onto Netflix one day and saw the thumbnail for it. 597 palabras más

A Poisonous Atmosphere of Fear

One of the things I miss most about teaching children is the way they take you into their confidence.  I have lost count of the number of times I have been called ‘mummy’ (although never yet ‘grandma’, thank the Lord), I’ve been asked if I’d be allowed out to play, and I have had to fill in many, many, many child protection forms in my time.  409 palabras más


Try Not to Get Offended

I found this little gem fetid, steaming pile while on Patheos. Try not to get too offended by my position on the matter.

As a society, we are now…

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