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So You're An Adult Bully?

This is going to be a quick rant.

Bullying.  We all kind of expect to see it on the playground from kids who might be too blunt and hurt someone’s feelings.   279 palabras más

Book Review - Scarred

Scarred by Joanne Macgregor

Sloane’s life was perfect. But after a life-changing car accident, she’s left with an ugly scar on the side of her face and hopefully a fresh start at a new school. 113 palabras más


The Effects of Bullying

Have you ever been told you’re ugly? If you answer yes, then definitely you’re not alone. When I was young, my classmates used to bully and call me “pig” because of my size. 389 palabras más


the confrontation (billy emo threatens jude)

Jude went back to his register with his unshaven face hanging down like Deputy Dog.  The hipster blood was in the water.

Billy Fucking Emo and his two emo cronies approached Jude like bull sharks ready to feed. 302 palabras más


Client Management Day 1 - abuse & shivs

9am client calls are lovely, no?

As a day job, I manage professional clients for a national law firm – but I have never felt the need to  281 palabras más


Why fat people are not important!

So, here you are, the title sure has either enticed you or enraged you. If you are thinking that I am a lowlife lunatic who thinks that fat girls are not important, well, give me a chance to explain myself! 462 palabras más


Amaze Journey: BFFs, Friends and Facebook

My Cadettes went on a campout this weekend to work on their Amaze journey. Being sixth graders I was happy that some innocence is still there! 67 palabras más

Girl Scouts