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selling my entire dropbox for $30!!! over 70 pictures and videos of me and my fat ass ;) come get it while it’s hot…

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Bunny speed dating uk

Bunny speed dating uk

So my friend is looking into doing bunny speed dating for her current rabbit who is in need if a friend. I have heard of bunny speed dating but I don’t know of any places that she can go to do this. 379 palabras más


Be the bunny

One hop at a time
Slowly climb
You’ll reach the top
Just don’t stop
Still, have a break
Or you’ll flake
Try to stick
To just one trick
Until you master
You’ll get there faster


My New Treasure

I love thrift stores.
Long before I ever thought about saving money, recycling, etc, I have loved a good trip to a thrift store.
My grandmother used to load me up onto the bus early on a Saturday morning and we’d go to the rockin’ huge town of Dauphin*, Manitoba, where we’d hit all the rummage sales and thrift stores…and then have lunch before climbing back on the bus with our treasures and go home. 292 palabras más

Daily routine with Amour and Louie

Since my routine changes a little bit since I got the little crazy one, Louie, I decided to update my routine and make a new post about my daily routine with my bunnies. 514 palabras más


Working, Gloomy, and the mix for 1-24-20

Today has been busier than I expected with both materials for Spring and next Fall terms going across my desk and so the day has vanished. 280 palabras más