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Silent movie night in November 2020: "The Navigator"

Please join us on Friday, 27 November 2020, for this month’s silent movie night at Kino Babylon in the 1920s Berlin sim. We’ll be watching “The Navigator”, a 1924 silent comedy directed by Buster Keaton, starring himself and Kathryn McGuire. 61 palabras más

Clowns in Colour

Recently, a whole load of colourised silent films have been appearing on YouTube. I won’t wade into the colourisation debate here (let’s save that for tedious flame wars on Internet forums) but it did get me thinking about genuine colour footage of silent comedians. 660 palabras más

Great Films: Sherlock Jr.

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This is the first silent film I have featured on the series so far. Of all the silent films I’ve seen, this one is still my favorite! 342 palabras más


Happy Birthday to the One and Only

Well, I hate to disappoint you, but today’s post is about….

(Drumroll please)

…. you guessed it! Buster Keaton.

You see, I missed his birthday. It was on October 4th. 65 palabras más


The Recreation

So it was really random but my sister Elisabeth and I decided to recreate a picture of our faves Buster Keaton and Al St. John. 40 palabras más


Movie Review: It Must Be Heaven

Palestinian comedy. The two words together seem like an oxymoron when so much news coming from that part of the world is anything but funny. But that’s where Elia Suleiman has made his mark in cinema. 642 palabras más



I’d like to thank everybody for reading my reviews and hopefully discovering some interesting movies. During the last year, I really enjoyed finding and analyzing forgotten or underrated films. 31 palabras más