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Children of the revolution: Egypt’s grassroots education movement

CAIRO - Mostafa Wafa, 24, recalls the time he was walking through Saft el-Laban – the tough, mostly informal suburb of Cairo where he lives – when a group of children approached. 523 palabras más


SOHRAB AHMARI: Welcome to Startup Egypt

Wall Street Journal: A new entrepreneurial culture is emerging from the turmoil of the Arab Spring.

Cairo — Tahrir became the epicenter of the Arab Spring in 2011. 66 palabras más


Elwani Closes CAVB Refereeing Seminar With Optimism For The Future

2015 CAVB Refereeing Seminar

African Volleyball Confederation “CAVB” President Dr. Amr Elwani pushed referees to boost their performance and raise the sport’s global profile to a higher level on Refereeing Seminar Closing Ceremony in Cairo, Egypt on Tuesday. 202 palabras más


Post 030. Cairo, Illinois

September 24, 2014

Tip: Don’t speed in on Hwy. 57 (or probably anywhere else) in Southern Illinois, the highway is apparently the local government’s cash register. 27 palabras más

Pyramid Power Part Two

On our second day at the pyramids we went alone. First we trekked up to Khafre’s pyramid (the middle one), planning to go inside but it turned out you had to get the tickets at the ticket office. 433 palabras más


From Sesame Street to Sesame World

Like many American children born in the last 45 years, I grew up with “Sesame Street,” which I watched during my own early years as well as in the late ‘80s and early ‘90s when my younger sisters were part of the target demographic. 800 palabras más