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Egyptian Adventure

date: summer 2013 // location: Egypt, Middle East

This post is a throwback to my trip to Egypt. Summer and Egypt, burning HOT. Egypt is located at northeast of Africa and southwest of Asia, its capital city is Cairo. 313 palabras más

Middle East

Today in history: Fatimid Imam al-Hakim was succeeded by his son

The Fatimid Caliph-Imam al-Hakim bi Amr Allah was succeeded to the Imamat by his sixteen-year old son, al-Zahir li-I’zaz Din Allah, on February 13, 1021 1 after a reign of about twenty-five years. 546 palabras más


The Magnificent Seven: The Great Fatimid Rock Crystal Ewers from Egypt

On Thursday, March 10, 7:00 p.m.

Jeremy Johns, Professor of the Art and Archaeology of the Islamic Mediterranean and Director of the Khalili Research Centre for the Art and Material Culture of the Middle East at the University of Oxford, and Dr. 92 palabras más


Lieutenant General Vyvyan Vavasour Pope CBE DSO MC and Bar (Cairo War Memorial Cemetery)

Vyvyan Vavasour Pope was born on the 30th of September 1891 the only son of James Pope and Blanche Holmwood (nee Langdale) Pope.

He was educated at Ascham St Vincent School in Eastbourne and at Lancing College where he was in Seconds House from September 1906 to December 1910. 1.958 palabras más


Little Big Planet - Egypt

Good morning!  As I sit in my office wondering pouring over spreadsheets, lines of codes and thinking to myself… how on earth did I end up working over a weekend?   240 palabras más


Littlebits from poems about strongliving

Sometimes minds come together and make new things in a conversation. Sometimes different people’s poems and stories meet, shake hands, and unseen magic lingers among the warmth… 115 palabras más