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Teaching in Egypt: Our 9-5...err, 6-6

We work for the American International School of Egypt. That’s right, I said we. Becca started working there back in October after she long-term subbed at another local school. 710 palabras más


Cairo’s Metropolitan Landscape: Segregation Extreme

The following is an excerpt from Abdelbaseer Mohamed’s “Cairo’s Metropolitan Landscape: Segregation Extreme” article. Follow the link below the text for the full article.

The urban growth patterns of the Cairo metropolitan area reveal a fragmented city of heterogeneous parts. 379 palabras más


Bomb Blast in Downtown Cairo Kills 1, Wounds 10 People

(CAIRO) — A midday bomb blast in a boulevard in downtown Cairo killed one person and wounded 10 on Monday, the health ministry said. Shortly afterward, a little-known group claimed responsibility for the attack. 321 palabras más

How Islamic is Islamic State group? Not very, experts say

CAIRO — Three British schoolgirls believed to have gone to Syria to become “jihadi” brides. Three young men charged in New York with plotting to join the Islamic State group and carry out attacks on American soil. 1.411 palabras más


Misguided U.S. foreign policy fueled terrorism

They were young and largely impoverished. To find work, they had migrated from their native Egypt to a mid-coastal city in Libya, an unstable country that in recent years has become extremely attractive to agents of the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria, more commonly known as ISIS or ISIL, a group of murderers masquerading as Muslims. 873 palabras más


Live in Cairo

NUT Dance Company-NDC in collaboration with The Italian Cultural Institute in Cairo-IIC present Claudio Curciotti performing an outdoor concert at The Greek Campus, July 7th, 2014 in Cairo, Egypt.


Bomb Blast Near Top Court Building In Cairo

At least nine people, five policemen and four civilians, were injured after a bomb exploded close to a top court building in Cairo, Egypt. 418 palabras más