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Arab Hip Hop - from Local Inspiration to Global Revolution

Hip hop ain’t dead, it never died, it just moved to the Middle East, where the struggle’s still alive.

(Arabian Knightz – Uknighted State of Arabia)
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CNN: Beijing in lockdown for China's World War II military extravaganza

Chinese President Xi Jinping is determined that Thursday’s massive military parade — the first since he came to power in 2012 — will proceed without a hitch. 991 palabras más


Africa, Europe and Asia

My seventh week took me across three continents. Africa, Asia and Europe. The cultures are different in their own little ways in the three different countries I visited, but all three were heavily Muslim countries. 4.784 palabras más

Canada has asked for Mohamed Fahmy's deportation: wife

The wife of a Canadian journalist imprisoned in Egypt says the Canadian Embassy in Cairo has applied to have her husband deported from the country. 177 palabras más