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Lobna Helal: Second Most Powerful Arab Businesswomen


Cairo – Profiling “history-making” Lobna Helal: Forbes Middle East profiled deputy central bank governor Lobna Helal, who they picked as the number two most powerful Arab businesswoman. 295 palabras más


Al-Azhar Professor: Detractors of ‘Fatwa kiosk’ have nothing to do with religion


Cairo – TV anchor Amr Abdel Hamid held a telephone debate on the so-called ‘fatwa kiosk’ initiative introduced by the Fatwa Committee of Al-Azhar’s Islamic Research Academy in metro stations to receive questions from commuters and issue fatwas (religious edict) for free… 360 palabras más

Egypt News

Egypt – A Country with Ancient Cultures Given a Modern Twist

A Mediterranean transcontinental country that spans from the northeast corner of Africa to the southwest corner of Asia by a land bridge – Sinai Peninsula, Egypt boasts of a stunningly beautiful landscape enriched with cultural gems. 766 palabras más


Behind the Scenes of Glamourous Travel

In a world where Instagram acts as a resume, it’s distasteful to display weaknesses, especially in the sector of picture perfect travel.

Though travel encompasses many elements of self-growth, it is only achieved when every layer of your limit is stripped bone-naked. 977 palabras más


Cairo and Luxor Short Breaks

Flying Carpet Tours is offering you the chance to explore the greatest two cities in Egypt with Cairo and Luxor Short Breaks; you will be able to discover the famous Ancient Egyptian Landmarks. 978 palabras más

Hot Desert Sands

It’s July 2013 and all over the news are stories of trouble and uprising in Cairo. The Muslim Brotherhood are attempting to overturn Muhammad Morsi as President. 1.106 palabras más