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Cairo summer vibes are amazing so after the daytime chilling under the sun, I’m going dancing ‘till dawn.

After living in Sweden for some time now, summer holidays means washing and preparing those favourite pieces which were hidden away. 170 palabras más

Enchanted Princess

Islamic Cairo

Saladin Citadel (built 1176-1183):

Mohammad Ali Pasha Mosque (built 1828-1848 AD):

Mosque-Madrassa of Sultan Hassan (built 1356-1359).

Al-Rifa’i Mosque (built first in 1869 and then in 1912). 27 palabras más


Almost Done!

We are close to ending our Egypt journey for this year; less than a month is left! I will miss a lot of things about Egypt when I return, especially the delicious food we eat here. 210 palabras más


History of Egypt

With the help of the Rosetta Stone in discovering the secrets of ancient Egyptian pictographs, Egypt was no longer a mystery. Human settlement in Egypt dates back to at least 40000 BC, when Aterian tools were still being manufactured.  527 palabras más


Arabic Olympics and the World

Recently we went to the Arabic Olympics. There, people who learned or knew Arabic recited Arabic poems and performed skits. One of those I liked the most was a small girl reciting a poem about how innocent people getting killed afflicted loneliness and fear on her. 150 palabras más


A Short Interview On Egypt's Economy

Hello, I recently did an interview with someone that has a great knowledge in Egyptian economy.
1: How do you see the Egypt’s economy in future? 169 palabras más