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Felucca Sail on the Nile River

During the first week of orientation, the school treated new staff to a sunset felucca (sailboat) ride on the Nile River.

From our hotel in Zamalek, we crossed the 6th of October Bridge and followed the east bank of the Nile River, the longest river in the world. 343 palabras más


The Morning Life

We’re the kind of generation where the majority is more of night people than morning ones. However, I’ve grown to be a morning person; mainly because my mum didn’t allow me to stay up late as a teenager. 791 palabras más


This month in history: Imam al-Mu'izz transferred the Fatimid capital to Cairo, promised security for all citizens

Named after the Prophet’s daughter, the Fatimids established their empire in 909 in North Africa when Imam al-Mahdi was proclaimed Caliph. Imams al-Mahdi (r. 909-934), al-Qa’im (r. 544 palabras más


First Days in Cairo

Above: A peek of the pyramids in Giza from the international school.

I have a few photos and thoughts to share from this week. I flew in on Wednesday; redeye from PDX to JFK, nine-hour layover then a 10-hour flight to Cairo. 587 palabras más