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Radiation therapy for prostate cancer

This 9-minute video by the American Society of Radiation Oncology outlines radiation therapy for prostate cancer…

Radiation therapy for prostate cancer was originally published on Chinese Medicine


Interim maintenance (8/19/2019)

I know I promised an update last Odin’s day or Thor’s day,
but it’s better to post on Máni’s (moon’s) day than never post at all… 962 palabras más

Creating a new primary care clinic for cancer survivors

As a cancer survivor, I know how finishing treatment can
feel both happy and unsettling. I was ecstatic to be done with chemotherapy and
radiation therapy, but I worried about recurrence and long-term treatment side… 781 palabras más


Patrick Swayze Cause of Death: How Did the Actor Die?

Patrick Swayze is the focus of the new TV documentary I Am Patrick Swayze. The latest installment in Paramount’s I Am series has led many fans to revisit the actor’s legendary career, as well as the details that led to his untimely death in 2009. 579 palabras más


~256~ protests around the world, lung cancer vaccine, war crime revolving door

You can now watch the first 10 minutes of the Lee Camp New Comedy Special Show for free. Just visit and click Play. ~we are…… 18 palabras más


Wendy and Todd Hartley discuss her recent breast cancer diagnosis

Wendy and Todd Hartley, founders of the Breast Cancer Question and Answer, discussed Wendy's recent diagnosis of breast cancer. Wendy has a normal mammogram 9 … 16 palabras más


What we can do

Do you know someone with cancer? What can we do?

Recipe for coping

Do your best to lighten the load.

How? By accepting the fact that this new normal is not a journey which must be made alone. 39 palabras más