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Life's Storms

It’s surprising to find myself feeling called to write about faith, running, and love when ALL of those things are so messy for me right now. 836 palabras más




Professor Kennedy in her blog today gave us yet another tutorial of how capitalists and socialists paint the shortcomings of the other when in fact they not only co-exist but are blended together in many public initiatives, ranging from social security and medicare to capitalistic allocation of resources in our economy. 376 palabras más

When you can't find the sunshine, be the sunshine!

This is the third time I have sat to start writing this blog and the urge to stop and find something else to do instead of facing this is strong. 337 palabras más

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Do all genetic mutations cause cancer?

Some, not all, genetic mutations are cancer-associated. In fact, more recent research suggests even cancer-associated mutations may be far more common in healthy cells than previously assumed, which only serves to highlight the fact that we still do not fully understand the mechanics underlying the tipping point into cancer. 674 palabras más


Just no GA schools please.

Happy Sunday. Already on to a new week. I do not have tomorrow off at my new job but that is okay. I must say, I have been kind of depressed lately. 951 palabras más



A few months ago I created a survey where people could leave anonymous questions about cancer or my treatment. I know it can sometimes feel intrusive to ask these questions but I hope this blog is informative for you as much as it’s a record for me. 2.210 palabras más

“It is not the length of life, but the depth.” ~ Ralph Waldo Emerson

This quote took on a whole new meaning to me when my father quit chemo treatments two months ago to enter hospice care.

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