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Stock Markets in Developing Countries; Turkey Example

Studying all about the financial markets and how companies can get capital from public is one of those topics I wanted to write for a while. 1.001 palabras más

The Case Against Environmental Regulation

What is the most effective way to create cohesion among opposing groups? Provide them with a common purpose. I propose that, for the opposing sides on today’s environmental issues, a shared love of place ( 1.501 palabras más

Investment Analysis

Investors interested in participating in stock market investing can form a portfolio of stock investments they feel will increase in value. They can sell the stocks at a higher price and realize a profit known as a… 675 palabras más


My top lessons from fundraising for our startup in Africa

After the announcement and news on raising our first external round of capital, several budding African entrepreneurs have reached out to me through various social media channels asking, … 1.488 palabras más



A variety of options exist for personal investment. While we won’t explore them in depth in this blog, I can consider a few common products and concepts. 507 palabras más


Against the discourse of life: Pandemic reflections (3)

Saroj Giri, Pothik Ghosh: in conversation. Death, courage, community. Community of absence. Inoperative community. Marx, Bataille, J-L Nancy, Agamben