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6/1/19 at Palisades Credit Union Park

It was Saturday, and that meant that the gates would open at 4:30 enabling me to see the entire Quebec BP inside the stadium. First, however, I was confined to my usual spot while the Boulders hit: 676 palabras más

5/31/19 at Palisades Credit Union Park

I achieved my own rite of passage by driving to and from this game on my own, the first time I have done so. It felt great parking my dad’s Lexus and walking up to the stadium, but the good feeling quickly went away when I looked through the black metal fence and saw a deserted field and no cage. 544 palabras más

Libro México 123

Libro México

La praxis creadora del artista conceptual se inclina a las palabras y digo cosas que ni mi abuelo toleraría. Que si está mal en pensar que el Gobierno debe funcionar para que quien esté en edad productiva; tenga trabajo y remuneración, y todo el adoctrinamiento, cuando sonaba como alternativa. 1.494 palabras más

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