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Readhead's Top 7 Book to Film

The phrase “the books always better”, while often correct, isn’t always right. I’ve put together a list of a few of my favourites which prove this phrase wrong… 813 palabras más

Izzy Grimshaw


Hoy escuché a Harry Belafonte decir: “Los artistas son las voces radicales de la civilización” y la frase golpeó toda mi mente, no sólo estoy de acuerdo con él, yo también pienso lo mismo. 294 palabras más

Death Defying Gregory Peck-a-long

The ever effervescent Kirsty and I are going to be taking a week in August/September to blog about five of the same books, all of which we have in common on our dangerously teetering to-read piles. 181 palabras más


There are no Bastards in Hollywood

In the fictional world of television’s Richard Castle, (“Castle” ABC)  a group of famous writers gather each week for a friendly poker games. They read each other’s work, offer suggestions and criticism, and generally support one another, all while they play poker. 1.148 palabras más


Foxcatcher (2014) - Bennett Miller

Director Bennett Miller’s films are distinct for its monotone visual palette, cold atmospheres, and bleak narratives. There is an ominous air that permeates through his films that reveals a sense of gravity and portent in contemporary society. 952 palabras más


Author of “To Kill a Mockingbird” has ties to western Kansas

GARDEN CITY, Kansas – Fans of the Pulitzer Prize winning “To Kill a Mockingbird” may know that Harper Lee is planning to release an unexpected sequel to the famous story later this year, but you may not know the private author has ties to the Sunflower State. 318 palabras más


Foxcatcher wrestles with demons

Foxcatcher   ★★★★★   dir. Bennett Miller

In this chilly, complex and exceptionally crafted thriller based on a true story, actors more famous for action and comedy give great dramatic performances. 297 palabras más