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The Beach Diaries 2015 -- #2 in an Occasional Series

A man kisses the forehead of his dog as it rests its front paws on the arm of his wheelchair.

The sky is so insanely, flawlessly blue, with the sea beneath a clear turquoise you feel you could drink and be healed of all your demons, that it almost seems fake. 1.025 palabras más

Review; In Cold Blood

I wasn’t too excited about reading this book, partly because I’d never heard of it, but also because I’d never heard of the author.

I could not put it down, it was absolutely brilliant. 293 palabras más


On Reading a True Crime Novel (and Watching a Great Movie about it)

“In Cold Blood” by Truman Capote is the first True Crime novel I have ever read, and perhaps the only one of this genre that I would read. 336 palabras más


A beginning...

If you are here, you have come to know me through one of my OSHER courses and I probably know you, too, quite well! Thank you for visiting. 182 palabras más

Reaching into the clouds

“It’s a very excruciating life, facing that blank piece of paper every day and having to reach up somewhere into the clouds and bring something down out of them.”
Truman Capote


Life's Too Short

Today I was quite ill in the morning. I think a combination of nervousness, lack of sleep, and some weird bug contributed to it. Though after… 319 palabras más


April and May Book Haul!

Sooooo I’ve been an awful person. Despite the fact that I’ve had absolutely ZERO time for reading what I want to read, I’ve bought more books. 411 palabras más