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Wovember Words: Cloak, Suba, Kepe...

Today’s WOVEMBER WORDS explores different regional cloaks traditionally made from 100% WOOL to protect Shepherds from the elements. Wearing Wool has historically been very important for Growing Wool! 725 palabras más

Growing Wool

Moi pis l'eau, on n'est pas chummy chummy

Hier j’ai fait une crise comme quand j’avais 5 ans.

Je chialais, je boudais, je critiquais, je grognais même !

« J’veux pas y aller !!!!! 681 palabras más

A Subtle Injury

I haven’t had the energy to post on here recently so I figured I’d throw up another old piece of writing. I flew back from Colombia two months ago but still don’t know what to say about it. 1.291 palabras más


October In Review

This October was my first month of freedom since beginning Semester 1 of university in February last year, so I’ve gone a bit crazy in the book department. 819 palabras más


"The Shadows in Truman Capote's Early Stories"

I just came across this article in The New Yorker and thought it was really interesting, particularly since an anthology of his early stories have just been published.  120 palabras más