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"Dilma at the Crime Scene and Making a Pact with Cunha against Car Wash"

Published on the blog O Antagonista:

On July 6th, 2015, a week after the meeting between Lula and Renan Calheiros to spoil Car Wash, Dilma Rousseff called Michel Temer and Eduardo Cunha for a meeting.

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Video: “Why Does Brazil Hate Its [Ousted] President?”

Published on Mar 19, 2016 by Seeker Daily

Brazilians are calling for the removal of their president, Dilma Rousseff, as multiple government scandals unfold. So why is Brazil fed up with its leader?

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"Dilma Government Has Made Wiretaps of Moro and Temer"

Published on the blog O Antagonista:

ABIN (Brazilian Intelligence Agency) has made wiretaps of Michel Temer, Sérgio Moro, and a judge of Supreme Court, according to the Brazilian magazine IstoÉ.

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The Race of Whistleblowers

The blog O Antagonista, citing the Brazilian newspaper Estadão, has reported:

Leaders and former ministers of PT claim that Marcelo Odebrecht, arrested since last year in Curitiba, should give details and provide evidence of contributions from his business conglomerate to the Dilma Rousseff 2010 and 2014 presidential campaign…

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Temer, the Lesser of Two Evils

Published on the blog O Antagonista:

Temer Is Better Than Dilma

Dilma has never dismissed a minister investigated by Car Wash.

It has happened with Edinho Silva, Jaques Wagner, Aloizio Mercadante, José Eduardo Cardozo, Ricardo Berzoini, Carlos Gabas.

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"Who wants to end the Operation Car Wash?" by O Antagonista

The following post is only a translation from the blog O Antagonista, whose words could be mine:

The PT supporters are excited with the recorded phone call of the , Romero Jucá.

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