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Auto Wash Bowl

“The Auto Wash Bowl was built in Chicago in 1924 by The Newway Auto Cleaning & Service Corp., allowing drivers to run around in circles to clean off the undercarriage. 24 palabras más


3 Reasons to Use a Professional Car Wash Mirrabooka

These days, take be alert-it-yourself projects are in. Performing a task apropos your own can often promote you save a fine amount of child maintenance in the long-term. 377 palabras más

Car Wash

What Millennial's Value More: Time/Money?

We’ve all heard the phrase, “time is money,” and many times it is followed with, “and money is time,” meaning you can use your time to make money. 14 palabras más


April is National Car Care Month: Check out these Spring Car Care Tips!

April is the National Car Care Month so what better time to give your vehicle the TLC you’ve been putting off during the cold winter months. 506 palabras más


April Events

Does it feel like Spring yet? We hope so because we have some great events at our Apartment Communities this April. As the saying goes “April showers bring May flowers,” but we are hoping the rain holds off for our outdoor events this month. 115 palabras más


Winston-Salem man puts on a show while washing cars

WINSTON-SALEM, N.C. — Keith Smyre does more than wash cars, he puts on a show.

“I like cleaning them, detailing them and watching how they come out,” said Smyre, who has been doing it for years. 158 palabras más

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Saturday's At Miramar

Saturday was a day of very productive day. I woke at 9 and called my friend Caden. I asked if he wanted to hang out cause I was bored. 347 palabras más