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Bubbles and Afros

No, nothing to do with Michael Jackson, but a mid-seventies classic.  Was there ever a better introduction built around the humble hand clap?  The strings, bass and guitar are top-notch, as well.   69 palabras más

Pop Music

Perfect Car Wash Solution in India is Enhancing the Look and Life of Your Vehicle

A number of car washing operators offers high quality solution to vehicle owners these days. Perfect car wash solution in India doesn’t have to be expensive as they offer the right combination of top of the line services and affordability for maximum benefits. 453 palabras más

My Job

If you have read any of my other blogs you probably notice that I am interested in cars and car care. I started to become interested in auto detailing when I was in high school and got my own car. 506 palabras más

Anime Spot Events - 3/25/15 - 3/28/15

Settle in, Anime Lovers. Anime Spot has a host of events coming up this week.

Event #1

What: Informational Meeting (Psst. Plus Pizza.)
When: … 444 palabras más


Chemical Guys - EZ Creme Glaze

 With the show season upon us we know many of you will be wanting your cars to look at their best, and that means making them shine. 411 palabras más

Car Wash

How To Go Through a Car Wash

I’ve made no secret of my driving pet peeves.

But one of the things I find most difficult about operating a motor vehicle is the car wash. 641 palabras más

Abigail Ratchford... How Much for You to Wax My Car?

Yo, can you feel that? The earth is quaking, the sky roaring… oh yes, it’s my internet and the mother****er just broke again!!

This time, it comes courtesy of Abigail Ratchford aka one of the sexiest women on the planet. 153 palabras más