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Lula Has Charged the Bill from Himself

“If someone has stolen Petrobras, he must pay.” This was one of Lula’s statements last Friday. Of course, he can only be referring to those who were nominated by himself. 37 palabras más

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The Loss of Car Wash Is Getting More Expensive

The Brazilian federal police is making a new estimation of the Petrobras’ loss related to the Operation Car Wash. The new loss derived from deviations with bribery and overpricing may reach R$ 19 billion. 147 palabras más

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The Dilma's Impeachment Is Getting Close

“With her popularity so low, Dilma is vulnerable to suffer impeachment particularly if the investigation about Petrobras finds something linking her to the problem,” said Joe Leahy, a journalist of the Financial Times in Brazil. 116 palabras más

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The Revenge of the Shipyards Will Be the Collapse of Petrobras

In addition to the closing of activities of the shipyard Eisa – Petro One, it must be emphasized that Petrobras had ordered from that shipyard 8 oil tankers at a cost of R$ 1.4 billion. 95 palabras más

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D-Day! con't

1:04 pm, CA-37 N.  Heading to Tahoe for a weekend with our friends the Kawajas.

Quinn, The Empress, already flipping through her new Star Wars activity book.   239 palabras más



9:42 AM.  What a start to the cross country trip!

In the last twelve hours, I’ve comforted the Empress twice due to undisclosed but clearly terrifying dreams; stared at the ceiling; listened to the dogs snuffle in their sleep; written and delivered an 8-page memo of assignments to my team (literally, they asked for it); and read a whole bunch of market research.   102 palabras más