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Can you guess what year this article was from?

The Car Wash. Blogtober 9th.

It’s toddler’s first trip to the car wash, today.

What a splishy, sploshy adventure this will be!

There’s all sorts of fun to be had at the car wash. 93 palabras más


Weird Car Wash News Last Month

Here’s a dose of your weird car wash news for the past month.

Authorities in Mount Pleasant, Pennsylvania say a woman there fabricated a story about a theft at a car wash but her daughter ratted it out. 177 palabras más

Car Wash

Falling snow, bubbly car washes and joy

I am one of only three sophomores on the biology trip to Yosemite. The remaining are seniors and they are not shy about their dislike of me being on the trip. 800 palabras más

Maxol to open new outlet in Dundalk next week

Maxol will open their latest convenience destination in Dundalk this day next week, Thursday October 8th.

The new filling station will be located at Southend on the Dublin Road, opposite Dundalk IT, and will be the 236th Maxol in Ireland. 229 palabras más

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Holy White Hounds get wet in their video "Blind"

by AJ Sugar

Remember that time in 1975 when the Holy White Hounds released a video for their song “Blind”? Wait, sorry, I was confused by this piece of retro-vibe gold; the year is still 2015 (I think), but for three minutes you can relive what I can only assume the ‘70s were really like. 228 palabras más

Play Too Much

A Clean Car Matters: Five Surefire Ways to Keep It Clean.

Have you ever found yourself inside a car that made your skin crawl, or worse yet, felt something crawling on your skin? You may be laughing, but the truth is it happens. 1.057 palabras más

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