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A-Z A/W trends 2015 -Yo Car wash anyone?

Yes am serious…with these car wash skirts I am ready to work !
This is definitely in line with the fringe styles we have been seeing . 63 palabras más


Car Coating: Tale of 2 Cars

Just look at the two cars, side by side.  Hard not to be impressed with Sierraglow…  It looks like the two cars are of different color, but Hyundai only had offered one shade of red.   433 palabras más

Car Coating

Burglar Hits Same Car Wash Twice In Gary

CHICAGO (STMW) — Police are searching for the suspect who burglarized the same car wash two nights in a row this month in northwest Indiana. 79 palabras más


72. Grosvenor Road (1)

Another clear day and a couple of excursions to find more street art and graffiti. I saw enough artwork to keep me out of mischief for some while. 61 palabras más


Car Coating: Spray Paint Repelled

You are about to watch something truly amazing.  Don’t try this at home, but if your car happened to be spray painted by some vandals or some careless workers dropped a bucket of paint on your car….no problem if you have the reknown SG5 car coating by Sierraglow.   182 palabras más

Laugh with me #14

This would probably go down in history as the most expensive car wash in the history of mankind!

This man teaches us all a valuable lesson: “Sometimes one should simply leave the windshield wiper where it is.” 26 palabras más