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Random Acts of Waxing

I just wanted to wash the salt, slag, snow and road grime from my car. So, on Sunday, I drove to the nearest 4-bay do-it-yourself spray and wash where I found at least 7 other drivers feverishly scrubbing the previous week’s snow memories. 626 palabras más

Raised By A Village

All You Need to Wash a Car is Soap, Water and a Baby

At least that’s what full-time dad, Jordan Watson, has convinced his viewers. In his How to Dad YouTube series, Watson provides tips and tricks to parents on how to teach their children to complete tasks such as fetching a beer, cleaning the house, or in this case washing a car. 47 palabras más


A big melt is underway in Lethbridge

For the first time in what seems like forever, temperatures are forecasted above normal this week, which means one thing – all the snow that has accumulated is about to melt away. 280 palabras más


Brazilian oil giant Petrobras opens bidding only for foreign companies

Petrobras has resumed the building work of Rio de Janeiro’s Petrochemical Complex (Comperj) and released a new bidding to build its natural gas unit, which will receive the gas produced in the bay of Santos, from 2020… 142 palabras más


Best Car Wash Services at South San Francisco

It is essential to take care of everything we have for long use. Either it is the vehicle or any other home equipment, all things need maintenance after few days. 289 palabras más

Car Wash South San Francisco

Oswaldo's Car Wash

Oswaldo (short, fat, bushy eyebrows kind of guy), owned a car wash in a suburb. It’s been a family business for four generations now and the whole neighborhood respects its services. 1.645 palabras más