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The Birth of the Pill

The old lady loved sex and had – for forty years – been looking for a way to enjoy it even more.

It’s clear to me that I’ve been reading so much more non-fiction: phrases I use start feeling repetitive.

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Bianco Carrara Marble

The Bianco Carrara Marble Collection or white Carrara Collection allows you to play with colors for your interior. Besides getting a lovely option of pure white on tile, this collection also features a white grey hue to try. 171 palabras más

Marble Tiles

CARRERA Ski Goggles

Early Carrera Ski Goggles in the 1960s, Design Udo Proksch (Serge Kirchhofer), Vienna Austria, Foto Roland Pleterski, copyright Westlicht Vienna

Vintage Sunglasses

Spongebob and Patrick Carrera Go Slot Cars

Got the Carrera Go Patrick Star and Spongebob Squarepants slot cars to try out against Thomas the Tank Engine. Of course accidents will happen:

THomas The Tank Engine