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‘This was the first time she had ever worn an evening dress. She stood for a long time before the mirror. She was so tall that the dress came up two or three inches above her ankles – and the shoes were so short they hurt her.

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Ljeto i knjiga | 4 knjige za ljetno čitanje

Ljeto je za većinu ljudi doba godine kada najviše čitaju jer (samo) tada imaju najviše slobodnog vremena. Često se knjige koje se čitaju ljeti svrstavaju pod zbirni naziv knjige za plažu (jer se knjige ljeti čitaju samo na plaži, a ne na trajektu ili u klimatiziranoj sobi?), a takvo se štivo uglavnom doživljava kao lako probavljivo i bez neke trajne umjetničke vrijednosti. 1.125 palabras más

Carson Mccullers

Lazy Afternoon Reruns: "No Lonelier Place on Earth"

As perhaps the most pitifully lonely and isolated character in Carson McCullers’ 1940 novel The Heart is a Lonely Hunter, the socialist-revolutionary-turned-carnival-worker Jake Blount’s most notable acts are ranting and raving for workers’ rights, often when he is drunk, sometimes violently. 83 palabras más

Social Justice

WWW Wednesday

Time for an update.

Sorry for not blogging much lately. First, the general elections were a distraction. And then the results — oh what results! I am so happy with them and how we finally have a change of government, sixty-one years after independence. 429 palabras más

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Thirsty Thursdays & Hungry Hearts: Her Body Was Magnificent

In my last post I wrote about reading Carson McCullers’ Reflections in a Golden Eye. It contains some rather vivid descriptions of ham, which, like Leonora Penderton, are presented as too much, too rich, too juicy. 853 palabras más

Books & Reading

‘We just been to Sunday School and church. Baby, say the verse from the Bible you learned for your Uncle Biff.’
The kid hung back and pouted.

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Quote of the day...

“The sobs jerked his whole body and quieted his jazz, fast heart”.

The Haunted Boy, Carson McCullers

This line was from a lovely sad little story that I read today.