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Ancient History: The Music Store: An Epilogue to The Heart is a Lonely Hunter

This story dates back to my Freshman year of college. In my Writing 111 class, in which we read Carson McCullers’ classic novel, The Heart is a Lonely Hunter, I received an assignment with the choice of: a) writing an essay, or b) writing a narrative “before or after… 959 palabras más

Ancient History

Just. One. Book. The Night Before a Train

I worked for 10 hours today in the library and I can no longer feel my legs.

It feels like it will be worth it.  Kids were coming in to get their schedules today at Indian Valley Academy. 537 palabras más

Sidetracked by the Trivial

Having somehow put four decades of mostly American existence behind me without having read Carson McCullers’s The Heart Is a Lonely Hunter, I decided to remedy that situation after experiencing one of those weird coincidental combinations of events: namely, having a review of said book showing up on my desk, and my mom sending me one of her spare copies of the novel a couple of days later. 686 palabras más

A writer-editor-teacher's quote of the week #128

“There was something of the conscience of the South in the theme and the characters in the book,” she said. “All of us seek a time and way to communicate something of the sense of loneliness and solitude that is in us – the human heart is a lonely hunter – but the search of us Southerners is more anguished.

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“I’m a stranger in a strange land.” ~ Carson McCullers, The Heart is a Lonely Hunter

12jun16. Tokyo, Japan.


Top Books of the Month

It has been four weeks minus a day since I got home from my junior year of college (!) which means it’s been exactly four weeks since the most dehumanizing test of my life (Physical Chemistry II, anybody?) 964 palabras más

In May I read...

This has been a good reading month, an interesting and absorbing reading month. Here’s my review:

Shamim Sarif – Despite the Falling Snow I only realised when I got this home that it’s a film cover; I picked it up because it sounded intriguing. 771 palabras más