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Carson McCullers, Home for Christmas (#Review)

As you will guess from the title of this Library of America (LOA) Story of the Week, I meant to post on it closer to Christmas Day than I have in fact achieved. 816 palabras más

Women Writers

‘A Tree, A Rock, A Cloud’ by Carson McCullers

A story about growing up and cutting things down to shape, this is McCullers at her coffee-bitter best. Maybe we all enjoy stories where we learn things – not in terms of trivia or pop quizzes, but when we’re allowed to see thoughts and corollaries of actions played out. 104 palabras más

Eley Williams

Weekly Musing: Delightful Reads of 2017

Last week I went my least favorite books of 2017. This week I go over the books which really transported me to another time and place. 1.486 palabras más

Weekly Musings

Classic Southern Fiction Writers

by Chelsea Bennett, Reference Department

Nashville is changing. It’s changing A LOT. And so is our little town of Franklin, one of Nashville’s major suburbs. Since 1980, Franklin’s population has increased more than 500%, which you’ll have no trouble believing if you want to go anywhere during morning rush hour – or lunch hour – or evening rush hour – or a Saturday – you get the gist. 1.068 palabras más

Book Reviews

Fiction is My Playground

Fiction is the playground where authenticity can be developed.  Reading and writing fiction pushes a participant to go through the world as experienced by another.  Fiction can legitimately present the inner-world of characters, letting outsiders experience the turmoil of daily interactions. 153 palabras más

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