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Reflection in a Distant Mirror

One consideration of this essay is that it is best if the reader has some familiarity of the music of Suzanne Vega and has read McCullers’ novel. 3.220 palabras más


Book Challenge 2015 – A Book Based In A Foreign Country: The Heart Is A Lonely Hunter by Carson McCullers

“The Heart is a lonely hunter with only one desire! To find some lasting comfort in the arms of another’s fire…driven by a desperate hunger to the arms of a neon light, the heart is a lonely hunter when there’s no sign of love in sight!”  352 palabras más

Bluebirds on New Year's Day

Heart Isn’t Whole” by David Dunn

The Heart is a Lonely Hunter by Carson McCullers

“The Strength of the Lonely” by Vachel Lindsay… 45 palabras más

Bird Photographs

Week 47 - 2015

So it is officially 2016 and I didn’t get caught up. I also ended the year about 80 books shy of my Goodreads goal. Oops. So I’m going to try to finish up 2015 really quickly, so there may be quite a few posts in a row…. 494 palabras más

What I Read

Christmas Is About Belonging to the ‘We of Me’

Published by — Sadly, in our fragmented society, adults often find families optional.  Not the kids.

In one of my favorite plays, Carson McCullers’ … 939 palabras más

Suzanne Vega keeps Carson McCullers alive

New York singer-songwriter Vega has ‘rewritten’ her intimate one-woman portrait of the novelist and is recording the songs

Good news: New York singer-songwriter Suzanne Vega’s one-woman musical play about Southern writer Carson McCullers is getting a second life. 597 palabras más