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He Can’t Escape

You like dancing when you’re drunk,
I feel like you’re so insane
but you do it so well.

I’m into arts
while you are into drugs. 132 palabras más


Blue Pearls

Blue eyed pearles,
I’m tired cause I see them anywhere.
I thought I could live without them,
so I decided to move to a land. 95 palabras más


A Mauricio, al de siempre.

Hace ya media vida que no puedo hablarte ni puedes escucharme, eso no quiere decir que no tengo nada que decirte, ni que mi vida fluye sin recordarte. 157 palabras más

Sad Music Box

Honey only listens to music
when he wants to cry.
He says that’s the only way he has
to remind me very well.

But when I used to sang for him… 111 palabras más


Perfect Dying Plans

Some nights I fall asleep deep in my bed.
I dream every night about the same,
and if there’s no reason for that,
God would be lying to me. 94 palabras más



Sim, Jesus Cristo, eu sou culpado. Eu estou muito envergonhado pelo que eu fiz, pelo que me tornei. As minhas mãos estão sujas. E Eu jamais ousaria levantá-las para o Santo dos Santos. 149 palabras más

Livros E Citações

Life was Easy

Singing about you is always a good way to die.
I’d fall right on the dance floor in front of you.
And you would let me do it, hell you really would. 148 palabras más