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On Animation Channels and Decision-Making Pt. 1: Cartoon Network

Hey everyone! This is the beginning of a 3 to 4(?) part mini-series where the discussion will be about some of the impactful decisions major animation networks in the United States have made over the past decade in regards to shows. 1.223 palabras más


Samurai Jack is back, back on Cartoon Network.

Okay 50 years has gone past and Jack haven’t age a day. What’s going on with that? Also is Jack getting to the point of being overwhelmed by Aku? 123 palabras más


Okay season 3 of Rick and Morty is being production.

Okay I been checking my Facebook and seen that Rick and Morty season three is starting production and working on episode 301. Theirs no pictures of season three, just pictures of past seasons, there’s no surprise there, because it will be spoilers right?, not or less they want to show pictures of season three, but they might not have any pictures besides the storyboard and the scrip of episode 301.  46 palabras más


Rick and Morty Season 3 Opening Scene-Finally, Let's Get Swifty!

Goodness, I’ve been waiting FOREVER, okay, not forever-but a long time for season 3 of Rick and Morty to come out. I don’t know why season 3 kept getting pushed back because I never looked into it, but finally; it’s coming soon hopefully. 10 palabras más

Daily Cartoon! Teen Titans Go!: S.3,E.10: "40%, 40%, 20%"

Welcome to the Monday edition of the Daily Cartoon! For those of you just joining us, we dropped a new episode of The Car JoeMez Podcast over the weekend! 1.381 palabras más


The Amazing World of Gumball Hijacking | Gumball Hijacking New Episode

The Amazing World of Gumball Hijacking | Gumball Hijacking New Episode

8 Things You'll Only Understand If "Ladylike" Just Isn't How You Roll

  1. Whenever you let one slip out, you have no shame, and actually feel damn proud of it.

2) You either date a like-minded guy who’s learned to accept and embrace your ways… 89 palabras más