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Analyzing The Morning Departure

Header image courtesy of ficpen. (Used with permission) Thank you!

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Alternate History Types

There are five main types of  alternate history, I’ve found. Three are only technical: Alternate Presents, Alternate And Historical But Not AH and Secret History. Two are more firm: Alternate History As Setting, and Alternate History As Genre. 560 palabras más


Sex in Berserk: The Act of a Beast

Hello, fellow otakus!

With much, much further ado, I am pleased to present to you all my first scholarly essay for this site, which I have creatively dubbed Sex in Berserk: The Act of a Beast. 3.471 palabras más


Review: God Of Death

Casca: God Of Death

So I figure I should mention the best Casca book in my eyes. That would be the second, God of Death… 193 palabras más


A wonderful find

So having theorized that Casca bore a lot of resemblance to a sword and planet hero, I found the name Kenneth Bulmer in the mix for “Casca Ghostwriters Prior To Sadler’s Death” (apparently he wrote the Casca books Panzer Soldier and The Mongol). 21 palabras más


Review: Balkan Mercenary

Balkan Mercenary

Although not the latest Casca book, Balkan Mercenary is the most recent chronologically, occurring in the beginning of the Yugoslav Wars. It’s the first book in the series I’ve reviewed that’s written by Tony Roberts, who’s the current official author of the Casca franchise. 237 palabras más


Casca: The Sword And Planet Hero

So I’ve been reading a few more Casca books. During one readthrough, it hit me: Casca is basically a sword and planet hero (think John Carter and knockoffs of that). 109 palabras más