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Wedding License Requirements

As a fiancée of an American Citizen our requirements slightly different from others. As American citizen have a very few requirements.

We got the help from Judge Ester Villarin #02-875-3198; 0908-100-0939; … 475 palabras más

Obtaining a Cedula

July 8, 2016 | 4:25 pm

I went to our Barangay Hall hoping that i could get a Community Tax Certificate/CTC or more commonly known as… 464 palabras más

Business Permit

2016 Project 365, Day 146: Supporting Documents

Photo #146: May 25

Applied for 4 documents today, already have 3 of them. The postal ID will be sent to my given address in 3-4 weeks. 24 palabras más

Se mantiene esquema de venta de productos regulados por número de cédula

La Superintendencia Nacional para la Defensa de los Derechos Socioeconómicos (Sundde) ratificó el orden en la venta de productos regulados por el terminal de número de cédula… 297 palabras más



Now that we’ve moved ourselves, our cat and our belongings to Ecuador, what’s next?  Well, we jumped through the appropriate hurdles to obtain our Visa so the next step is a Cedula.   429 palabras más


Pagkuha ng Barangay Clearance

Barangay Clearance – is a certification that is issued by the barangay council that you are a legitimate residence of that particular barangay. 

Narito ang paraan kung papaano kumuha ng Barangay Clearance. 58 palabras más

Philippine Documents

Not Lost In Translation

As I mentioned in my previous blog, all required documents for an Ecuadorian Resident Visa must be in Spanish.  Given the fact that I found this out one month before my departure, I frantically searched the web for a solution to my dilemma.   906 palabras más