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Starting the Uruguay Residency Process

Before moving we did a great deal of soul-searching and researching (mostly Joe did a great deal of research on Uruguay while I did the research in getting our documents from the US and we both did the soul-searching) and found blog articles, pictures and much much more on the internet about Uruguay.  414 palabras más

Beach Living

Seeing the insult, not the silver lining

I had to apply for a new visa last week. It was three years since receiving my last visa and so I had forgotten about this particular niche of Colombian bureaucracy which is a jab-cross punch combination to anyone’s sanity. 752 palabras más

Stories To Tell

¿Cirujanos de cédula? Estos son los “trabajitos” curiosos de Caracas

Caracas se transita, pero pocas veces se ve. Por eso sus hazañas pasan desapercibidas para los peatones apurados, choferes con retardo y viajeros distraídos. Mira este recorrido por algunos de los curiosos oficios que garantizan el sustento sus habitantes. 465 palabras más


How To Get a PNP Clearance

Do you need a PNP clearance from Cramp Crame?

Actually it was very easy to get one. I needed a PNP clearance as a requirement for my pre-employment. 249 palabras más


Wedding License Requirements

As a fiancée of an American Citizen our requirements slightly different from others. As American citizen have a very few requirements.

We got the help from Judge Ester Villarin #02-875-3198; 0908-100-0939; … 475 palabras más

Obtaining a Cedula

July 8, 2016 | 4:25 pm

I went to our Barangay Hall hoping that i could get a Community Tax Certificate/CTC or more commonly known as… 464 palabras más

Business Permit

2016 Project 365, Day 146: Supporting Documents

Photo #146: May 25

Applied for 4 documents today, already have 3 of them. The postal ID will be sent to my given address in 3-4 weeks. 24 palabras más