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How to Get a Cedula (Community Tax Return) in North Fairview, Q. C.

Cedula is one of the main requirements you need when submitting government documents (such as personal data sheet) and IDs (barangay clearance, nbi clearance, police clearance, postal id, etc) for employment and other purposes. 372 palabras más



So you’re fresh out of college or maybe you just need to be an adult because of circumstances, what’s the first thing you must do? 1.035 palabras más


The Cedula Process in Cuenca

I actually began this yesterday when I picked up my 9-1 Visa, they had me make a couple of copies of my passport next door etc. 203 palabras más



Yesterday we made a huge step towards residency – our temporary residency cards. They will serve as the real thing while everything is getting processed, which should take 2-6 months. 1.420 palabras más


Acostumbrándome a la vida chilena

My first two weeks back in Chile after my weird one-week vacay in the States were pretty crazy. After we landed in Santiago on Monday the 2nd, Katie and I went home to nap for an hour or two before heading to the Súmate offices for our first work meeting. 407 palabras más


I Need a Palanca

The thought of renewing my driver’s license puts me in a bad mood. My experience with the DMV has always been a frustrating one with the long lines and regimented process. 1.360 palabras más

Intercultural Interactions

Junta Central Electoral implementa nueva cédula

El organismo electoral dice que se valoraron como un gran avance las 23 medidas de seguridad que tendrá el nuevo documento y la idoneidad de los nuevos equipos que están en capacidad de imprimir cedulas inteligentes con un código QR, holograma, micros textos, tintas de variación óptica, OVD empotrado, impresión ultravioleta, firma digitalizada, entre otras medidas de seguridad.  357 palabras más