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I Should have been a Thief

I am so bummed! I mean I feel like a really missed my calling! I should have been a thief.

I have learned about some of my very interesting hidden talents since moving to Uruguay. 467 palabras más


Starting the Uruguay Residency Process

Before moving we did a great deal of soul-searching and researching (mostly Joe did a great deal of research on Uruguay while I did the research in getting our documents from the US and we both did the soul-searching) and found blog articles, pictures and much much more on the internet about Uruguay.  414 palabras más

Beach Living

Seeing the insult, not the silver lining

I had to apply for a new visa last week. It was three years since receiving my last visa and so I had forgotten about this particular niche of Colombian bureaucracy which is a jab-cross punch combination to anyone’s sanity. 752 palabras más

Stories To Tell