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Get Cedula Guide

Follow these simple steps to get your cedula on your respected Municipal Building or Barangay Office.

STEP 1: Go to your City’s Municipal Building or Barangay Office. 174 palabras más

What is a Cedula -- and what is it for?

During the Spanish era, one of the highlights of the Philippine revolution was when Andres Bonifacio and his fellow Katipuneros tore their Cedulas to signal the start of the Filipinos’ revolt against Spanish rule. 824 palabras más


How to Get a Cedula (Community Tax Return) in North Fairview, Q. C.

Cedula is one of the main requirements you need when submitting government documents (such as personal data sheet) and IDs (barangay clearance, nbi clearance, police clearance, postal id, etc) for employment and other purposes. 372 palabras más


El peor de los casos- Buenos Aires, Argentina

Miércoles 10 de Diciembre del año 2014.

Ya no es mágico el mundo, extraviamos la cédula verde.

Y de todas las ideas de pasos a seguir, volver a Buenos Aires es la unica opción. 257 palabras más


Perdimos la cédula verde - Merlo, San Luis. Argentina.

Martes 9 de Diciembre del año 2014. Merlo, San Luis – Argentina.

Ema me presta el volante. Se dispone a enseñarme reglas básicas de conducción. 205 palabras más



So you’re fresh out of college or maybe you just need to be an adult because of circumstances, what’s the first thing you must do? 1.035 palabras más



Yesterday we made a huge step towards residency – our temporary residency cards. They will serve as the real thing while everything is getting processed, which should take 2-6 months. 1.420 palabras más