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Dan Aykroyd Helps Young 'Ghostbusters' Fan's Dream Come True

Who you gonna call (to make your dreams come true)? Dan Aykroyd!

The actor and comedian joined forces with For the Win Project and Sony Pictures to make eight-year-old Braeden Rios’s dream of becoming a Ghostbuster a reality. 145 palabras más


Melbourne Band Cancels Splendor Gig After Sexual Assault Claims

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O evento do lançamento da plataforma digital Maputo Info Tours teve lugar no dia 8 de Junho de 2017 no salão nobre do Conselho Municipal da Cidade de Maputo pelas 16 horas. 242 palabras más

Original Ghostbuster Dan Aykroyd Grills 'Ghostbusters' Remake Director Paul Feig

Dan Aykroyd isn’t pulling any punches over “Ghostbusters” director Paul Feig’s deadly budget.

Aykroyd, 64, criticized the remake’s director for spending way too much money on the movie and crippling any chance for a remake. 315 palabras más


Famosos que crecieron en la pobreza

Vivir en la pobreza siendo niño podría parecer un obstáculo inevitable para triunfar. Sin embargo, estas 5 celebridades trabajaron duro y ahora tienen enormes fortunas. ¡Conoce sus historias! 401 palabras más

Telemundo Indy

Dan Aykroyd Narrates History’s ‘The World Without Canada’: Where Would The Planet Be Without Us?

Dan Aykroyd couldn’t possibly be more Canadian.

 The longtime actor was born in Ottawa on July 1 (Canada Day), 1952, to his father, an English-Canadian privy council officer for Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau’s cabinet, and his mother, a French-Canadian secretary; not to mention his grandfather, the Royal Canadian Mounted Police staff-sergeant, and his Royal Canadian Navy uncle — so to say the man was steeped in total Canadianness from the beginning is an understatement. 756 palabras más


Dan Aykroyd Narrates History's New Original Series 'The World Without Canada'

Have you ever wondered what the world would be like without Canada? History Channel has.

A new three-part original documentary series, narrated by Emmy Award-winner Dan Aykroyd, examines the catastrophic consequences and startling global ripple effect if Canada’s contributions failed to exist. 156 palabras más