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Throwback Thursday: It's almost St. Paddy's Day, so...CRUACHAN!

Good lord, what a not-at-all-intimidating bunch these guys are. Either way, hey! It’s Thursday, and that means it’s time for another #tbt. With St. Patrick’s Day coming up next Tuesday, I was feeling like celebrating with a throwback to something Celtic-flavored. 331 palabras más

Daily 'Bang

Saor - Aura

Lately, I can’t get enough of this album. The first time I heard it, I became absolutely entranced. Andy Marshall is the only member of the band, and both albums have been a masterpiece so far. 274 palabras más



Today has been a somewhat metallic one :) I do like to listen to music when I work and so was trawling the internets for something new to play today. 66 palabras más

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Great Music and the Internet

I remember the days when I wanted to get a new music tape (yes, a cassette tape from back in the dark ages) I needed to go to the local record store.   598 palabras más

Life In Motion

Darkest Era release lyric video for Sorrow's Boundless Realm off their forthcoming album

Darkest Era out of Northern Ireland are set to release their forthcoming album, Severance on June 3rd in the US and June 13th in Europe via Cruz Del Sur. 212 palabras más


LEAH and The Illusory

After a brief dry spell, I finally got my writing muse back! For those who have read The Benighted, you’ll be excited to know that I caught my muse by her hair and fought her to the ground long enough to write a few exciting scenes…before she punched me in the throat and took off again.  405 palabras más