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[EN] Ingredients in Korean skincare for acne prone skin

Hello everyone and welcome back to my blog,

Today, I want to introduce to you guys some of ingredients in Korean skincare that is good for acne prone skin. 1.117 palabras más


Centella - yet another silly purchase

In keeping with my penchant for odd plants, today we have a houseplant that I bought last week purely because I had never heard of it or seen anything quite like it before. 322 palabras más

Freaky Plants

skincare scientist: centella

Centella, or centella asiatica, or tiger grass, or the myriad of other names there is for the thing, has been on my radar for some time now, ever since… 426 palabras más


Why Choose? The Latest in Makeup Offers Both Color and Skin Care Benefits

Is it makeup? Is it skin care? Yes and yes! These days, high-tech makeup offers more than just coverage and color.

It’s a light-as-air matte tint that goes on like a fluid and transforms into a sheer wash of powder color. 293 palabras más


Althea Haul & Unboxing

Times they are a’changing in the US for Asian Beauty fans! KBeauty is now available at CVS, Japan Post is banning sunscreen shipments, and Memebox US, the  536 palabras más


February Beauty Favorites: From Tigers to Snails

It’s been a busy month of new beauty, a new job, and wrapping up the latest issue of Composure (my last — sob). But in the middle of what should have been a calm, post-holiday month, I’ve been testing products like crazy, which may account for the sudden itchiness I feel around my jawline. 698 palabras más