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Network Monitor in CentOS 8

Like other Linux distros, CentOS has the commands and tools to monitor a network. Before diving into the network monitoring I will show some changes that are made in CentOS 8 (and also RHEL 8). 480 palabras más

Author Content - Amirul

Vanilla Arch Linux – ‘even a Newbie can install it’ ArchFI ‘n Zen

Truthfully, even a Newbie can learn to install Vanilla Arch Linux, if they are willing to spend 5-10 hours a day…for at least 7 days. I’ve installed it so many times over the past week that I have grown to like this terrible Desktop OS…in fact, I did put it into the #10 spot on the… 681 palabras más


Install RHEL 7 Guest on Centos 8 Server via Text Mode & Kickstart

This session we are going to go over and deploy is using an ISO and kickstart install. This is different than a PXE install and does not require a PXE nor TFTP setup. 456 palabras más


ERROR 2002 (HY000): Can't connect to local MySQL server

Yeah. Very cryptic. I got it when mysql -u root -p. Of course I’m expecting mysql server to be running when I run the command. 287 palabras más


That's Why Iptable Is Not A Good Fit For Domain Name?


Let’s first talk about how it all started with and what we achieved.

It’s all started with a healthy discussion with a team where our team members were discussing many aspects of different fields of technology. 1.567 palabras más