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Redis - Install Redis from tar.gz (CentOS)

These instruction are mainly meant for setting up Redis in a development VM. For me that happened to be CentOS and for certain reasons I was required to install it from a tar.gz. 310 palabras más


The Linux file system hierarchy

A simple description of the Linux system is that

“On a Linux system, everything is a file; if something is not a file, it is a process.” 246 palabras más

Pi-hole Installation on Centos 8 - Pihole Installation (Part 3)


1. Install epel repo and remi repo

# dnf install -y
# dnf install -y

2. Check php module list and Install PHP7.4… 444 palabras más


Samba share mount errors on CentOS 7.7

It should be easy to mount a samba share, but it is not. Have a look first to this Linux mount and umount page. So many file formats, so many… 539 palabras más


How to upgrade AWS CLI on Linux

AWS CLI (AWS Command Line Interface) is a set of tools to manage Amazon Web Services from the command line. New features are being added almost daily, so if you previously installed a version of the tool, it’s worthwhile to upgrade to the latest version. 751 palabras más


Slurm 19.05 install on CentOS 7.7

I’ve already updated slurm once. This time due to some unexpected errors on the package handling, I’ve decided to install it from scratch. Please read the… 435 palabras más


Pi-hole Installation on Centos 8 - Centos 8 Configuration (Part 2)


Before you begin Pi-Hole installation, login as root and turn your selinux into disabled.

# nano /etc/selinux/config

You can also re-configure server ip’s with following command. 231 palabras más