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Fall Mini-Sessions in New York City!

Fall is beautiful in most places, but it’s especially beautiful in the parks of NYC!  A big THANK YOU to the awesome families who have joined us this year in Prospect Park, Central Park, and Brooklyn Bridge Park! 217 palabras más


Targets are short-term, but since life is short too, results are maximized, which is all people need to be happy, because the soul is formed by what you accomplish, whereas what you desire without achieving it merely warps the soul. 123 palabras más


How to find free transport around New York City!

The last time I visited my energetic friend, Lorna Ko, she had a new toy. It was a scooter. Now, I hadn’t ridden a scooter since I was around 4 years old, and certainly hadn’t considered riding once at the age of 36.  280 palabras más


Central Park dazzles in autumn hues

Central Park dazzles in autumn hues under today’s bright blue skies in NYC.


From London to New York

I have returned from my most cherished city…New York.

Every time I go I am not quite sure whether I want to cry, scream or dance on the spot. 1.116 palabras más