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Nissan dibalut APForce MUSTANG

Pameran Nissan dihelat di Central Park hari ini, bagi yang belum ada ide rencana malam mingguan dimana, cobalah Kunjungi Central Park, yang berada disamping Mal Taman Anggrek dikawasan Tomang, Jakarta Barat. 140 palabras más


Mama Mia

What did you inherit from your mother?

  • Your affinity for peanut butter?
  • Your sun-kissed complexion?
  • Your entrepreneurial spirit?

In my case, all of the above, plus something practically guaranteed to extend the length and quality of my adult life: my dedication to health. 306 palabras más


More/Shape Women's Half Marathon

If you would have asked me 2 years ago if I ever would have considered running a half marathon in New York City, I would have said NO WAY. 1.008 palabras más


Central Park (1932)

Dot (Joan Blondell) and Rick (Wallace Ford) are both unemployed transplants, having moved to New York from small, fly-over towns. They meet in Central Park one day, when they share a meal of two stolen hot dogs from a lunch stand in the park. 358 palabras más


central park, nyc.

Wannabe-fro and belgian waffles in Central Park.


Friday Mystery Photo

Easy one today, I think. What is the name of this place?Very

Weekend Update: Well, well. I thought most visitors will know it, not sure why I thought, maybe because it is indeed in the middle of the NYC, in Central Park, at the edge of one of the ponds, little place called Belvedere Castle. 24 palabras más