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The Hustling and Bustling City

The hustle and bustle on the blocks of New York City may seem overwhelming from afar, until a magnifying glass is glided over this beautiful city. 455 palabras más

Central Park

Vegan New York: Desie Khaana (Mysttik Masala) Food Truck

New York, unsurprisingly, has plenty of options for those with alternative dietary needs – raw vegan, gluten free, Paleo, you name it, they’ve got it. But in New York, that comes at a price. 360 palabras más


How Modeling gave me My Confidence Back

Realizing Your Own Beauty is the First Step to Self-Love

By Lucia Rossi

After getting dumped in a 5-year long relationship, you could say my self-esteem wasn’t exactly in a healthy place. 1.598 palabras más

Livin' La Vida Lucia

Just havin' fun

Sunday afternoon at the Central Park, nephews Lucas Acosta and Jayden Espinoza run around the park, one main goal in their little minds: Get the ball and make a goal. 26 palabras más


Travel Guide: New York

New York has been one my favourite cities that I have travelled to, with its fast non-stop pace. You see it on screen all the time which makes it more surreal when you’re actually there. 307 palabras más

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May 4th - 4.9 Miles

Favorite photo of the walk.

Most of today’s walk was spent debating on whether I should start talking about this on the blog. The answer is yes, so here we are. 25 palabras más