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Is The New ‘Space Jam’ Movie Doomed?

Joe Pytka, the director behind the original Space Jam movie, thinks the sequel might be in trouble.

“Don’t do it. It’s doomed,” Pytka told… 192 palabras más


Charles Oakley Says Michael Jordan Hates The Crying Jordan Meme


— The Notorious D.A.B (@paul_fly) May 12, 2016

The Michael Jordan crying meme has taken on a life of its own. What was once a heartfelt moment captured on film somehow turned into the go-to face for…well…anything.

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LeBron James Will Star in Space Jam 2

The rumors of a Space Jam sequel have been confirmed, the film is in the works.

The Hollywood Reporter reports the director for Fast & Furious 6… 82 palabras más


Michael Jordan Once Got Inside Jerry Stackhouse’s Head By Singing Anita Baker

Everyone knows Michael Jordan is one of the best trash talkers to ever set foot on the basketball court. But did you know MJ used to sing… 321 palabras más


New Evidence In Murder Of Michael Jordan’s Father Could Reopen Trial

More than 20 years after Michael Jordan‘s dad James was murdered, the alleged killer’s lawyer is trying to get his client out of jail. 266 palabras más

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La cuestión de la nacionalidad española

La cuestión de nacionalidad no es algo sencillo de responder ni entender. Ni si quiera en Noruega, país que tiene una forma política centralista, es fácil encontrar a alguien que se considere simplemente “noruego”, la mayoría de gente se siente identificada con la zona donde ha crecido puesto que la zona deja una marca para muchos imposible de borrar: el dialecto. 677 palabras más