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Libya Shames ISIS Leader Like Cersei Lannister And Then Executes Him

Source – In a scene of medieval brutality, a jihadi group fighting to control a strategically important Libyan port captured ISIS’s local commander there, paraded him through the streets amid the taunts of onlookers, and then walked him to a gallows, where he was hanged.

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Better Endings with Bunnies: Game of Thrones Beheading of Ned

Reasons for making this:

1- Because I can be a baby when it comes to sad endings,i made a quick sketch of what should have happened at season 1 GOT finale. 41 palabras más

Mother of Democrats

Dear Diary,

This is a great week for the Democratic party. Donald Trump is number one in the Republican polls. They are in self-destruct mode over the… 247 palabras más

Hillary Clinton


La saison 5 est déjà finie, pas ne nouveau livre en vue. Vous êtes  affamés… Pas de panique je suis la pour vous abreuver d’infos exclusives sur la saison 6 à venir! 156 palabras más


How important is 'shock-value'?

Game of Thrones has just recently finished airing its fifth season, looking back on the years, has there been an increase in shock-factor surprises? 796 palabras más


Walk of Shame (Game of Thrones-style)

(Contains spoilers!)

With a film title and a TV show (each reportedly awful), the “Walk of Shame” has reached the status of cultural meme.  But modern walks of shame have nothing on what was beheld in the concluding episode (title: “Mother’s Mercy”) of season 5 of HBO’s… 576 palabras más

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