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The Many Versus the Few in "Book of the Stranger," a 'Game of Thrones' Recap

If anyone’s got more determination than Littlefinger it’s got to be Margaery. She’s been held prisoner in the sept for longer than Cersei was but still hasn’t cracked. 969 palabras más


“Dowager Queen Cersei” praises Paolo Ballesteros’ make-up transformation skills

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Queen Cersei image screen capture of video by Game of Thrones via jenjaesx Youtube channel/Image by Paolo Ballesteros via Paolo Ballesteros Instagram account… 10 palabras más

Happy Mother's Day (2016)

Posting this a few days late, but what the hey.

(And before anyone says it: yes, dads are far worse; Humans in general are just awful)

Cersei, Fish-Sticks, and the 22 year old Gayby they quarreled over.

It pains me. It pains me so much that I’m constantly throwing myself on the floor, crying out to the world all of my problems like some old Sicilian lady mourning the loss of her son. 2.331 palabras más

Friday's Top Five

Here’s the countdown:

5. Say Hello to the Aliens!

Thanks to a fantastical machine that would leave its namesake believing in witchcraft, NASA’s Kepler space telescope has pinpointed more than 1,200 new planets in the universe. 744 palabras más

Little Birds with Giant Mountains in "Oathbreaker," a 'Game of Thrones' Recap

The little birds Varys left when he fled King’s Landing are now in the hands of Qyburn, and all along his little birds were a gaggle of mistreated poor kids. 469 palabras más


Game of Thrones Power Rankings: S6 Ep3 "Oathbroken, Mic Drop"

Each week, we give every episode at least 24 hours to breathe and for you to get caught up. After that, you’re clicking at your own risk. 2.659 palabras más