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Mothers in Game of Thrones

So intoxicated am I with this subject, I can no longer enjoy my favourite TV show without analysing Martin’s portrayal of mothers.

Watch the video and let me know your thoughts!


Why I don't like book!Cersei

I have seen a lot of readers, especially women, claiming Cersei to be theri favorite PoV, and how they ‘love to hate her’ etc etc, but post ASOS, I find nothing feminist in Cersei, but quite the contrary. 218 palabras más


Winter is Here. Waiting on Game of Thrones!? Me Too!

So it’s been cold lately. Not Winterfell cold. But cold enough to get me thinking about the possibilities of the new Game of Thrones season that everyone (myself included) spends the early months of each new year anticipating! 557 palabras más

Game Of Thrones

Social Medea: "Into this busy scene stole the Princess Medea..." -Edith Hamilton

So we got a review that wasn't a review, but we'll take it anyway. Can't please everyone. Just like this Jesus.

— GB Gabbler (@CircoFootnotes) …

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Social Medea

Hell Hath No Fury...


Do not think me weak,
I’m no helpless bird
No damsel in a window; 
The worst is just beginning.

I’m a woman, boy,
have you not yet heard? 8 palabras más


The 5 Biggest Butterfly Effects in Game of Thrones

Anyone who’s read and/or watched HBO’s ‘Game of Thrones’ has drawn one irrevocable conclusion; That universe is F*cked. Honestly, I’m not even sure F*cked is a strong enough word. 1.601 palabras más


the two new throne rooms

Searching in the web, it is possible to find any kind of things. Everybody, when traveling, use to post the pictures of the places they visit. 379 palabras más