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There is something magical about a sunrise. Its is often said that the hour before and after a sunrise/sunset, is a key time to take great photos. 93 palabras más


Escuchar (patrones grupales para mejorar empresas, equipos y grupos)

Escucha con genuina curiosidad, dando la bienvenida a la expresión de los pensamientos, opiniones y especialmente los sentimientos. 

Cuando prestamos atención con todo nuestro ser, más allá de las palabras, la gente se siente escuchada y su energía se mueve hacia nuevos canales, tejiendo conexiones con naturalidad. 738 palabras más


Part of Africa belongs to Spain.

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There is small part of morocco that belongs to the boundaries of Spain. Two major cities Ceuta and Melilla are in land of morocco but controls by Spain. 152 palabras más


Red Fed’s Successor - Has Spain Spawned A Male Merkel?


Filthy savage migrants amok after violating the Spanish border


    • Thanks to the commenter who propelled me into seeing what I have on Josep Borell, who has replaced the unrepentant communist Red Fed Mogherini as the EUSSR’s ‘High Representative’ for foreign affairs.

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Ceuta: A Spanish geopolitical advantage, a loophole in the trade laws or another spot of exploitation of the poor?

“If ever this trade stop, we in
Morocco will start eating each other”, said the porter Abdelkader.

For people like me who aren’t familiar about this place, Ceuta is a tiny Spanish autonomous city in North Africa, separated by the mainland Spain by just 14 kms. 680 palabras más


Day 2: Ceuta-Tangier

I too was hoping for good Med climate to take over soon on this trip. I know, it’s only February and it’s the coast but still. 1.245 palabras más


Day 1: Kraków-Ceuta

I don’t get bored on my trips. There is always so much to see and to do and to read, even on long bus journeys, that I often run out of time. 1.036 palabras más