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A week in Peru

So you have one week to explore Peru, one of the most beautiful countries in South America. Where do you begin?

With a tight flight itinerary, we crammed in a huge amount and found a country that had it all. 1.549 palabras más

South America

Marea Ceviche Bar

Para los que les gustan los mariscos, en Santa Ana hay un lugar pequeño, acogedor y rico donde podrán comer este tipo de comida. Les hablo de… 82 palabras más


Crazy For Ceviche

We still don’t have gas, which means we still don’t have a usable stovetop – sad. I wasn’t sick of peanut butter before and I still think I’ll be fine, but when it’s on mushy bread instead of firm toast, it changes the relationship. 1.842 palabras más

Fun With Friends

Serrano Honey Shrimp & Avocado Summer Salad

One of my favorite things about summer is the crisp, fresh, and delicious foods we New Englanders are finally surrounded by. This summer salad is a bit of a riff off of ceviche with the exception of the fact that I cooked the shrimp. 386 palabras más


Summer Vegetable Ceviche

I was at a get together recently and a friend, who happens to be vegan, brought what he called Vegan Ceviche.  This sounded interesting to me since ceviche, as I know it, is a delicious concoction of raw seafood in lime juice with onion, tomato. 304 palabras más


Happy Friday the 13th...

Paraskevidekatriaphobia sufferers need not attend…

Well for our July event it will take place on Friday 13th July – we are not superstitious and hope you aren’t either!  423 palabras más


The Travelogue Part 2: La Cevicheria

There are many things that Anthony Bourdain has done, that I will probably never do. Managing to sound eloquent with a camera pointed at his face, is one. 1.030 palabras más