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Pastuso, Melbourne

Over the last few months, I’ve had the privilege to get to know a fellow colleague from the United States, who has been working in Melbourne on a short-term secondment. 994 palabras más

Places To Go

Tropical High at CRSSD

Happy Sunday! I am in such a productive and happy mood today! Decided to sit down and blog about the last couple of weekends. I love being able to read my blog when I am feeling down or need something to inspire me! 132 palabras más

Chotto Matte, Frith Street

A couple of weeks ago a spontaneous lunch in Soho led me to Chotto Matte, a Peruvian-Japanese hot spot situated on Frith Street in Soho. This hip urban restaurant has walls adorned in colourful pops of graffiti whilst still retaining an underlying sleek sophistication. 450 palabras más

Ceviche with lychee - pomegranate salsa

Two weeks ago Martin made ceviche. To see inspirational recipes, check below.

Today Martin and me are heading for the Swedish Island Öland for a celebration of Martins grandfather turning 70. 156 palabras más



SINGAPORE – Back in Singapore, everything was lackluster. Food lost its flavour, drinks lost its quench, and I lost my energy. You might think that I’m exaggerating or overreacting, but perhaps for someone who had virtually lived under a rock her whole life, it’s pretty tough to adjust. 583 palabras más

Silvi's  "Seductively Seaside" Ceviche

Ceviche is a delicious, fresh seafood dish traditionally made with a firm fish however it can also be prepared using other critters that swim, float, or scurry about in the ocean or freshwater environments. 575 palabras más


Scallop Ceviche

I have always wanted to try my hand at a ‘not cooking’ recipe. I figure I should allow my oven, stove, and even my microwave a break every once in a while. 147 palabras más