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What’s Good Here?

If you have been reading my blog for a while now, then you know that one of my true passions is food. All kinds of food, weird and classic, traditional and experimental. 1.342 palabras más


Ceviche Peruano

This month for the Recipe Redux we were challenged to make something inspired by our travels. I immediately knew I was going to share a recipe for ceviche! 276 palabras más


El Camello Jr.

This is the place for cost-conscious ceviche in Tulum. The service is friendly and helpful, the atmosphere is casual and open and the seafood feast is good and priced for you to return. 25 palabras más


Los Tios Grill, Del Ray

Hot weather equals cool food.  Checked out Los Tios Grill in Del Ray/Alexandria, VA (just outside of DC) recently.

The first thought of cool when walking into a Mexican restaurant is a margarita.  235 palabras más

A Postcard from Lima (FT Weekend)

Villa Maria del Triunfo, one of the Peruvian capital’s most underprivileged and crime-blighted neighbourhoods, seems an unlikely place to seek out fine food. The streets are dusty, the pavements cracked, the roadside buildings lurch violently in different directions. 690 palabras más

Matthew Bremner

Saline Ceviche Bar

I am so bad on writing my blog post.  The course at Ferrandi Paris was actually finished last year and I successfully graduated at the end of 2015. 623 palabras más

Culinary Art

South America, Pt. 3: The Two-Caipirinha Screamer

  • Just a quick heads up — I started writing this weeks ago, but thanks to the hassles that came with packing to leave New York and unpacking again when we arrived back in Singapore, plus dealing with jet-lag and working, it’s been difficult to find the time to continue this post until now.
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