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Chicha pa Ti, Huarike pa Mi

Trabajo todo el día con temas de percepciones, evaluando y descubriendo qué le gusta o no le gusta a una persona, maximizar la llegada comunicacional, entre muchas otras cosas que están relacionadas al marketing. 788 palabras más


South American Food: Ecuador

Ecuador’s diversity is unmatchable it has a coast,  Andes mountains, the Amazon, and the Galapagos Islands. So the food has to match…

Bolon, bistec, and egg… 16 palabras más


How to Make Ceviche, Mexican Style.

Healthy to the point of healthy and delicious. ;-)! By Lupita Peimbert @Lupitanews #Lupitanews.


Chicago - 7/23/16 - Tanta, Honey's & the Office

I have craved ceviche almost every day since this lunch at Tanta.  Thankfully it is finally fall as I never found anything that was a good substitute. 279 palabras más


Maya Cuisine 

I am so glad I work close to this restaurant. Maya Cuisine is a Mexican restaurant located in Northeast Minneapolis. I tried their shrimp ceviche and oh boy it was a large plate of delicious food. 9 palabras más

Eating Out

Innova - 'Kaya

Y regresé… Tenía que regresar (aunque en verdad siempre regreso) a mi lugar preferido para ir a almorzar, ya que si abriesen de noche, ahí también estaría. 437 palabras más


Week 8: 30 foods before 30

Another quiet week on this list again, but I’m getting there!

7. Ceviche

We went to las iguanas and I had ceviche as a starter. I really liked the flavour, but I wasn’t a fan of the texture. 61 palabras más