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Ceviche de St-Jacques & saumon

Au rayon frais, choisissez de belles coquilles Saint-Jacques et un filet de saumon (2/3cm d’épaisseur) sans la peau.
Coupez les Saint-Jacques et le saumon en gros dés de 1cm² et couvrez de jus de citron vert dans un grand bol puis laissez mariner 30 minutes au frigo. 120 palabras más


Any one up for a ceviche?

Its origen is not clear, it may be from Peru or Ecuador. What we do know its an easy fast meal or appetizer that’s going to be the next hit at your table. 401 palabras más


When life hands you limes, make ceviche!

You all know the expression: when life hands you lemons, make lemonade. It really means that you can turn the circumstances of your life into opportunities. 564 palabras más


“Tucunaré” ceviche

The tucunaré is one of the most famous fish of the Amazon River. With juicy meat, it is served fried, whole or in filet, or in broths and grilled. 122 palabras más

Brazilian Cuisine

Day 2: Cartagena

Our AirBnB! Our balcony is the one diagonally up and to the right of the one where the laundry is out.

Around 10am we got ready and headed out to Crepes and Waffles for breakfast. 478 palabras más


Limon: 4, Lokanta: 2

Finally had a chance to visit the two new kids on the block: Limon Rotisserie and Lokanta – situated side-by-side on “becoming trendy” Locust Street in downtown Walnut Creek. 574 palabras más

Walnut Creek


My first exposure to comida Peruana was during a year a spent living in Buenos Aires. It was by total accident. Late one night I found no restaurants open to eat at. 676 palabras más