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Which Restaurant Had the Best Leche De Tigre?

We love trying Leche de Tigre or Tiger’s Milk in English! It is a spicy, citrus marinade, sort of like ceviche with some spice. Each restaurant we have been to makes it so different.  79 palabras más

Peruvian Ceviche

From: Peru

Ceviche (or cebiche), at heart, is fresh fish marinated in citrus juice. There are different varieties across South America, but today we are looking at Peruvian ceviche, a zesty, refreshing dish with plenty of personality. 382 palabras más


5 Things You Need To Do In Lima, Peru

If you are traveling to Lima on your way to Cusco and Machu Picchu, do not forget to do these 5 things in Peruvian capital. Lima is most of the time underrated, given the fact that the heart of Peruvian tourism lies far away from the coast. 482 palabras más


Ceviche med Pasjonsfrukt

Ceviche smaker nydelig, er lett å lage, og dessuten supersunt.

Ingredienser (4 porsjoner):
En halv SALMA-loin
50 g skrellede reker
1 ss fersk koriander, hakket… 99 palabras más


Tacos, Tijuana- Ventura location

I am starting my taco tour guide with one of my favorites- Tacos Tijuana on Ventura. Many people have discovered this gem through the news that it received when Bernie Sanders visited last year. 193 palabras más


A lot of Balconies, Cerviche and Dancing in Lima

Our love of Lima was characterized more by what we did, rather than any of the things we saw. There are lovely buildings, cathedrals and plaza’s in Lima but our main memories of our time there will be watching the Peruvian national football team taking on the formidable Argentines in a local ceviche restaurant and watching/listening to live traditional ‘Jarana Criolla’ music whilst locals dance the night away. 1.075 palabras más


Butterfish ceviche

Item: Butterfish ceviche
Date: July 1, 2017
Location: El Pasaje, Seville, Spain

I’ve only ever eaten butterfish in sushi/sashimi form but this was the first time having it as a tapas in Spain, in the form of a “ceviche”. 12 palabras más