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Existe una ventana que divide el laboratorio de sabores, texturas y colores que ofrece este restaurante, en ella se puede leer: “Un lugar donde el vino se toma con el alma” y justo todo lo que sale de ahí lleva un acompañamiento cuidadosamente recomendado por la experiencia del equipo de trabajo de Vino Mundo, de esta manera la frase cobra sentido, crea experiencias a través de las emociones a las que cada invitado se ve expuesto en este acogedor lugar. 302 palabras más

Blood Orange Tequila Grouper Ceviche

*Yes, this is a summer receipt right here in winter time, but here in the South- we pulled it off in the last of the “shortsleeve days”. 466 palabras más
Good Life

Peruvian Food Revolution

It’s amazing how things can change; all the history, geography, agriculture, weather, traditions, flora, fauna placed on one single plate. My grandma was right “food is always the best way to engage people”. 552 palabras más


Ceviche Tostadas for Breakfast, a Travel Dispatch in Roads and Kingdoms

Roads and Kingdoms is an award-winning online travel journal/magazine that I’ve been a fan of for a while now. In today’s edition of their Breakfast series is a travel dispatch that I wrote while on a recent trip to northern Baja, Mexico, with a brunch stop in Ensenada. 47 palabras más


Peruvian Ceviche

As a Peruvian myself, nothing beats the taste of fresh ceviche. I have tried all sorts of dishes while eating at several of Peruvian restaurants, but nothing would ever beat my dad’s homemade ceviche. 255 palabras más


A year in the life 2016 #268: dinner by the ocean

We went to dinner at a lovely restaurant on the beach called Cala. Saw the sun set in the taxi there and arrived at twilight. 80 palabras más

Senor Ceviche: A Peruvian Paradise

Generally, a food court is the last place you want to be having a meal in. They have a reputation for being the home of perfunctory fast-food joints placed in the corner of a mall to keep you shopping longer. 93 palabras más