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Petroglyphs and more

We decided that we really had to do a bit of exploring in this area, particularly knowing that a short distance away, and a very decent hike …. 579 palabras más


Week 52 : Chicha (Peru)

One of my good friends from uni is half Peruvian, but prior to this week’s visit my only knowledge of their cultural exports were pisco sours and  Paddington Bear, and I’m pretty sure that Paddington is more of a British invention anyway. 652 palabras más

Blue C Sushi, Hollywood

Revolving sushi bars are a lot of fun. You sit at a bar with a conveyor belt which is constantly bringing you sushi and treats. In Australia, this invention is referred to as a “sushi train,” which is actually pretty accurate: the belt is on an endless loop, like a toy train set that was caught in a net and dragged along the ocean floor, collecting all manner of sea life and larger fish and even mammals who were minding their own business, but, NO! 326 palabras más

Stu's Review

Arriving in the land of Incas & Pisco

I could feel it in air amidst the pitch-black midnight sky – a distinct warmth that signaled it was springtime in the Southern Hemisphere. We landed in the Aeropuerto Internacional Jorge Chávez after midnight and hopped in a cab that took us to my future in-laws’ family home. 809 palabras más


Boyle Heights: Pozole at Puertos del Pacifico

I recently read an article about Puertos del Pacifico in Boyle Heights so I decided to check it out. I grabbed an old high school buddy who has a nose for neighborhood joints to join me.  456 palabras más



Homemade fried tortilla chips and ceviche in my house on Fridays. It’s a glorious. glorious way to spend a Friday.

I find shrimp to be one of the best, and easiest, ceviches to make at home. 76 palabras más


Peruvian Cousine @Andina

Andina is one of my favourite restaurants in London. They serve fresh Peruvian street food with the focus on ceviche. Many of their dishes are gluten and dairy free dishes and you don’t even have to ask for a different menu, you have a sign next to the dish. 59 palabras más