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Cactus Club on Point

Hey guys,

“Happy Monday,” or so they say. The weather’s dull, the temperature feels like October, and I feel like I’m being ripped away from the summer that was teasing me all year while at school. 974 palabras más



I’ve been wanting to write about this new restaurant the “Salt & Silver Zentrale” straight after their opening in Hamburg last Friday. But after 8 Mezcal Mules and 12 Margaritas à la Tobi (you guessed it: more Mezcal) and some good old “Mexikaner” shots I was, let’s say, somewhat incapacitated for a few days. 391 palabras más


Recipe: Vegetarian Ceviche

Hey everyone :) I learned another recipe from my host family this past week: ceviche de coliflor, otherwise known as vegetarian ceviche. This recipe replaces seafood with cauliflower florets shredded into fine pieces and is great as a meal when the weather is suuuper hot! 170 palabras más


Peruvian Style Ceviche

I tried my hand at ceviche for the first time.  It was inspired by this Peruvian Ceviche recipe from Christopher Kimble’s Milk Street Kitchen. Yes, that Christopher Kimble, from America’s Test Kitchen and Cook’s Country fame.   392 palabras más


Exploring Chichén Itza - Los Angeles

We wandered into Mercado la Paloma because we were bored, hungry, and heard live music drifting out and decided to explore. Inside, the band was playing something lively, families were eating, dancing, laughing, and even the servers and busboys had a little rhythm to their steps. 292 palabras más


Chamico's (ceviche on the beach, Yucatan peninsula)

One highlight of a spring trip to the Yucatan peninsula was spending a post-cenote-snorkeling afternoon at Chamico’s, a small restaurant on a beach about a 25-minute drive from Tulum: 63 palabras más


Apple Ceviche

Today is Apple Turnover day but as I have not been successful baking with coconut or almond flours, I did not attempt making a turnover. I found this refreshing ceviche created by Gustavo Pinet, executive chef at the Resort at Pedregal in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico. 93 palabras más