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Peruvian Food & the Mercato San Pedro, Part 3

What do the US Civil War of the 1860s, cotton picking, Chinese migrants, a Japanese insistence on six minutes, super-aggressive Californian trout and a terrible rain storm have to do with Peru, let alone the development of Peruvian cuisine? 1.257 palabras más


A trip to remember

If you haven’t noticed, literally everyone and their moms are traveling the world right now. I’ve been wanting to travel to all these places but with my hectic work schedule, I am only allowed to get few days of vacation days for the year. 348 palabras más

Around The World

Peruvian Food, Ceviche & The Mercato San Pedro, Part 2

Chef José Luis proudly proclaimed in a candle lit corner of his Uchu Restaurant, over an incredibly beautiful dish of ceviche, “In Peru we do not eat. 2.060 palabras más


Entrada 3: La Comida

En el restaurante de “José” la gente era muy agradable. Leía el menú, cuando el camarero le preguntó lo que me gustaría comer. Le dije “ceviche”. 54 palabras más


Whole30, Lucky Day 7

I didn’t blog through the weekend, but I have faithfully kept a food diary and been writing down how I’m feeling.  I’ve also posted some delicious pictures of the food I’m making on my Instagram feed, reluctantly_green.   675 palabras más


She Eats Ceviche

For those that have not had the pleasure of indulging on this seafood dish popular in the coastal regions of Mexico, Ecuador, Columbia, Chile, and Peru, you are missing out on a delectable, good time.   1.452 palabras más


Caffeine connections

September turned out to be a packed month and given we are mid-October already, you may all rest-assured that I have plenty to post about over the coming weeks. 681 palabras más

Expat Moments