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Darwin for Climate Action - improving watershed management from Morocco to Bolivia

In the second of our climate resilience themed blog posts (read out first one here!), we take a look at the different watershed management approaches used by projects to address both climate change adaptation and mitigation. 919 palabras más


Mapping the extinction debt in the Chaco

Although my heart beats for temperate forests, collaborating with Asunción Semper-Pascual took me for once (alas, only figuratively) to the tropical dry forests of the Argentinian Chaco, to do research on a very important questions: 293 palabras más


Friday, January 5th - Shoes

Friday of the Second Week of Christmas – Year 2
Psalm 2, 110
Jonah 2:2-9
Ephesians 6:10-20
John 11:17-44

Ephesians 6:10-20

Not all shoes are created equal.  541 palabras más


everyone loves cinnamon

This post was originally going to be entitled, “miss(ing) Cinnamon,” because Cinnamon was away and we missed her. But as is usually the case, the farm keeps moving, even if I can’t keep up with it. 1.032 palabras más

Favorites in Archaeology: Chaco Culture National Historical Park

Check out the ARCH365 episode! You can listen to the episode on the Archaeology Podcast Network or download it from iTunes.

It’s a quiet and remote place in northwest New Mexico, surrounded by sandstone cliffs. 1.145 palabras más


Interior Secy. Zinke is Albert Fall and other writings on energy/public lands

In a harried attempt to keep up with the Trump administration’s assault on public lands, I’ve put out a flurry of articles in the last week or so, concerning Bears Ears National Monument, oil and gas development in the Chaco region, and so on. 651 palabras más

Trump has declared war on Chaco Canyon

[ ] Via NYtimes |

In the remote high desert of northwestern New Mexico lie the threatened ruins of Chaco Canyon, arguably the most significant cultural site on public land in the United States. 589 palabras más

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