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Interior Secy. Zinke is Albert Fall and other writings on energy/public lands

In a harried attempt to keep up with the Trump administration’s assault on public lands, I’ve put out a flurry of articles in the last week or so, concerning Bears Ears National Monument, oil and gas development in the Chaco region, and so on. 651 palabras más

Trump has declared war on Chaco Canyon

[ ] Via NYtimes |

In the remote high desert of northwestern New Mexico lie the threatened ruins of Chaco Canyon, arguably the most significant cultural site on public land in the United States. 589 palabras más

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of llama and lambs

Here’s another guest post from Ron. Not sure about the ratio of “regular” and “guest” posts in recent months, however.

Diego the llama has been with us for several months now, and I have spent a fair amount of time observing the interactions between him and our flock of Navajo Churro sheep. 738 palabras más

On oil, milkshakes, movies, Albert B. Fall and Ryan Zinke

Surely the most famous monologue in Let There Be Blood, the 2007 Paul Thomas Anderson film about a California oil tycoon, concerns a milkshake. In a truly bizarre scene, a drunk — and possibly hallucinating — Daniel Plainview (Daniel Day-Lewis) tells Eli Sunday that the mineral rights he wants to sell are worthless because: … 1.323 palabras más

Gear Review - Chaco Z/1 Classic

Most people are familiar with the Chaco brand these days, but if you aren’t, meet the Chaco Z/1 Classic. It could be one of the most versatile pieces of gear in your bag, or even your closet. 704 palabras más

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The Inescapable Chaco Tan


So, over the summer, I worked at a youth camp in Bowling Green, KY. Working at this summer camp can probably be at least one blog post in and of itself. 224 palabras más