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Nije self-help | 8 citata poznatih pisaca koji tjeraju na razmišljanje

Sa svih strana smo okruženi self – help knjigama svjetski poznatih autora koje nude jedinstven recept za sretan život, life coachevima koji tako uvjerljivo govore o važnosti pozitivnog mišljenja, instagram citatima koji sažimaju životne mudrosti u kratke rečenice koje bi nas trebale natjerati da se ujutro dignemo iz kreveta i opalimo šamar životu. 619 palabras más

Virginia Woolf

Charles Bukowski

naturally, we are all caught in
downmoods, it’s a matter of
chemical imbalance
and an existence
which, at times,
seems to forbid
any real chance at… 23 palabras más



Be careful to stay away from those who hide their true thoughts. But what if a person has turned duplicitousness into an art form?

Thoughts and deeds are two separate entities; they are boxers circling each other in the ring, looking for an opening to slip through. 274 palabras más


5.11.19: Into Thin Air

“When you glance at that one ant in your apartment, watching it casually walk along your windowsill or tabletop…and that’s when your sight focuses and you suddenly see the others.”

725 palabras más

Being a fraud

Sometimes I write shitty poetry,

and throw out words from the top of my head.

Sometimes they rhyme like a children’s book

and sometimes they don’t, they just end. 84 palabras más


Sour Grapes - C. Bukowski (Ekşi Üzümler) - Çeviri

“Her şey bitti”, dedi, “Kaybettim”
“Belki de hiç senin olmamıştı”, dedim
“Benimdi”, dedi.
“Senin olduğunu nereden biliyorsun?”, diye sordum
“bilirsin işte”, dedi, “o kadar”
“ama benim hiç olmadı” dedim ona… 83 palabras más


Happy National Great Poetry Reading Day

Two good poems read by celebrities:

The Laughing Heart, by Charles Bukowski

your life is your life
don’t let it be clubbed into dank submission. 170 palabras más