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Charles Bukowski, 1920-1994


don't undress my love
you might find a mannequin:
don't undress the mannequin 
you might find
my love. 
she's long ago
forgotten me.  562 palabras más

Tank - Don't Walk Away

“Sembra che le donne più belle scelgano sempre gli stronzi più tremendi, i fasulli più evidenti. credi che io sia geloso o che abbia una visione delle cose un po’ distorta? 87 palabras más


Pondering on Suffering


Life is Dukkha (Suffering).

 — The First Noble Truth in Buddhism.

Whenever you are suffering greatly and are unsure of your ability to make it through, consider recalling the worst moment you’ve ever personally endured within your life experience. 747 palabras más

311 California Street

I once lived in a two-story palace in Gospel Swamp
with Her and our two little girls;
it had two stories and two small bedrooms, 187 palabras más

Creative Writing

WWW Wednesday June 20

Thank you so much to everyone for how kind you were about the Bookshelf scavenger hunt! I’m so grateful that so many of you took the time to read it, and hopefully, it made you want to read some of the books! 636 palabras más

Creative Writing

Sunsets are Stupid

Depression is a fucking asshole. I feel like I’m constantly battling my own brain and there’s nowhere for me to stop and take a break and get my bearings. 590 palabras más


Bukowski Sycophants

When I was little, I had this intense fear of being just another brick in the wall, another ordinary person. Sometimes I’d go to other people’s houses and I’d see sun bleached plastic toys strewn across tile floors and kitchen tables piled high with bills as everyone just tried to make it from one day to the next and the entire thing just depressed the hell out of me. 914 palabras más