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Love letter to my fear

Hello my fear!
I see you standing there –
come into the light.
Do not be afraid.
I am sorry if I have hurt you… 189 palabras más

Personal Practice

Chenrezig Appearing at the End of Time

The Tibetan buddhist deity Chenrezig embodies a clear mind of compassion and kindness, the essence of who we  are. Teachings say this intrinsic awareness appears in radiating light at the end of our time on earth.   31 palabras más

Inner Visions

Reflecting on 100 days of practice

Today was the 100th day of my Buddhist practice self-challenge, which I began on my return from Seoul, South Korea. As I’ve previously written, I was inspired to choose a 100-day period after reading Anyen Rinpoche’s book… 1.228 palabras más

Personal Practice