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Divorce | Custody | Support: What do I have to do if I get served?

Many divorce and custody cases begin amicably. Some stay that way.

Even some of those that begin amicably have one party or the other served with papers at the beginning of the case. 550 palabras más

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Divorce Mediation MN

Before a divorce can be finalized, it has to be agreed to by both parties in addition to a judge, who reviews divorce cases to be sure agreements made are fair to both parties. 459 palabras más

Divorce Mediation MN

Please let me give you a late summer round-up of what Forever Friends of Uganda has been up to this year.

Both before and since the Charities Commission gave us recognition in June, our trustees were, and still are, working flat out. Given our circumstances, it has not been easy. 816 palabras más

Child Support

Dead Beat Parents

Okay, so I have a bone to pick with dead beat parents. The ones that know that they have children and they do nothing to financially support their children. 539 palabras más


Tax Effects of Divorce or Separation

If you are divorcing or are recently divorced, taxes may be the last thing on your mind. However, these events can have a big impact on your wallet. 635 palabras más

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Where is the Safety Net

Lately, I have been struggling. This is always a rough time of year for me. My eating disorder behaviors have increased. I also have little hope that the future is going to get better. 221 palabras más

Road To Wellness

Child Support: Additional factors for the court to consider

As discussed in a previous blog post, courts generally calculate child support based upon the Guidelines found in the Texas Family Code.

There is, however, a section of the family code that allows a court to determine if it would be “unjust or inappropriate under the circumstances” to apply the Guidelines. 419 palabras más

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