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3 things NOT to say the First time you call a Lawyer.

Calling a lawyer for the first time feels worse than going to the dentist or seeing a letter in your mailbox from the IRS.

In addition to being nervous, you are typically calling because you are having legal problems and need help. 267 palabras más


Saint of the Day

The Lord said feed the people and this is one way to get the information out to them.

This is a link that will take you to a Saint of the Day feed;  392 palabras más


Moment of Truth: Hello New Jersey

1:07 a.m. Feeling amateurish because I’m drinking Apple Pie a la Mode Decaf Coffee.

I’m playing the insomnia game again. Except this time I didn’t quite make it to sleep to begin with. 729 palabras más

Factors for determining child support

A common misconception

There is a common misconception among divorced parents that child support should only cover a child’s bare necessities, such as food and clothing. 551 palabras más

Child Support

Half of My Heart: The Non-Custodial Mom Confession

2:18 a.m. I still can’t sleep. I’m still listening to Taylor Swift.I still haven’t picked a shade of blonde or a hairstyle and now we’re down to less than 10 hours til I’m due in the salon chair. 1.212 palabras más

Kansas to text parents who owe child support payments

WICHITA, Kan. (AP) — Kansas Department for Children and Families officials say it will begin texting parents who owe child support in an effort increase collections. 216 palabras más


Beat and Set Fire to Ex-Wife

Man beat and set fire to ex-wife to avoid paying child support.

David Morgan appears in court to await his sentencing. (KOMO Photo)

April 13th 2016… 264 palabras más