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Trouble Continues For Married Baseball Star Miguel Cabrera As He Could Be Hit With $100,000 Monthly For Child Support After Orlando Woman Files Paternity Suit

(SL) – Scandalous! Of course we love the babies but….my goodness..what are they eating white truffles and caviar??  MSN reports,  After the toughest on-field season of his career, star Tigers first baseman Miguel Cabrera is in more hot water. 1.678 palabras más


JUST NOW: Tough year for Miguel Cabrera continues with paternity case

After a tough season at the plate hitting just .249 with 16 HR and 60 RBI, his worst figures in over a decade, it was reported on Friday that Detroit Tigers slugger Miguel Cabrera is embroiled in a hotly-contested paternity suit. 657 palabras más

In Between The Divorce

Before, I briefly went over some things I had gone through in my younger years, now I’m going to be describing what it was like for me to have divorced parents. 345 palabras más


What is Voluntary Impoverishment?

When a parent or spouse is determined voluntarily impoverished, the court may determine child support or alimony based upon the parent’s or spouse’s potential income and earning capacity. 637 palabras más

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Mediation, What Happens After the Process?

By:  Gregory L. Grossman, Esq.

Often times during both pre and post judgment, parties are ordered to appear for mediation.   Mediation is a process whereby the parties appear, either with their counsel or alone, with a third-party who helps facilitate a resolution to the parties issues and/or case.    339 palabras más

Can Immigration Status Impact Maryland Child Support?

On September 29, the Court of Special Appeals issued an opinion about child support, focusing on the intersection of voluntary impoverishment (deliberate unemployment or underemployment to avoid paying child support) and immigration status. 393 palabras más

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Child Support Overview

Child Support Enforcement affects everyone, even if you do not have children. How? Because over five billion tax-dollars are collected from American citizens, every year, to pay for your local and state child support enforcement programs under  2.450 palabras más