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DOJ– FY 2017 Coordinated Tribal Assistance Solicitation (CTAS)

Applications Due: February 28, 2017, 9 p.m. Eastern Time


The Coordinated Tribal Assistance Solicitation (CTAS) responds to Tribal Leaders’ request to improve and simplify the U.S. 658 palabras más

Express Language For Legal Aid

Court Appointed Attorney Definition

Child’s Advocate

Court appointed attorney for the children

Louisiana law allows judges to appoint a neutral attorney to represent children of custody disputes to insure that their voice is heard, that they are protected in a dispute between parents whose agenda may not be in the children’s best interest, or when the children are being used as a weapon against the other parent. 378 palabras más


I Finally Did It

It’s been such a stressful couple of weeks. The personal things that were happening were mentally exhausting and I there were plenty of tears and being hard on myself about how I was being treated by someone when I should have just let it go and worried about my life and all the things going on in it and not worried about why someone I thought I could truly and finally trust would ignore me. 303 palabras más


Breathing a Little Easier Today

I went to the social security office today to find out what I needed to do to show I am not getting support from Father of the Year. 1.325 palabras más


A Star is Born: Examining P.S. v. J.S.

They say that every parent thinks their child is a star–but what if that star is at the center of a troublesome divorce?  In P.S. v. 864 palabras más


Child Support

Every parent owes a duty to support their children.  That duty of support includes the obligation to provide for the reasonable and necessary education, physical, mental and emotional health needs of the child.   151 palabras más

Child Care


As we go through school and college, we find ourselves surrounded by so many people. If we are of a certain type, we tend to be friends with many. 553 palabras más