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The "Favour" Of Child Support

Having a child is expensive. It’s something that everyone told me from the start, that I should enjoy everything before I gave birth because once my son was born, I wouldn’t have the luxury of extra money. 842 palabras más


In Contempt Actions, Rights and Powers Are Defined By Nebraska Supreme Court

The Nebraska Supreme Court recently clarified when and how a court can use its contempt power to make sure that its orders are being obeyed. In… 1.367 palabras más

Child Support

Dad Pays Child Support With Pizza, Court Says It's Fine

An Italian man was ordered to pay $335 per month in child support when he divorced from his wife in 2002. His daughter was six years old at the time. 129 palabras más


JJ's Midday Drama: Tony's Baby Momma Won't Let Him See His Little Girl! [LISTEN]

JJ’s Midday Drama: Tony’s Baby Momma Won’t Let Him See His Little Girl! He’s been paying his child support and everything but his ex ain’t havin’ it! 41 palabras más


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Literally and Mixing Metaphorically...

Greetings from Lake Winnipesaukee, New Hampshire, where I have run away from home to, with, of course my husband.

Ha ha! I spelled that right! 676 palabras más

Forever Friends of Uganda - the way forward

As you all know by now, I have written it often enough, these are exciting times for Forever Friends of Uganda. However, I also have to admit that they have been difficult times. 507 palabras más

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