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Trick Daddy Files For Bankruptcy Over Child Support

Trick Daddy loves the kids, but the rapper says his child support has forced him to file Chapter 11.

The Miami rapper claims he owes $34,837 child support to one of his kids’ mothers, $22,282 to another one,  $290k in back taxes, and is $280k in arrears on his first mortgage. 46 palabras más


Choosing A Healthy Divorce

Is there such thing as a healthy divorce?  Does working with one attorney over another make a difference in the health of your relationships once your divorce is finalized?  537 palabras más

Family Law... University Costs

Often separation agreements or court orders only contain general terms for child support to be reviewed when a child completes high school and moves on to post-secondary education, be it university, community college or trade school. 488 palabras más

Family Law

'Deadbeat' Dad Chronicles, Odd Jobs- Part One

As a non-custodial father paying child support, I live life under the microscope of scrutiny from not only an ex-wife, but society in general. Not only do I wake up determined to succeed financially to provide for myself, but I have the added pressure of providing for a son who does not live with me. 922 palabras más

Child Support

The VIPP Report: A mother shares her experience in the child support system in her new book which will empower mothers and caregivers

Denise Bentley is a leader in Kentucky politics and community affairs but she’s a champion when it comes to parental support.   She’s fought for years personally and saw first-hand the obstacles, loopholes and flaws in the child support system. 357 palabras más


How to avoid losing all your money

I was inspired to write this post after reading about NFL athletes who lost all the millions they earned during their career. It is inconceivable to most that someone who earned $80,000,000 in his career could now be bankrupt. 1.765 palabras más

Disestablishing Paternity and Terminating Child Support

I wrote an earlier post about watching the judge almost order child support payments for a guy who was not the father of the child.  It happens more often than it should that child support payments are ordered for a guy who is not the father of the child.  817 palabras más