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Calculating Income for Child Support in Japan

Child support in Japan is calculated by comparing the total income of each of the child’s parents.  This system is fairer than setting a fixed child support payment for everyone as each family’s financial situation is different.   268 palabras más


Attorney compares Kansas sperm donor's plight, gay marriage

TOPEKA, Kan. (AP) — A Kansas sperm donor’s battle to avoid being declared the legal father of a same-sex couple’s child has some similarities to the fight for gay marriage, the man’s attorney argued in court filings. 373 palabras más


Can I Protect My Pension From My Soon-to-be Ex?

MA adopts the position that ALL assets of the parties (individual and marital) are put on the table for distribution at time of divorce. Many states honor “separate property” doctrine at time of divorce–that is property the parties’ owned before marriage or in their name only — but MA does not.   391 palabras más


Love Letters: Wack Ass Father

Had a conversation with a 40yr old man about his 20yr old son. I like to think these conversations are random, but I’m not sure if he strategically chose me for a reason. 966 palabras más

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Let The Church Say, Amen: Court Maintains That Sherri Shepherd Is Mom Of Baby Born Via Surrogate

It looks like Sherri Shepherd is going to have to continue to pay child support to the toddler being raised by her ex husband, according to a… 552 palabras más


Court Rules Sherri Shepherd's Surrogacy Contract Must Be Upheld

Former co host of The View, Sherri Shepherd, lost the court battle to remove her name from her surrogate child’s birth certificate.  Shepherd’s ex-husband, Lamar Sally, 188 palabras más


Sherri Shepherd Ordered To Pay Child Support For Surrogate Son

The actress, best known as a co-host on The View, had challenged a $4100 monthly child support order. She claimed her son Lamar Jr. was born via surrogate after she and former husband Lamar Sally broke-up. 79 palabras más