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How a Denton Family Law Attorney Can Help You

Most people are familiar with the types of cases personal injury or criminal law attorneys take on. The ins and outs of a Denton family law attorney’s practice, however, may not be entirely clear. 280 palabras más

Child Custody

3 Reasons to Visit a Colleyville Divorce Lawyer Before Dropping the ‘D-Word’ at Home

When divorce is being contemplated, it’s not entirely uncommon for the spouse considering the action to drop the bombshell at home before seeking out legal advice. 320 palabras más

Child Custody

When does the Family Court not follow the South Carolina Child Support Guidelines?

A family court judge can deviate from the South Carolina Child Support Guidelines; however, if the judge decides the application of the guidelines is inappropriate, the court must make specific written findings as to why it didn’t follow the guidelines. 106 palabras más

Child Support

How is Child Support Determined?

Generally, the court looks at both parties’ gross income and plugs the amuonts into the South Carolina Child Support Calculator (click here for calculator… 97 palabras más

Child Support

I am beginning a multi-part post about how child support is determined in South Carolina

I am beginning a multi-part post about how child support is determined in South Carolina.  Most people are familiar with the calculator the court uses to determine child support.  61 palabras más

Child Support

Private School Tuition Disputed in Chattanooga, Tennessee Child-Support Case: Pua-Vines v. Vines

Facts: Mother and Father are the divorced parents of two daughters.

Their parenting plan provides for joint decision-making authority and says:

The parties shall each pay one-half (50%) of all private school tuition, school supplies, fees, extracurricular expenses, school trips, sports activities, graduation expenses, and any and all other school or extracurricular expenses incurred on behalf of the children, … 533 palabras más

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The Rights of Bastards Reconsidered, On Govt Compelling a Man to Pay Child Support

Previously, years ago, I had posted about the propriety of the government forcing a man to pay child support with an emphasis on bastard children. At that time, I emphasized that the child had a right to support from its parents Everything that I wrote was correct from the perspective of applying current legal considerations, but that a government can take that means is not the same as saying that it should to the exclusion of alternate means for protecting the same essential rights. 1.101 palabras más