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How to be Earthquake Savvy

Chile has a lot of earthquakes.

Science tells us we can to thank the subduction fault off of Chile´s coast that is constantly busy.  This sees the Nazca plate pushing against the South American plate, causing wonders (like the Andes mountain range) and unpredictable conditions such as earthquakes. 1.069 palabras más


Being An Expat Means Saying Goodbye

¨A journey is best measured in friends, rather than miles¨

Tim Cahill

When I left my home country in 2012 to make a new one in Chile, I took with me a suitcase that struggled to stay shut.   688 palabras más


Valparaiso: City of Artists, Dreamers + Explorers

If there is one place that stirs my soul, calls to me and befuddles me, it is Valparaiso. This city is equal parts beautiful, ugly, maddening, exciting, awe inspiring and bewildering. 569 palabras más



We had been to this place before, on the return leg of our uber-road trip to Patagonia.  But place names are still largely unfamiliar to us, and usually just have meaning as way points on the map. 110 palabras más


Chile in Photos

If you are wondering why I haven´t written in forever, it is not just because I have two children under 4. I actually have a new love and it´s not my laptop or my pen, I´m afraid.   183 palabras más


Puerto Montt, Alerce Andino & Dogs: so many dogs

September 19th, 2015: Before I go any further with my blog I’d like to extend a sincere apology to the old lady whose hostel I stayed at for two nights down in Puerto Montt. 861 palabras más


Good ol' Puerto Varas: Gateway to the Patagonia

September 17th, 2015: When I think of all the cities & towns that I visited during my South American backpacking excursion, none felt more like home than Puerto Varas.   783 palabras más