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5 (more) Names You´ll Recognize if you Live in Chile

Due to the popularity of the initial 5 Names article, I decided to follow up with a few more recent entries which you are bound to recognize if you spend some time in Chile.   1.413 palabras más


25 Things Every Mama in Chile Should Do

I was recently gifted a bar of Obolo Chocolate (blog coming soon!). I took the kids to bed, had a steamy shower (with my favorite product ever – see below), put on some fresh pajamas then sat down and took my time eating it. 1.921 palabras más


5 Names You´ll Recognize If You Live In Chile

I am writing a book about Chilean history (add emoji of choice here).

Now, now – was that an inward groan I hear? You don´t actually have to be concerned because Chile has the most passionate, romantic and make-it-a-movie-now history I have ever heard.   1.672 palabras más


20 Things You Didn´t Know About Chile!

  1. Top Producer of Wine

Chile is the world´s fifth largest exporter of wine and the ninth largest producer. There are 14 different wine growing areas producing 10 million hectolitres each year – all thanks to Chile´s unique microclimate, secluded position between mountain and sea AND the ingenious of Spanish conquistadors who brought the first vines over in 1554. 1.349 palabras más


How to be Earthquake Savvy

Chile has a lot of earthquakes.

Science tells us we can to thank the subduction fault off of Chile´s coast that is constantly busy.  This sees the Nazca plate pushing against the South American plate, causing wonders (like the Andes mountain range) and unpredictable conditions such as earthquakes. 1.069 palabras más


Being An Expat Means Saying Goodbye

¨A journey is best measured in friends, rather than miles¨

Tim Cahill

When I left my home country in 2012 to make a new one in Chile, I took with me a suitcase that struggled to stay shut.   688 palabras más