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#ChileChallenge No.6- Chiles Rellenos

Stuffed gold.

Well, maybe stuffed green would be more appropriate- ah, ni modo. So for today’s dish I have the all mighty (all my food is almighty, apparently) #ChilesRellenos. 1.002 palabras más

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Lenten Friday Post-Chiles Rellenos: Redux

So, I skipped the first Friday’s Lenten post. Doesn’t seem like anyone noticed, but no matter. I knew. I KNEW. (I also skipped this Friday’s Lenten post, I am aware. 577 palabras más


Chiles Rellenos, a very special form of magic.

Chiles rellenos are a very special form of magic. Mostly because you can stuff chilies with pretty much anything and end up with a very cool result. 114 palabras más


Little Hot Grill

La Cruz de Huanacaxtle, our little town, has a sweet, little restaurant, The Little Hot Grill. We live in an area very popular with foreign tourists, winter visitors, and expat residents. 673 palabras más


Chiles Rellenos de Hongos y Queso Con Salsa de Frijol. ¡Exquisitos! Receta Mexicana Paso a paso


Con salsa de frijol

Es uno de esos días en que abro el refrigerador y hago la comida con lo que tengo. 360 palabras más


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Love in a Dish . . . And Other Culinary Delights by M.F.K. Fisher

“Love in a Dish . . . and Other Culinary Delights is an instructional manual on how to live, eat, and love brought together by prolific researcher and culinary enthusiast Anne Zimmerman. 262 palabras más


Meatless Monday - Ranch Chiles Rellenos with Ancho Chile Salsa

Happy Monday!  I had a wonderful week at Rancho La Puerta and am just starting to ease back into my own kitchen.  I was thrilled to find a recipe for one of my favorite meals, their famous Chile Rellenos and wanted to share.   26 palabras más

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