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Ich kann es nicht fassen das im 21. Jahrhundert immer noch irgendwo auf der Welt Menschen aufgrund ihrer Religion gefoltert werden können.
Wir Menschen die fur Gleichgeschlechtliche Ehe auf die Straßen gehen und uns durchsetzten sind nicht in der Lage uns ebenfalls für kleine Kinder und Menschen einzusetzen die bei lebendigen Leibe gehäutet werden. 41 palabras más


Landscape | The blue of the night

Please Help Me to Get a New Camera => Hi my friends!
My Name is Randall and I live in Easton, MD USA. I’m 39 years old and I’m currently disable for multiple back injuries and Major Depression. 48 palabras más


The Go Master-Go Seigen

-The Game of Go 囲碁

Go is a board game involving two players, which originated in ancient China more than 2,500 years ago.   Go is the simplest board game with only 2 basic rules. 649 palabras más


China Sets up Drone Base on Island to Monitor Japanese, US Activities says in its report “Satellite Imagery Reveals China’s New Drone Base”, “Satellite imagery of Hangzhou Bay shows that China has recently renovated a reserve airfield for dedicated drone operations in the East China Sea…. 110 palabras más

China begins construction of Power of Siberia pipeline for gas delivered from Russia

China has officially started construction of its section of the eastern gas pipeline route known as the Power of Siberia that’ll deliver up to 38 billion cubic meters of Russian gas annually. 275 palabras más

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Sanqing Shan (13) - Mountains after Mountains

I was awed by the steepness of the mountains and the greenness of the pines when I was high up on Sanqing Shan.

To me, there were always layers of mountains in front of me. 47 palabras más