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US Lacks Common Sense in Dealing with South China Sea Disputes

Reuters says in its report today titled “U.S. diplomatic strategy on South China Sea appears to founder”, “In the lead-up to an international court ruling on China’s claims in the South China Sea this month, United States officials talked about rallying a coalition to impose ‘terrible’ costs to Beijing’s international reputation if flouted the court’s decision. 1.638 palabras más

See, you're gonna get four years of bait and switch with the Hilz Clinton!

From here:

Virginia Governor Terry McAuliffe said Tuesday night that, if elected president, Hillary Clinton would likely support the Trans-Pacific Partnership trade deal she previously opposed.

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Be there or be square - Chinese version

My favorite time of the day is an evening, after the sun sets, street lights are on, and people go out to spend time with their family and friends. 478 palabras más


Arnab Goswami, You Don't Scare Me. But You Should Worry India



It’s been called many things. A media brawl, a spat, a slanging match, a clash of personalities, everything but what it really is – standing up for freedom and rejecting the sinister intimidation tactics of a classic bully and his embarrassing subversion of journalism. 89 palabras más

#ThrowbackThursday: An unexpected reunion

After many years of working, I returned to University in 2007 and moved to London. In my first year I stayed in student accommodation on campus where I enjoyed all the new found freedoms of living away from home.  477 palabras más

On My Mind

テンセント クラウドサービスを強化 金蝶・中軟国際との提携も [ #cloud ]



The truth about a China apologist

“The truth about the South China Sea issue” is the title of an article written by Uncle Redbean that TRE republished.

A TRE reader, Bernard K (Any relation of TRE hero Chris K?) commented on how Uncle Redbean misquoted a UN spokesperson, and twisted facts. 1.101 palabras más