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Chinese researchers are genetically engineering beef with beneficial omega-3 fatty acids

You’ve heard of the alpha dog. Get ready for the omega cow.

Chinese researchers say they’ve reared beef rich in the beneficial fatty acids associated with fish oils, … 258 palabras más

Yin and Yang

It is a mysterious fact that in China beer can be had warm or cold. Once The Family found that her beer was cool but not cold. 340 palabras más


The Tea Horse Road to Shangri La 3: languishing in Lijiang

Day 5 and so to Lijiang. Now thoroughly alarmed at the mass tourism we have seen so far in in Yunnan, I am relieved that we are staying in a nearby village, Shuhe. 2.145 palabras más


The photos are back from the Oriental Ball!

What a glamorous night it was at the Maggie’s Oriental Ball. People came dressed in their finery and were treated to a whole evening of entertainment, including an incredible lion dance. 33 palabras más


Comparative perspectives on Taiwanese democracy

Taiwan is one of a number of democracies that began their transition around the same time; sometimes referred to in Huntington’s terminology as ‘Third Wave’ democracies. 612 palabras más


China Issues Defense White Paper in Response to US Military Challenge

The publication of China’s Defense White Paper on China’s military strategy is praised by some as improvement of China’s military transparency. However, as Chinese military follows gifted Chinese strategist Sun Tze’s teaching “The art of war is an art of deception”, one shall not be so naïve as to believe that Chinese military will disclose the secret of its strategy. 358 palabras más