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With the World Ridiculing Obama, It's Time to Dump Him and the Whole Bush League | LaRouchePAC

Obama is a Bush league president… Hanging out, golfing with the head of Haliburton and some stupid sports team in Texas… can’t we impeach this bleeper or at least put him in protective custody until his term is over??? 59 palabras más


Tesla CEO Musk's Upbeat Tweets About China Boost Stock

Elon Musk, the widely followed chief executive of electric car maker Tesla Motors, tweeted several optimistic statements about the company’s sagging China operations on Monday, sparking a sharp rebound the company’s stock. 276 palabras más


Tencent Announces Structural Adjustment Aimed At Animation And Film #cloud #cloudcomputing #china #tencent

Tencent Interactive Entertainment Group will establish a new animation business unit and a film and copyright business unit to enable the independent operations of those businesses.  49 palabras más


New on 500px : Twilight in Avatar by ThierryBornier

Capture in the amazing park of Zhangjiajie in hunan China and been the inspiration of the famous movie Avatar.

via 500px

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When Rugby Meets Mardi Gras, With a Dash of Davos

HONG KONG – They were a rowdy bunch, talking loudly on public transport, traveling in packs, and easily standing out in the crowd with their culturally tone-deaf behavior. 1.017 palabras más


Meet The Censorship Activists Who Are Scaring China's Government

“I hope we put ourselves out of business,” said Charlie Smith, the pseudonymous head of Great Fire. And he was serious. After all this Chinese Internet monitoring watchdog… 1.671 palabras más