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The Dinks In Transit guide to Hong Kong

Hong Kong. Wow. You’re one of those cities we all hear grand stories about. The sceptic in me kept on warning me not to built up unrealistic expectations that won’t be met when I arrive. 1.023 palabras más


Thoughts from Jiuzhaigou: the "Valley of Nine Villages"

(Photo credit: probably my sister, who was taking pictures with my phone during this trip. She is a better photographer than me.)

Near the end of summer, I had the incredible privilege of traveling to China with my sister and my dad to visit family, as well as to visit some of the incredible natural beauty that China has to offer. 1.728 palabras más

Animation - The Song for Rain - Yawen Zheng

Beautifully drawn and animated short about a boy who meets and helps a fox collecting rain to water his garden.

The scenes are simple and subtle but beautifully rendered from what looks like canvas paintings as we follow the boy and his new friend through the rainy city streets. 65 palabras más

loving china

I love China. As I have finished my first month of five overseas I am constantly reminded of why I love China so much, even though so many people probably think I’m crazy for it. 498 palabras más

BeSIDEme, Gigi

C-pop superstar Gigi Leung of Hong Kong is celebrating 20 years of making music. The model, actress, and singer released her first album, Love Myself (Cantonese) in 1996. 95 palabras más


UN Chief Praises China's G20 Summit Leadership

(This article is courtesy of the Shanghai China Daily News Paper)


UN chief praises China’s G20 summit leadership

Source: Xinhua | August 27, 2016, Saturday | ONLINE EDITION… 583 palabras más

Vatican says it has high hopes of better ties with China

The Vatican is hopeful it can improve ties with China after decades of tension, the Roman Catholic Church’s highest-ranking diplomat said on Saturday, adding that warmer relations would benefit the whole world. 434 palabras más