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On positioning one’s island

There are advantages to being a small country on the edge of larger worlds. The whole strategy of such small countries has to be to profit by their peculiar location. 440 palabras más


China: Persecution News Update

The link below is to an article reporting on persecution news from China.

For more visit:


China Moves to Stimulus Mode With Cut to Bank Reserve Ratio (Biggest Drop Since 2008)

Another one bites the dust!

China has joined other global Central Banks in financial stimulus by lowering their bank reserve ratio.

China’s leaders swung into stimulus mode, cutting the amount of cash lenders must set aside as reserves by the most since the global financial crisis just days after a report showed the slowest economic growth in six years. 212 palabras más


Traveling Chronicles.... My Time in Hong Kong 

23:07 April 19,2015


After being here all of about 72 hours, I must say that Hong Kong has been amazing. There is so much to do here. 285 palabras más


Angelic Artistry: Be You(tiful) Event

 Weekends in China are passing by so quickly! Since my time in Shenzhen is coming to an end, I try to switch up from the norm every now and again. 377 palabras más

The Basics

Lei Jun: Xiaomi will invest in 100 more startups

This has been a big week for the Xiaomi ecosystem, as one of the companies in the Xiaomi fold just acquired Segway. The acquisition caught the attention of industry-watchers the world over, but beyond being a big move for purchasing company Ninebot, the acquisition was also a big step for Xiaomi, as it marks the first time a company in its ecosystem has purchased a globally-recognized brand. 6 palabras más