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Americans Have Been Warned

When tyrants announce their intentions, people are prone to yawn.

Reactions range from, “They don’t mean what they say,” to “It can’t happen here.”

Mein Kampf of 1925, The Communist Manifesto of 1848, or the Rules For Radicals in 1971 all describe explicitly the plan for imposing a tyrannical form of government on the people. 759 palabras más


Pinoy Fishermen Grateful To Duterte After China Allowed Them To Fish In Scarborough Shoal!

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A couple of fishermen are now expressing their gratitude towards the presumptive president Rodrigo Duterte. They believe that he is the reason why China is now allowing them to fish near the Scarborough Shoal.

The Filipino…


Out of the Mouths of Male Students

The majority of my students are males, unfortunately. So there is a lot of stupid-ass crap that I am forced to listen to when I teach communication classes. 1.122 palabras más


Nanluoguxiang Street Scenes

Something different. Maybe a little touristy too, but nevertheless, it was a hive of activities in this Hutong, in the Doncheng district. Streets filled with rows of shops and restaurants/cafes that attract people of all ages. 70 palabras más


Documentary Filmmaking in China!

Back in March/April I was in China to shoot a documentary on a Cormorant fisherman! The documentary is going to be online soon and I’ll post a blog about my experience here so stay tuned! 14 palabras más

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China Investors in $1 Billion Deal for Sports Rights Leader MP & Silva

Chinese investors Everbright and Baofeng have taken a majority stake in Italy-based sports rights group MP & Silva and established a ‘strategic partnership’ with the company. 375 palabras más