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Flying Cholitas

We came across cholitas before we’d even arrived in Bolivia – their style seems to have been adopted in certain Peruvian towns. What is a… 477 palabras más


Salar de Uyuni: our first Bolivian encounter

It is the sounds, rather than the sights, of some places you visit that strike you, that stick with you and forever remind you of that place. 1.449 palabras más


Bolivian Women Climb Mountains to Fight Gender Inequality (Literally!)

By Claire Gillepsie

Like most other societies around the globe, the Aymara indigenous tribes from the mountains of Bolivia are heavily patriarchal, ruled mainly by males. 527 palabras más


Week 10: Movin' On Up... 12,000 Feet, That Is (La Paz, Bolivia!)

It’s a weird feeling to be waiting for your baggage at the airport and feel like, as one Remote so aptly described, you just took a huge hit from a hookah. 1.729 palabras más

Remote Year

The Bolivian Ladies keep Climbing

You remember the Bolivian ladies who climbed Huayna Potosi?

Well, these ladies were not satisfied with conquering one mountain above 6,000 meters. They have set out to climb eight mountains in Bolivia, each of them higher than 6,000 meters. 99 palabras más


Dinosaurs and city-scapes : Sucre to La Paz

We opted to take a shared taxi from Potosi to Sucre as it would be quicker and more comfortable than the bus. It should have been a nice, winding drive through the hills, descending from Potosi’s height of 4,060m above sea level, but our driver decided he would take these steep, blind corners at a speed of 90km+, in the middle of the road, so we couldn’t really appreciate the scenery! 1.086 palabras más

Don't Shout "Fire" In A Packed Bus

Like every child growing up I had dreams. Dreams of winning Olympic gold medals, of being a famous actor, of being liked by my peers. None of those happened, and probably will never happen, but all is not lost. 1.048 palabras más