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La Paz, Bolivia

La Paz is one of the highest big cities in the world, resting in a big bowl of land and the surrounding hillsides at between 10,500 and 13,500 feet.  797 palabras más


A strange place called Bolivia

Since Garrett and I had a good experience with Peru Hop we decided to book our bus to Bolivia with their newest venture, Bolivia Hop. We got a discount because we had taken Peru Hop, which meant that the entire bus ride from Cusco to La Paz (including stops in Puno and Copacabana with boat tours in both places) only costed $59 per person. 1.989 palabras más

South America

Reflections on Bolivia..

Much like going to Ecuador for the 1st time, several sights and aspects of life around La Paz and Bolivia stood out, for instance; the shoeshines that seriously look like they could be terrorists: 137 palabras más

Lady Rasslin in La Paz

Sunday, Sunday, Sunday! The Lovely Ladies of Cholitas wrestling are bringing the pain to LA PAAAAAZ! If you’re not there, you’d better be dead, or in jail! 2.277 palabras más


The Colorful Characters of La Paz

La Paz is filled with vibrant characters. Among them, a few stand out as the most unique and noteworthy: Las Cholitas, Las Cebras, Yatiri & Brujas, and Los Lustres. 1.446 palabras más

Travel Tales

Back in La Paz

So we're now back in La Paz, but we've gained a few extra friends from our Pampas tour. We've had a couple of days to cram in everything before we head off south, so we've been busy! 269 palabras más

Cholitas – Tradition, Gold Teeth, and Wrestling

Cholitas – the traditional women of Bolivia and Peru. Are they on the way to disappear? 619 palabras más