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La Paz, the Heights of Charm and Frustration

Nuestra Señora de La Paz. That’s a mouthful for a place that sounds more like a title. Most of us know it simply as La Paz. 1.460 palabras más


July 24, 2016: Cable Cars, Folk Masks, and Fighting Cholitas

This morning, I woke up on the bus from Potosi, just as we entered La Paz, and two million little lights called out in the darkness to welcome me.   596 palabras más

Open Ended Social Studies

Travel Blog: Exploring La Paz, Bolivia

To me, there’s nothing quite like La Paz. It’s one of the most unusual, bustling and chaotic cities I’ve ever visited. It’s a complete feast for the eyes and ears… 1.210 palabras más


La Paz

I usually don’t like big cities. They’re noisy, crowdy, polluted and just not made for me. Well, it was a big surprise for me to actually really enjoy La Paz, since it is huge, crowdy, active etc. 1.146 palabras más

The Anti-touristic Guide

Sucre, Bolivia: the city that nobody leaves

Most people seem to book a couple of nights in Sucre (known as the white city) and then end up staying for weeks. We planned to stay for just under 2 weeks to do some Spanish lessons but actually stayed for 3. 896 palabras más


Week 13: BoLIVING

What a week! Between a weekend trip to Bolivia’s famed Salt Flats, Salar de Uyuni, paragliding, our first-ever Remote Year Impact Conference, a trip to the private studio of ceramicist Mario Serabia, and lots of fun along the way, it was a jam-packed 7 days. 1.400 palabras más


Flying Cholitas

We came across cholitas before we’d even arrived in Bolivia – their style seems to have been adopted in certain Peruvian towns. What is a… 477 palabras más