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New Cavs Players Get Jersey Numbers

According to the Cavaliers Team Shop, via Twitter, new Cavaliers players Mike Dunleavy, Chris Andersen, and rookie Kay Felder have been given their jersey numbers. 154 palabras más


The Only Person Who Could Truly Do Justice To Birdman's Memorable Dunk Contest Failure Was The Rapper Birdman

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The Venn diagram of people who love the NBA and who love hip hop has a massive overlap, and for that middle section, we have a treat for you: Rapper, record label boss, and… 221 palabras más


An old LeBron James favorite is reuniting with him in Cleveland

It’s long been thought that LeBron James is the real general manager of the Cleveland Cavaliers and it seems to be that way as he’s seemingly gotten all of his “guys” either paid — like Tristan Thompson — or brought to the team like James Jones. 166 palabras más


Reactions and analysis to players signed on Day 15 of NBA free agency

Another day, another agreement. The players that are signed at this point won’t be stars, but they’ll likely have one trait in common:


These are the type of players who are determined to make an impact as soon as possible; and they’ll stop at nothing to make their respective ball clubs the best they can be. 253 palabras más


Chris Andersen to the Cavs

If LeBron James ***** with you, he really ***** with you. According to multiple reports, GM LeBron is at it again – former teammate… 117 palabras más


El reencuentro con BIRDMAN.

BIRDMAN parece ser que va a volver a reencontrarse con Lebron James y JR Smith. Chris Andersen va a incorporarse a las filas de Tyronn Lue tras la marcha de Timofey Mozgov, así lo confirmó el entrenador durante el primer partido de la Summer League contra los Milwaukee Bucks, a falta de detalles contractuales (parece ser que por el mínimo de veterano: 1,5 millones de dólares). 227 palabras más


Cavs Get Older, But Better

It is incumbent for a champion to not stand pat, and the Cleveland Cavaliers are no exception.

Even though they delivered the first championship for the Cleveland area in 52 years, there is no question every other team in the NBA is now gunning for them, especially the squad they defeated in the NBA Finals, the Golden State Warriors. 494 palabras más

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