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Avengers Night!

Waited for the lines to die down, but we finally had our Avengers night! Photo taken on May 20th, 2015 by Maria Hernandez.

Amateur Photography

Hayley Atwell's Awed Tap Of Chris Evans' Pec In 'Captain America' Wasn't In The Script

Captain America: The First Avenger remains one of my favorite Marvel flicks, and one of the best little moments from the movie happens when Chris Evans emerges from the super soldier pod with his new bod for the first time, and Hayley Atwell’s… 132 palabras más


Ready to Mingle?

Chris Evans – Lily Collins short-lived romance/pr stunt is over. The Question is how will Minka use this in her advance.  Sighting with her new boyfriend this weekend? 104 palabras más

Just because you think you're different from everyone, everywhere, look all around you

Days before re-discovering the Jennifer Love Hewitt crapper Trojan War I came across an actual jewel during my quest for all things my-teenage-past. 75% of this quest was fueled by free time + boredom and discussions with Amy about old Chris Evans stuff which led to finding  790 palabras más



I am definitely a minority when I say this, and please, do not shoot me for it: I am sick of super hero movies.

Iron Man, Thor, Captain America, The X-Men, Batman, Superman, Spiderman, The Fantastic Four… and these are just the ones that I can name off the top of my head.  1.470 palabras más


"The Losers" could have been Winners

A 2010 released movie based on a Vertigo Comics property with an ensemble cast that would impress if released today. I  forgot about this movie until i scrolled past some screenshots on tumblr. 102 palabras más


Clarkson Talks!

Jeremy Clarkson appeared on the Chris Evans show and discussed his past present and future.

The odds on him doing top gear again have seemingly dropped.

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