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Gifted - Filmul de duminică

Categoric nu a fost ceva plănuit, dar pentru o zi de duminică plictisitoare și însorită, un film interesant și promițător era tot ce-mi trebuia. Gifted… 607 palabras más


Gifted (2017) Review

There’s a rule I like to live by – if a movie makes me hysterically sob, then it’s a good one. And this film made me hysterically sob, so take from that what you will. 207 palabras más


Movie Review - Gifted (2017)

Math!  The dreaded court system!  Family turmoil!

BQB here with a review of Gifted.

In this released too early Oscar bait “everyone show off their dope ass acting skills” drama, Chris Evans takes off his Captain America uniform to play Frank Adler, a boat repairman earning a modest living while being the guardian of his precocious seven year old niece, Mary (McKenna Grace). 508 palabras más


'Gifted' (2017)

“Your niece may be gifted.”

Gifted (2017)

This emotional and touching film is one that I was surprised to enjoy as much as I did. Watching the trailer made me interested to go see this movie, but I wasn’t so excited to see it that I had to see it the day it was released in theaters. 119 palabras más

Chris Evans

Churchill/ Gifted/ Hampstead Heath

Mid month sees the release of Churchill (June 16). There have been some wonderful on-screen representation of Churchy in recent times (Timothy Spall in the Kings Speech and Jon Lithgow spring to mind), and this month Brian Cox becomes the latest to pick up the bowler hat and cigar. 567 palabras más


Pendulum's 10 Year Anniversary Today

Today we celebrate 10 years in business with the release of a commemorative adaptation of our logo.  We continue to be inspired by our people, by our clients, by our pursuit of meaningful work, and by our continued progress with conquering our fears. 101 palabras más

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