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खेल डेस्क : रॉयल चैंलेजर्स बंगलोर (RCB) ने शनिवार को राजस्थान रॉयल्स (Rajasthan Royals) पर तगड़ी जीत दर्ज की. एबी डीविलियर्स ने जहां बल्ले से तूफान मचाया. 339 palabras más


Four Lions (2010) Review

There are some topics that would be considered “off-limits” for comedy and one of them may be terrorism and terrorists. Chris Morris has never been one to shy away from this type of topic though and if it is a current affairs story which needs a light shining upon it, Morris is the man to do it effectively. 437 palabras más


Swift as Jackass: The Forgotten Genius of Nathan Barley

Nathan Barley, Chris Morris and Charlie Brooker’s 2005 satirical sitcom about the East London media scene and tech-saturated hipsterdom, was a flop when it first aired on Channel 4: by episode five of its six-episode run, its audience… 2.085 palabras más


When journos want to cancel Twitter

My word, has this year been bizarre. You couldn’t make it up: Brexit, absurd attacks on Trump, followed by coronavirus and protests.

Now we have a British journalist’s attack on the platform known as Twitter. 546 palabras más


Morris Keeping an Eye On Today

Once upon a time a group of British comedy writers and performers – including Four Lions director Chris Morris, Veep/Death of Stalin creator Armando Iannuci, and Steve “Alan Partridge” Coogan – got their big breaks on BBC radio in the form of  4.273 palabras más


The Day Will Come: entering yet powerful Chris Morris take on the war on dread

The Day Will Drop by Chris Morris, the maker of mocking narrative arrangement Metal Eye, is a super satire enlivened by the ethically faulty and socially damaging acts of the FBI in the wake of 9/11. 1.666 palabras más

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Hulu Review - The Day Shall Come: A Solid Work of Satire

The director of Four Lions brings us a story of law enforcement framing a group of people for their own gain.

SUMMARY (Spoiler-Free)

Moses Al Shabazz (Marchánt Davis) is the leader of a small commune in Miami called the Star of Six. 661 palabras más

Hulu Review